New York Fashion Week Was Better Than Ever!

Believe it or not – New York Fashion Week has not always been around! In 1943 the press director for the New York Dress Institute created an even that even she didn’t dream would become the iconic event it is today. Eleanor Lambert’s creation became an American fashion industry semi-annual event that was originally titled “Press Week”.

The goal of this event was meant to draw the public’s attention from the French fashion industry during World War II in part because traveling to Paris wasn’t possible. The next goal was to provide a showcase of American designers who up until then, were ignored by the fashion journalists.

The week would be a success! Vogue and other fashion magazines replaced their pages of French designs with American fashion and the rest, as they say, is history. But with each year’s Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer event, it continues to be history-in-the-making. And from September 8th through September 15th this year, is no different.

For those not in the fashion industry, the names of New York Fashion Week can be confusing. The show this week is named Spring/Summer because that is the season when the clothes being shown will show up in retail stores across the country. The fashions displayed during fashion week typically arrive in stores six months after the event.

New York Fashion Week

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What’s Trending at This Year’s New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer Show?

Well, it may be easier to tell you what’s NOT trending this year!  It looks like the New York Mets ran into the Golden Girls and were attacked by pirates in their pajamas! Never to disappoint us, the New York Fashion Week brings left the fashion world an inevitable forecast of trends for next season. It’s too soon to tell yet what the masses are going to adore, like, love or loathe, but no doubt about it, Spring 2016 will is going to emerge like no other season has … with a vengeance!

Beach Bums and Puffy Pirate Shirts

The beach bum appeared to be the inspiration for many designers this year. The Baha pullovers with bucket hats and loose linen accented with tie-dye are sure to be a winner from coast to coast. From Baha pullovers, bucket hats, and loose linen, they are all going to be coming on strong.

And if the beach bum look isn’t for you, then maybe the puffy shirt style is. There probably isn’t any fashion conscious person that hasn’t seen or at least heard reference to the “Seinfeld” episode about a ‘puffy shirt’ Jerry wore.  Unlike that designer’s catastrophic ending, the white ruffled blouses owned the runways this year.

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A Cold Shoulder Pumped Up

Maybe because the summer has been exceptionally warm this year, off-the-shoulder fashion was showcased in dresses and tops. The style isn’t anything new really, it’s been in retail stores all summer this year, but many designers were able to give it a new spin that is sure to keep it alive another season.

And with that off-the-shoulder look, the runway was dazzled with pumped up volumes from Delpozo and Rosie Assoulin. They were able to take that pumped up look and structure their designs so that it will be wearable by anyone and everyone.

The New York Mets Met The Golden Girls

Adam Selman, Karen Walker, Jeremy Scott, and Jill Sander brought the bright blue and orange colors to the runway with great success!  And that golden glitz that your grandmother wore in Vegas has returned. Karen Walker took that shiny gold fabric and created a lamé-like leather that pretty much was the show all on its own. But DVF kept a soft touch with her designs on the runway while flat sandals were paired with a gold sequin dress at  Alice and Olivia.

Pretty In Pajamas

Pretty In Pajamas

Leave it to New York Fashion Week to make pajama wearing a statement. Thakoon’s line of PJ-style dressing and even Givenchy gave the runways pieces that were inspired by lingerie. Wearing sleepwear for daywear like nightie dresses at Prabal Gurung may just make going from home to work a lot easier.

Bringing The 70s Back Baby!

Esalen or Bust isn’t just a fictional spiritual retreat in the finale episode of “Mad Men”, It really does exist and you can visit in California. During the 70s, those old hippies that never could quite change with the times found it to be a haven and this year’s designers went looking for those hippie desert dwellers.

The prairie-peasant look walked the runways of New York Fashion Week with a style that had a hint of a hippie spiritual look without being religious. And who can remember the fashions of the 70s without bringing fringe into the picture?

Fringe hit the runways last spring and again in the fall, and it doesn’t appear to be leaving anytime soon. Spring 2015 will see fringe from several designers on dresses, skirts, and even on jewelry! Fringe offers a level of softness that can also blend in with the western-style as well.

Coming In The Spring

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What Else Is Coming In The Spring?

Layers of shirts! And layers of shirts over shirts, sleeveless dresses with shirts under them and lots of blue and orange will be seen all around. There will be romantic dresses and —lots of blouses, pants, and skirts too.

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