6 Reasons Why Brides & Bridesmaids Should Wear Pearls for a Wedding

Pearls have long held significance as a sign of infinite abundance. Ancient stories of Cleopatra, Emperor Caligula, and the son of Aesopus spin lore of opulent theatrics around drinking cocktails of pearls.

By dissolving these organic gems in vinegar (though scholars question whether they disintegrate, and we do not recommend trying), they drank the concoction with carefree abandon to boast their wealth.

Today, Pearls still have immense value, but people choose more subtle ways to show it.


One of the enduring traditions that stems from religions like Hinduism and Christianity, and from French and Greek cultures, is to wear wedding pearls to symbolize the love and promise of eternal matrimony between a beloved pair.

Let’s consider all the ways these luminous stones make the perfect wedding wear for brides, bridesmaids, and even guests!

wedding pearls

Why Wear Pearls for a Wedding 

No matter what season a wedding falls in, Pearls offer effortless style and elegance on the big day. There are several key reasons to wear them…

It’s Tradition

Although Pearls are traditional, we can banish the idea that they have gone out of style for two reasons:

  1. Something NewPearls for a wedding can count as “something new.” In some traditions, pearls are gifted to a bride from her own family, or her in-laws, as a sign of connection, acceptance, and welcome. These stones may be new or passed down. Either way, for the bride, it is a new treasure.
  2. Something Old or Borrowed – Wearing Pearls can honor tradition by incorporating “something old” or “something borrowed,” and retro is always en vogue. If it’s a family heirloom, it allows the presence of ancestors long gone to exist in the joy of today.


Pearls Represent Love & Loyalty

Pearls often represent tear drops; and while the overflowing love at the altar can bring tears to the eyes of a bride, groom, parents, and friends, they signify an unwavering meaning to newlyweds.

Pearls for a wedding protect a couple from future tears. Believed to contain a teardrop, they prevent the couple from shedding even more tears. It is the belief that hard times may happen, but the couple will live in happiness and meet challenges together.

They Complement Bridal Gowns

Now let’s turn to one of the main concerns of wedding Pearls – will they suit the dress? Picking out a dress holds quintessential wedding energy; looking at the beautiful bride in her gown is cause for tears of happiness.

In its most recognized form, Pearls complement almost every bridal gown. These glowing white orbs give subtle detail to draw our eyes to the artistry of the dress. If a bride opts for a more minimalist look, Pearls amplify the glamor. Ultimately, the beautiful bride shines.

While skin tone often plays a role in whether jewelry suits certain people, Pearls have the ability to match all skin colors. This can be incredibly important when looking for coordinating jewelry for a bridal party.

There Are Many Different Ways to Wear Them 

Just as Pearls complement bridal gowns, they also pair well with other stones and jewelry. A bride can choose necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, or anklets made of Pearls and still match them with another statement jewelry piece.

Beyond the setting in different types of jewelry, Pearls for a wedding can come in a variety of shapes and colors. They aren’t always white orbs; they come in black and opalescent varieties too.

Pearls sometimes take the shape of a teardrop, hence the meaning we mentioned earlier. This makes them no less valuable and, in fact, lends them a more natural look. With different shapes and sizes, Pearls can be set in pendants and strung in unique ways to go beyond a simple strand of Pearls.

Pearls Denote Beauty & Innocence

By now, we can agree that Pearls are gorgeous, but that fact has been an important meaning to the stone for ages. While we recognize the importance of exploring sexuality and sensuality in ourselves with the help of healing energy, in earlier times, innocence linked to purity, which was a marker of beauty for a bride.

Culture and society have shifted in many ways, but the notion of innocence and beauty still rests in marriage ceremonies. Now, the significance more broadly covers innocence in terms of what lies ahead in building a life together and perhaps starting a family.

There’s beauty in the pristine outlook of a married couple’s life ahead, and Pearls for a wedding help keep the focus on the good, instead of the challenges that may come.


Pearls for a Wedding Make for Easy Style

We mentioned that Pearls match every skin tone, and that’s especially important when coordinating fashion for bridesmaids.

A trend has arisen in bridal planning to allow bridesmaids to select their own dresses within a specific color palette or cut. However, to bring unity and connection to the women standing beside the bride on the big day, a symbolic piece of jewelry can tie it all together. 

Pearls make it simple to bond the bridesmaids together. No matter how a dress fits, Pearls guarantee an elegance and theme to the group. Plus, the value of Pearls makes them an unforgettable gift from the bride.

Protective Subtlety - Evil Eye Hamsa Pearl Necklace

Final Thoughts

The big day requires so many different elements of planning and coordinating, but the jewelry a bride wears doesn’t have to be something to stress over. Choosing Pearls for a wedding infuses timeless meaning into a bridal look.

By understanding the significance of these ocean jewels, a couple can find even deeper meaning in their wedding day. Pearls send an energy of love and excitement for the intimate connection that couples strive for. Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our Pearl Collection

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