Need Some Help Keeping Those New Year’s Resolutions?

New Year’s Resolutions

Can you believe another year has come and gone already? And even more hard to believe is that another set of New Year’s Resolutions have been established all around the world.

Even though it is common knowledge that most of us do not keep our New Year’s Resolutions. 

In fact, according to several studies performed by Scranton University, less than 50% of us that make New Year’s Resolutions will only keep them 6 months at the most.

But the biggest surprise for many is to that only forty-percent of us even make New Year’s Resolutions.

Promises can be hard to keep sometimes, but why are these promises, being that New Year’s Resolutions are promises to ourselves so difficult to keep? We can’t even depend on ourselves? How sad is that?

What studies like the one at Scranton University have found is that if we write our resolutions down, we’re more likely to keep them.

So, maybe we need to ask ourselves what is this absence of “will” that seems inescapable among us? And why are we so easy to give up our power over ourselves? Perhaps it is because we set goals in our New Year’s Resolutions that aren’t realistic? Or we aren’t sure how to get started?

Our personal power is a form of energy. It takes energy to get things moving, right? Your car must have a motor as its energy that makes it move. Same is to be said about us as humans with New Year’s Resolutions. So, is it that we lose the energy that gets our personal power moving?


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The Answer Is In Our Chakra System

The chakra system may not be something you’re familiar with, but we all have one. Within that system are seven power centers within our body. Here are those 7 powers that are within our bodies:

1.    Base or Root Chakra

2.    Sacral Chakra

3.    Solar Plexus Chakra

4.    Heart Chakra

5.    Throat Chakra

6.    Brow or Third Eye Chakra

7.    Crown Chakra

Personal power is unquestionably an issue of the third chakra which is found in our solar plexus which is the naval area of the body. This is the magnetic core of the ego and personality and teaches and teaches one to honor themselves.

The third chakra teaches ambition, self-discipline, self-esteem, and self-respect. Our primary fear is centered around criticism. We worry about what others think of us. We are embarrassed by our failures and how it makes us look.

When we look at the third chakra and what it does for us, it is easy to see how a weak third chakra could be detrimental to our keeping those New Year’s Resolutions. Now that we have that understanding, we must ask ourselves how we can fix this? Can we repair this leaking source of energy and make our self-esteem stronger?

An expert on using Chakras to guide her, Dr. Caroline Myss, developed 4 stages to repair as well as enhance our self-esteem, thus our inner power, in relation to the third chakra. Those 4 stages are:

 1.       Revolution

Revolution is that process of developing our inner guidance outside of the group's beliefs and ideas. It is the act of hearing our “inner voice” and honors its truth. It is here that our inner authority develops power.

 2.      Involution

This is the process of evaluating how the needs in our lives and our mission is met by the world. It is the practice of self-examination and gains our inner knowledge. We can develop the stamina for responding to the answers as they come to us. With our self-knowledge strengthened, we can make choices and accept the ultimate actions, taking responsibility for our own lives.

 3.     Narcissism

This the third stage that develops the energy to hear and act upon one’s inner voice. It gives us the capability to not go along with the norm is provided by this stage. We are able to face what opposes us and stand our ground.

 4.    Evolution

This is the internal development stage that helps us to stay on course with our mission while we maintain our dignity, faith, and principles despite any criticism and resistance from others.

Not An Easy Task

When you consider these 4 stages of development, you'll start seeing that it is not an easy task. It means taking on the spiritual task of self-inquiry with courage and gain symbolic insight.  It means we can face our inner conflicts, our fears, and our secrets.

So, perhaps the simple New Year’s Resolution you’ve set for yourself isn’t all that simple. The promises we make to ourselves by way of New Year’s Resolutions are challenging our personal power’s development to connect with our third chakra. 

Perhaps the energy that most us use to keep those New Year’s Resolutions is sheer will. We should look inside ourselves for those obstacles that are keeping us from keeping our resolutions.

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