10 Ways to Rest on Labor Day: Relaxation Room Ideas & More!

Relaxation Room Ideas 

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Why We Should All Rest on Labor Day

Labor Day is here, the day when we have the opportunity to stop and rejuvenate after all the hard work we’ve accomplished

This is a day that is meant to be reserved for rest. It’s the time of the year that reminds us that success is not about hustling, but about finding a balance between work and rest.

On the first Monday of September, we celebrate the origins and traditions of Labor Day.

Created by the Labor Movement of America in 1984, Labor Day is a federal holiday that honors the achievements of American workers who fought for the labor rights that we enjoy today.

That’s why taking a break is not only a way to honor those who fought for our rights, but also to stop and honor ourselves and pay a well-deserved tribute to our hard work. 

This is the perfect time to reflect, improve our wellbeing, and invite relaxing energy into our space, and creative relaxation room ideas can help us do that.

10 Relaxation Room Ideas & More for Labor Day Resting

There are many creative ways we can improve the quality of our lives and call in healing, relaxing vibrations to come our way. By implementing the following relaxation ideas, you can change what you allow into your space.

Put Away the Clutter

Old things keep us stuck in the past and prevent the energy from flowing freely in our homes. Not only does accumulated stuff block off negativity from coming towards us, but it also breads stress and tension, making us feel tired and low.

Putting away clutter is a way to bring more freshness into our lives, and it’s a way to invite more harmony into our busy lives.

Display a Tree of Life With Gemstone Leaves

A Tree of Life is an energetic powerhouse designed to transform, heal, and cleanse the space from anything that is of a low vibration.

Made of healing gemstones, each tree from our Copper Bonsai Trees collection will help generate positivity and invite the type of energy that you need most in life.

Tree of Life with gemstone leaves make incredible feng shui elements in any home, and are relaxation room ideas that both bring calmness and eliminate what doesn’t serve you.

Relaxation Ideas

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Set the Tone With a Crystal Singing Bowl 

Crystal Quartz Singing Bowls blend the healing and cleansing properties of Quartz crystal, with soothing, transformative sounds of singing bowls.

Using them to cleanse your space and release tension is a relaxation room idea that will help you get to a higher vibration in an instant.

There are several ways you can benefit from these precious items. To find what resonates with you, take peak at our guide: 7 Ways to Use Crystal Singing Bowls.

Crystal Singing Bowls

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Use Symbols & Gemstones to Bless Your Home

Ancient spiritual symbols and prayers have been used for many generations to invite in blessings and positivity.

Adding those elements along with crystals to wall blessings is one of the most potent ways to bless your home and raise the vibration of your living space. 

Evil Eye, Hamsa Hand, and similar symbols are meant to deflect negativity that drains your energy and help you feel more serene in your home.

When they are combined with powerful blessings and prayers, you can rest assured that your aura will be ever protected and your home a peaceful sanctuary.

Wall Blessing

Set Up a Meditation Corner

Even a few minutes of meditation daily can help us recuperate after a tiresome day. Setting up a meditation corner is like creating a little getaway sanctuary at home, and it’s a practical relaxation room idea you’ll quickly fall in love with. 

Meditation is a powerful practice that calms the mind, relaxes the body, and helps regenerate certain neurons in the brain, helping us deal with whatever life throws our way. 

Chose a quiet, serene place in your home where you won’t be disturbed, make it comfortable, and feel free to add crystals, spiritual symbols, or aromas that will help clear your energy. Just being present and being there will instantly make you feel more serene.

Diffuse Essential Oils or Burn Incense

It’s time to clear out our space, and our aura from negativity and heavy thoughts, and immerse ourselves in pleasant, calming aromas.

Essential oils and incense are powerful tools that can soothe the nervous system.

They were used for centuries for therapeutic and healing purposes and their calming properties impact our body, mind, and soul, helping us deal with stress at a cellular level.

Smells can be incredibly therapeutic and powerful relaxation room ideas, so pick your favorite essence and treat yourself to a relaxation session you deserve.

Stop Apologizing for Relaxation Time

Our mind and body are like an engine – if we overuse them, they will overheat. We so often feel guilty for taking the time out, thinking that we could use that time for something better and do more.

However, we fail to recognize that sometimes, the best thing we can do is to relax and give our body, mind, and soul a necessary pause.

Without a proper reset, we can’t function at our optimum level, and even if we tried to hustle and accomplish more, we wouldn’t be our best selves.

Giving yourself permission to take a step back from your hectic schedule will allow you to be even more efficient. Taking a break is not being lazy; it’s being proactive and preventing burnout.

Do Something You’ve Been Wanting to Do

Have a book on your shelf that you’d love to read but just don’t have time? If so, it’s time to implement relaxation room ideas and put a pause on your hectic life. Putting in the time to do what we enjoy is a self-care act everyone deserves.

Be it reading a book, fishing, gardening, or journaling, these moments can take up only a couple minutes, but they have the power to relax both our mind and our body. Remember, indulging in self-care is never selfish. It is mandatory.

Have a Movie Day

Movie days never get old. By treating yourself to this kind of time-out, you give yourself the permission to recuperate and shift your focus onto something fun and entertaining. Prepare snacks, get comfortable and let yourself go with the flow of the moment.

Movie time is immensely relaxing, and it will help shift your focus away from troublesome thoughts and stress in no time.

Make it a Self-Reflection Day

When we mindfully take the time to observe and go within, we can transform our reality at a cellular level.

A self-reflection day is a relaxation idea that is meant to bring us not only enlightenment, but also help us let go of pain and negativity so we can step into a more tranquil mental space.

More than anything, it can help us see things from a fresh perspective, helping us release worry and accumulated tension.

Final Thoughts

Taking a break is as important as being efficient and going after our goals. We owe ourselves time to recuperate, gather strength, and take a pause after a long day, a long week, or even a long month.

Me-time is precious and we all deserve it, so why not organize your day to fit your needs for a change? These relaxation room ideas will certainly help you do it! Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our Tree of Life Collection Now!

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