Spring and Summer: What Should Expect In Jewelry Fashion

Jewelry Fashion

Fashion Week has given us several options for the spring and summer season. Those options leave us plenty of variety from several designers from the top of our heads to the bottom of our feet and every inch in between!

And there is nothing more important to complete a look than jewelry. We found extravagance and originality with big earrings, thick bracelets, simple rings, and unique necklaces.

One or Two Earrings:

The spring and summer seasons will be dominated by big earrings. Continuing the trend to wear differently designed earrings. You wear jewelry to compliment your outfit and grab attention. What to do a better job than to wear big, differently designed earrings?

Remember fretting when you’ve lost an earring? Well no more!  The one earring is a fashion statement this year! Some of the best designs of the single earring came from Fausto Puglisi, Marco de Vincenzo, No. 21, and of course, Versace.

womens earrings

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Big and Long Necklaces:

If you’re going to wear large earrings, the necklace must either match it or beat it! Oversized in strong colors that are either short or long, even medium length. Collections from Armani, Gucci, Dsquared2, and Prada were favorites in Milan for the bold looks. If you want geometric figures that aren’t so strikingly “out there”, then Etro, Fausto Puglisi, and Stella Jean have your style.

And chokers that are colorful, large, and shiny were on the runway too. In fact, many buyers decided these would be the first place to trend this spring and summer.

womens necklaces

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Style Your Arms In Evil Eye Bracelets:

Bracelets are an important accessory addition to the jewelry wardrobe because making your arms look stylish just sets an outfit to complete. This season will see thick, metallic bracelets as well as inlaid stones, plastic, and transparent, soft colors.

Evil Eye bracelet

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Ring Your Fashion Statement In:

The hot thing at Milan for spring and summer were rings that can be used on 2 fingers in soft blues, golds, and silver colors.

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