Create a Life of Joy with Sapphire - Meaning, Properties, Benefits, & More


Radiating with its sparkling, rich colors, sapphire is considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful stones.

Beloved around the world, sapphire stones are often considered to be sent from the heavens. They enchant with their brilliant color, enigmatic abilities, and regal past. Sapphire stones enliven spirits with their pure joy and radiant energy.

The sapphire gemstone is a type of corundum, and is usually found as a dark blue stone. It is primarily made of aluminum oxide, with minute amounts of titanium, iron, magnesium, and chromium.

The Mohs scale rates sapphire gemstones as having a hardness of 9, making them a member of the hexagonal crystal system. This prized stone is highly desired for its exceptional brilliance and shine.

Vibrating with profound joy and wisdom, the sapphire gemstone is also a symbol of loyalty and truth.

Intrigued by sapphire? Keep reading to discover this stone’s meaning, benefits, properties, and more!

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The Gemstone of Joy & Wisdom

The sapphire stone is renowned for its deep, luxurious blue hues and gets its name from the Latin word, “sapphirus”, which aptly means "blue stone." 

When the sapphire stone is mentioned, images of that velvety, midnight-blue stone with all the promise of love, wealth, wisdom, and wonder come to mind.

The sapphire gemstone has long been associated with nobility and majesty and acts as a symbol for the heavens above, shining like a star against the night sky.

Greeks frequently wore the sapphire stone when they went to the Oracle, as a way to win the god Apollo's favor. It was also a stone associated with Abraham and was thought to be one of the gems that adorned the High Priest's breastplate.

According to Persian kings, the reflection that shone off the sapphire stone was what painted the sky in its clear blue color. 

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Even in modern times, the gem shines above all others. In fact. Lady Diana was given a sapphire engagement ring, demonstrating its regal power. Kings and queens have prized this gem throughout the ages because it is thought to be a talisman of protection. With its gorgeous blue color, it shields against harm.

As this stone symbolizes the wisdom and joy that a couple has attained through the power of longevity, the sapphire stone is often given as a 45th wedding anniversary gift.

It is also considered to be the reigning birthstone of September. In terms of their elemental composition, the ruby and sapphire stone are related, but the iron in the sapphire stone is what gives it its deep blue hue.

It stands alongside ruby, emerald, and diamond as one of the four genuinely precious gems. 

Although most commonly associated with shades of midnight blue, the sapphire stone actually comes in a variety of colors. Pink sapphire gemstone stimulates healthy emotions, encourages higher love, and strengthens the heart.


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Yellow sapphire gemstone stimulates the solar plexus chakra, which brings strength and prosperity to the wearer, and aids in matters of material wealth.

Purple sapphire gemstone, which is linked to the spirit, aids in clearing the crown chakra and bringing greater wisdom.

A green sapphire gemstone fosters integrity, encourages feelings of love and compassion, and strengthens inner vision. White Sapphire gemstone gives clarity, purity, and purpose to your path.

The iconic blue sapphire gemstone will be discussed in more detail below. Finally, the Star Sapphire gemstone is a sparkling variety of sapphire gemstones which offers a magnitude of healing powers to the wearer. 

Sapphires stand for divinity, higher knowledge, fate, and the recognition of our inner voice. It is a lovely gem for travelers because it symbolizes the star that points the way and always directs us to safety.

For centuries, they have been used as truth amulets, wisdom symbols, and a protective shield against harm and negative energy. Sri Lanka, Kenya, Australia, Thailand, and Madagascar are all home to sapphire mines. 

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Properties Of Sapphire

The traditional birthstone for September, sapphire, guides the way for all those born in this month. The sapphire stone, which the planet Saturn rules, promotes stability, clarity, and the power of self-control.

The energy of love, beauty, and affection emanates from Libras and Virgos because they have warm, giving, and generous personalities, suitably matched to sapphire stone’s energy.

Those born in September are known for their restraint, balance, peace, justice, and connectivity, which are all boosted by the nurturing sapphire stone. This gorgeous stone can also help balance out the parts of September babies that may not always follow through on the things they set out to do.

As they devote so much time to peacekeeping and weighing all options, having a stone that enlivens their connection to wisdom, truth, and decisive action is beneficial.

The sapphire stone also works wonders for the zodiac sign of Gemini, fostering stronger interpersonal relationships and assisting them in becoming more grounded.


Sapphire Gemstone Benefits

The sapphire gemstone provides countless health benefits to all who choose to wear them, which is why this stunning blue gem is steeped in mysticism and lore.

Due to its famed wisdom, wonder, and ability to help the mind stay calm and focused, it is an excellent gem to keep close by or wear as jewlery.

Anyone wishing to welcome truth, clarity, consciousness, and courage into their world would benefit from this stunning stone.

While sapphire gemstone may have been used to ward off disease and poison in earlier times, the same purifying qualities hold true today.

These stones shield us from toxic or negative energies that can weigh heavily on our hearts and souls, disturbing our spiritual paths.

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Physical Healing Properties of Sapphire

The sapphire stone's sweet and enlightened energy can promote healing on all levels of the body.

Its calming energy is thought to encourage tranquility and restful sleep, helping to slow down the mind and acting as a natural remedy for those who experience insomnia. 

The soothing blue energy of sapphire meaning can also aid in treating vertigo, balance-related illnesses, eye and vision problems, inner ear problems, migraines, headaches, and fevers.

As it restores balance to the entire body, blue sapphire can be especially healing to those with thyroid problems.


The sapphire stone is an incredible natural remedy that can aid in detoxification and keep the body glowing.

By removing toxins from the body, it can help us get ready for changes and growth. It is an excellent stone to keep nearby when the seasons change.

Sapphire stone also supports emotional equilibrium, which may lessen the physical signs of stress and anxiety.

By keeping a sapphire gemstone nearby, you may notice that sleeping comes more easily, your fight-or-flight response is calmed, and you are less prone to illness or disease.

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Emotional Healing Properties of Sapphire 

Under the gleaming sapphire stone's surface, enormous emotional healing can be found. While the gem helps the body become balanced and wise on a physical level, it also helps emotionally. 

Sapphire gemstone is all about cultivating joy and liberating ourselves from self-created chains. The sapphire stone can assist those who frequently feel imprisoned or locked into negative thought patterns in finding some form of release.

This stone lightens the mood, brings you back to the conviction that your mind can act as a guide, and keeps you from feeling disoriented or lost. It is an excellent stone for directing energies and promoting a greater comprehension of oneself.

As the sapphire stone is inextricably linked to wisdom, fostering these inner connections and living in the light of your truth are the main goals. While the sapphire stone always exudes gentle and nurturing energy, significant power is also present.

There is a good reason why this gem was so closely associated with aristocracy and people in positions of authority. It is a stone that encourages commitment, fidelity, and following the path of your own dreams. It also encourages clear and positive thinking.


Metaphysical Healing Properties of Sapphire

Similar to other lovely blue gemstones, the sapphire stone is related to the throat chakra. In order to learn how to express our inner truth and authentic selves to the outside world, the throat chakra must be aligned and cleansed. 

We can express our feelings, convictions, and beautiful truths to the world when this space is free-flowing and open.

The more profound the blue color, the more potent the truth will be. At the same time, lighter blues and indigo tones encourage us to be adaptable and relaxed in our vocal expressions.

The chakra of the third eye, also connected to sapphire, is the entrance to our inner wisdom.

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This is where our inner sight is located, and this is how we access our intuition to make heartfelt decisions that are wise and consistent with our spirit and fundamental beliefs.

The sapphire gemstone aids us in staying grounded on our spiritual path without getting lost. It is associated with various manifestations of divinity and is deeply connected to the heavens.

This stone sharpens consciousness and may also aid in exploring past lives, as well as helping with dream recall. Sapphire gemstone can also be used for astral travel and communication with the worlds of angels.

The sparkle of the Sapphire gemstone is filled with powerful spiritual energy ready to help you advance in all that you do.


Wearing Sapphire Gemstone Jewelry 

Sapphire has been used in jewelry for centuries. You can get the most out of sapphire crystal  benefits by wearing jewelry, such as rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets, in close and constant contact with the skin. 

In fact, all gemstones can function most effectively when they are in close proximity to the skin. This method makes for direct contact, allowing energy to flow with no obstacles.

The throat chakra can benefit greatly from wearing a sapphire stone around the neck because the stone is kept in constant contact with the throat. This removes any obstructions and enables it to transmit those vibrations directly to the source.

The third eye chakra can be put in contact with the healing energy when wearing a pair of sapphire crystal earrings. The sapphire gems can then remove any toxicity or built-up energy in that area and maintain your focus and commitment.

The healing vibrations of the sapphire stone can also be carried by a sapphire crystal bracelet. A sapphire bracelet will surround your aura with its blue healing light. 

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If you want to combine your sapphire stone with other healing crystals that can help raise its vibrations, you might want to consider amethyst's tranquil healing properties.

The amethyst stone is a perfect complement to sapphire crystal because it will encourage higher advancement and enlightenment of the crown chakra.

Amethyst works with the crown chakra, and when combined with sapphire crystal, it promotes the holy trinity of truth, wisdom, and cosmic connection, lifting you to enchanting new heights.

If you want to amp up the healing of the throat chakra, pair sapphire with other blue stones that are also adept at encouraging truth.

Lapis lazuli, for example, is an excellent gemstone to pair with sapphire because it, too, has mystical healing properties, celestial vibes, and third eye chakra wisdom.

Sapphire can also be combined with gold or yellow gemstones. Citrine, with its sunny disposition, will boost the levels of happiness that sapphire already provides. 


How To Cleanse Sapphire Stones 

Sapphire crystal is a nine on the Mohs hardness scale, which means it has a lot of strength and durability, and is easy to clean. However, as such a valuable stone, it is always advised to treat it with care. 

You should keep your sapphire crystal cleansed and charged as you would any other crystal or precious gem so that it is always ready to lend a healing hand. Running your sapphire crystal under tepid or cool water is one of the best ways to clean it.

The sapphire crystal contains a lot of air and water energy, which means it is susceptible to aquatic power. If you want to give your sapphire gemstone an extra touch of cleaning, you can do so with a soft-bristled brush without fear of scratching the surface.

Another powerful way to cleanse and charge your sapphire stone is to leave it under the full moon's light. Sapphire crystal can also be smudged with sage to boost its healing potential. It can also be left in the presence of cleansing stones, such as clear quartz, as a way to purify its energy.


Where to Find Sapphire Stone Jewelry 

Now that you have the answer to "what is sapphire stone," let's talk about sapphire jewelry! Of all the fantastic applications for sapphire stone, wearing it as jewelry is undoubtedly the most popular and beautiful choice.

This method is advised so that you can absorb the most energy possible. When a piece of jewelry, such as a sapphire stone bracelet, is pressed up against the skin, its potent energy is released directly to the soul.

This ensures that the energy flow is going exactly where it needs to go without any obstructions. Jewelry with sapphire will send healing light and loving energy straight to the body, mind, and soul.

Both contemporary and trendy jewelry designs are available at Karma and Luck, along with timeless styles. Our sapphire crystal stone jewelry collection is particularly gorgeous, and is full of items to suit every style.

Whether you are looking for sapphire crystal bracelets, necklaces, earrings, or decorative interior pieces, there is surely something for you!

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A sapphire stone necklace is an extraordinary way to take advantage of the stone’s countless benefits. With this blue stone kept close to the throat chakra, you will no longer have trouble expressing yourself or speaking your truth.

Sapphire stones are full of potent healing energy that can be readily accessed when worn as jewelry. A sapphire necklace makes an excellent gift for both yourself and loved ones.

Sapphire with distinctive, exemplary, or landscape-like color patterns or those that are particularly large are in high demand. Custom-cut items or stones from rare locations would also cost quite a bit more money.

Karma and Luck offers a variety of genuine gemstones, including emeralds, aquamarine, rubies, and, of course, sapphire stones, which are among our most treasured designs.

Well-known as a trusted source of genuine and ethically sourced sapphire gemstones, Karma and Luck is an excellent place to shop for powerful crystal jewelry.

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Our gorgeous sapphire crystal jewelry is made with only the highest-quality gemstones - all at a very reasonable price. Our sapphire stone rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces are all made not only with the finest gemstones, but also with highly durable materials.

These artisan crafted jewelry items are made with love, and guaranteed to last a lifetime. Our sapphire jewelry pieces are truly investments for the soul.

In addition to offering gorgeous designs and high-quality gemstones, we also provide options for quick delivery. Use one of the convenient options and have your new jewelry, ready to wear, in no time!


Shop Sapphire Crystals from Karma & Luck

Live a richer and more fulfilling life with the help of stunning sapphire. This gorgeous, sparkling stone, with its deep blue hues, encourages profound wisdom so that you can create the life of your dreams.

Not only filling you with knowledge, this stone will promote feelings of joy and contentment within you. Its midnight blue color provides the wearer with cosmic energy, unleashing a world of opportunity before you. Your full potential will be met by wearing this vibrant stone.

As it works to align the throat chakra, sapphire will encourage you to consistently speak your truth, as well as helping you express yourself in a more effective manner. Your ability to connect with the divine will be heightened and your soul will shine brightly with newfound courage and confidence. 

Ready to purchase your very own piece of sapphire jewelry? Visit our website and browse our collection! Start Your Journey Here: Browse Our Sapphire Jewelry Collection



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