Meditation For Relaxation & Manifestation


Perhaps you have heard people say that meditation has helped them calm down, heal faster, find inner peace and more. They say it is a cleansing of the emotions and soul, it helps you find peace and relax within. Because we live in a busy world now, our minds are working 24/7.

We’re thinking about our next move, we’re faced with one challenge after another, our minds simply do not have any time off from being our side-kick. Meditation has proven to improve a person’s quality of life.

It can accelerate your spiritual development and enhance the quality of your life by helping you to de-stress and relax. Not to mention all of the positive physical aspects it brings.


The question most asked is "what does it take to properly meditate?" Well, first you should realize there isn’t a “proper” way to meditate. What works for one person may not work for the other. But some objects and setups can help and that is what we’re going to discuss here.

Whether you choose to meditate indoors or outdoors, create a Meditation Altar. This is a place where you will rest the items you will use while meditating. You will want to set your meditation altar in a place that will be peaceful and quiet. Place a cushion or pillow to on the floor in front of your altar.

There are no set rules of what items or objects are placed on the altar, it is up to the individual to choose the things they want. Some people prefer their meditation alter to have little to nothing on it, while others may choose to place many objects. You may also wish to have incense, scented oils, a smudge stick and your iPod or YouTube channel with calming meditation music. So easy to find these days.

Find a comfortable position for your body. It may not be crossing your legs, it may be with your legs straight and for bad backs, lean your back against the wall or couch. Some find putting a rolled towel or pillow under their knees also helps.


Some people have found that our Hematite Calming Bundle is very helpful in finding their calmness during meditation. Hematite is magnificent for calming, grounding, focusing and centering your body and mind.

The beautiful thing about Hematite is that it can be worn to work every day to keep you chill during stressful situations. Also, learning to meditate is highly advantageous during these times, as your brain will realize the stress to stay calm.

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Another effective item to have at your meditation altar is Mala prayer beads. These are an effective tool that can help you focus on your breathing while you count the 108 beads. The main thing you should remember is to keep your meditation simple, don’t overthink it.

Another very powerful way to manifest something, be it money, love, health, peace or a better job is to chant words like "I am abundant" while going from one bead to the next, repeating it over and over until you've reached all 108. A very powerful number. Magical things will begin to happen.

After meditation or prayer, some people will keep their beads in a bag made of silk or velvet. And when you aren’t using it, cover it with a cloth made of cotton, silk, or some other natural material.


Keeping another alter filled with fun Buddha's, or mix it up with prayer Buddha will put a positive energy in your home. There are so many cool ways to create what you love to keep you focused on the wonder of your life and that you can have and create whatever your heart desires.

Much like working out and building muscles, meditation works the same way. It may take some time to build up to get to that quiet and mindful place where nothing exists and you can feel the peace and joy. But you will get there.


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