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Throughout history, various types of jewelry have been used for healing and spiritual practices and through science and research, we have even identified and verified that the natural powers of the gemstone and crystals can and are being used in lasers watches, and computers. That is how powerful gemstones sourced by Mother Earth can be. Does that help us to awaken our spiritual senses?

It does. Now, more than ever, we are realizing that jewelry has ability to support physical healing on the body and their power to balance
human compassion. Metal, Stone, Sterling Silver, and gold are everlastingly precious metals that are turned into beautiful jewelry.

At Karma and Luck we took it a step further and balanced these precious metals with gemstones earthed by Mother Nature. We know what we buy and wear are very meaningful, like a best friend. Whether it is a spiritual bracelet, necklace, or earrings, whatever the product, we’ve added the spiritual elements and accessibility to more powerful thinking and living. 

Genuine Enlightenment - Lotus Peridot Aquamarine Apatite Necklace

Genuine Enlightenment - Lotus Peridot Aquamarine Apatite Necklace
Genuine Enlightenment - Lotus Peridot Aquamarine Apatite Necklace
Your truth radiates from within, enlightening those around you. Guidance, insight, and calming energy are the cornerstones of new beginni...
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Authentic Spiritual Jewelry

Authentic spiritual jewelry is not easy to come by, especially when each piece has a specific intention and meaning. Every users experience is different, depending on what they are seeking for spiritual purposes and to match their fashion sense. Everything is taken into consideration on our end, during the design process, from the silver, silver plated, sterling silver to the gold plated bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, right down to how each piece is designed with it’s own authentic gemstones, that can truly affect your life in a positive way and raise your spiritual awareness everyday.

Spiritual Jewelry Meaning

Our in house jewelry designer creates the top of the line products and adopts styles that enhance the look and feel of every outfit. While the CEO of Karma and Luck travels the globe looking for beautiful gemstones like Rose Quartz,Citrine, Hematite, Lapis Lazuli, Jade and so many more to ensure that every artisan piece is created perfectly. We cover all of the main points of spirituality and intentions with our collections. 

  • Luck & Success
  • Happiness & Confidence
  • Health & Balance
  • Protection & Peace
  • Love & Loyalty
  • Luck & Success

When you enter into the Karma and Luck website, it’s an “experience” filled with joy and an eagerness to discover all of the beautiful jewelry, home decor, CBD herbs and oils, gifts, red string bracelets adorned with beautiful OM, elephant, evil eye and so many charms and symbols, right down to your very own zodiac necklaces, pendants and bracelets.

Absolute Bliss - Chakra Multi Stone OM Charm Bangle

Absolute Bliss - Chakra Multi Stone OM Charm Bangle
Absolute Bliss - Chakra Multi Stone OM Charm Bangle
With our chakras aligned, the energy of the Universe flows within us. Only when we achieve a state of ultimate serenity and put our body,...
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Karma and Luck manufactures, exports as well as supplies the handmade beaded necklaces and healing bracelets. You will be appreciated for the elegant designs and quality each handmade piece is designed and the our professional integrity for keeping our prices affordable, per current market trend. We want everyone to experience the Karma and Luck they deserve and call in their deepest desires. 

Our spiritual jewelry and products provides peace and prosperity in your life and opens up your heart to love. What are some of the other benefits and power of gemstones?


Spirituality: Karma and Luck products encourage your self-realization and assist you to identify yourselves as spiritual beings.

Luck: Karma and Luck products give you a good luck and prosperity.

Longevity: Karma and Luck products give you life-extending powers and brings you a long as well as fruitful life.

Discernment: Karma and Luck products assist the wearer to feel the fact in all situations.

Detachment: Karma and Luck products assist you to become quiet and give a sense of detachment from chaos.

Dreams: Karma and Luck products help you realize your dreams and bring them to fruition. 

Humanitarian: Karma and Luck's beautiful gemstones open the heart chakra’s which enables more compassion.

Love Stone: Karma and Luck products open up the ability love as well as fidelity to each other by its recognized erotic properties that enhance sexual performance.

Confidence: Karma and Luck products assist people in, self-reliance self-sufficiency, and self-assurance.


karma jewelry

Love Harmony - Rose Quartz Feng Shui Tree
Love Harmony - Rose Quartz Feng Shui Tree Large
Think love. Think peace. Think harmony. If you have been holding onto negativity from the past, Rose Quartz can help you replace those d...
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Are you the “romantic” type? Our beautiful Rose Quartz collection, including our Feng Shui Tree Of Life can attract love and bring you the happiness you deserve, because you’ve opened up to the possibility of love and the Universe understand that. Every Rose Quartz bracelet, necklace, and earrings come beautifully packaged, so you may keep them in a safe place every night when you take them off. Take a look at the wonderful assortment; we think you’ll discover incredible things for your fancy!

The journey to healing maybe challenging!

We all face challenges from day to day. It is inevitable. When the CEO of Karma and Luck created the company from scratch, he knew that his main objective was to provide healing, possibilities, love, success, prosperity and so much more with his line of jewelry and home decor, so that the very things that we feel we need to fight for become easier and we experience hope and possibilities.

Whatever challenges you or your family and friends are facing, understand that “love” is a gift that is free. How we view the world and those around us can shift at a moments notice. We can burn incense and candles to make us feel better, we can make quick decisions to help or hurt and we can take a quick view through rose colored glasses and believe that the glass is not half full or half empty, but always refillable.

Karma and Luck is here and we are your partners in belief. Our products and belief system literally create a shift in perspective and create healing. Join us in that endeavor and give yourself a star rating, because you deserve it and never forget that some things in life can be turned around quickly. Especially positive thinking. So wake up everyday and give yourself a 10-star rating. Or even 20 stars. 

Much love from your Karma and Luck family.

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