In August we usually find parents and children running through the isles of stores; up and down excitedly looking for new notebooks and supplies and even better shoes and outfits, than last year, to show off to their friends when they get back to school.

This time of year typically signifies kids heading to their respective elementary school, grade school, high-school or college with excitement and the focus of gaining new knowledge, learning and growing as a young adults and making new friends.

Unfortunately, this year things are a little different! Rather than sending our kids back to school with a focus on enlightenment and knowledge, we have a much different focus and perspective; keeping them HEALTHY!

We understand that, as we too are parents and worry about the current climate with Covid and how best to keep our family safe. SO we made it our mission to create a collection that can help achieve this years school goals.

Cheerful Protection - Multi Stone Evil Eye Kids Bracelet

Essential Guard Red String Triple Protection Bar Bracelet
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Essential Guard Red String Triple Protection Bar Bracelet
The best protection against disappointment is to have a lot going on. Why opt for one protective symbol when you can have more with our E...
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ION's are super important for longevity, to boost mood, soothe tension, and stabilize energy flow. You just let the negative ION's do their positive thing by keeping your energy high and mood positive. Now you can remain super focused, and thereby manifest all the success you need this school season.

 Right now it’s just as important or possibly more important for most parents, teachers, and educators to protect our youth from getting sick or being in harm's way.

Even though health is the focus, there is a lot of disappointment that is being heard and felt throughout social media from parents, teachers, and students how vital the day to day interaction and education is, and how heavily it is affecting everyone, keeping morale low and the fear that is wrapped around the dire situation.

We are watching a nation making every effort to bring happiness into their homes, keep everyone elevated and continue to ensure that education is priority and, we want to help.

Harmonious Balance - Hematite Stone Red Ion Bracelet

Cheerful Protection -  Evil Eye Bracelet
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Cheerful Protection - Evil Eye Bracelet
In all this world, there is nothing so beautiful as a happy child. Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for ...
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We picked specific pieces of our Red String Protection bracelets to nourish your soul this school season. Every bracelet comes with a charm/symbol to match your specific need on your journey toward achieving the perfect grades.

At Karma and Luck, we know how important knowledge is and we want to make sure you have all the tools and the mindset necessary to help our kids, young adults, mothers, fathers, teachers and everyone affected by these times to be successful and continue guiding you toward success during these uncertain times.

We put together a powerful collection of gemstones that are designed specifically to help you and your family stay healthy and focused so you can achieve outstanding results, whether education in 2020 is from school or home. 

We understand that parents are taking on a new role this year as well, with many becoming teachers and chaperones to support, guide, and protect their children in ensuring that their learning, and following the lessons that have been provided to them by their educational institution is seamless and fun.

Not always the easiest to accomplish. Especially if the parents also have to work from home. Stability, routine and a positive energetic shift always helps.


Whatever your back to schooling looks like this year, stay balanced, focused, aligned, and energetic with our Feng Shui Tree Of Life, so you can manifest the perfect outcome in all areas of either your education or that of your children. We've chosen specific tress of life, with powerful gemstones that can surround you in peace.

If it’s a priority for you to stay healthy and balanced in your life so you can ensure the success of your children and help them create healthy habits and powerful attitudes, we want to fully support your journey and provide you with a daily reminder on how you can manifest your reality.

We took the wee ones into consideration this year, so whether you are sending your kids back to school or homeschooling them, keep them playful, protected, and happy with Karma & Luck’s adorable Kids Collection. Every bracelet comes with the Evil Eye for protection and adorned with super cute charms they will love. 

We worked hard to figure out how you can merge spirituality with academic effort, as they surely follow each other. Our back To School collection of Red String Protection Bracelets, ION Bracelets, Feng Shui Tree Of Life and, adorable Good Karma Kids Collection of gemstones and symbols will bring you luck, protection, and prosperity as you journey through either your own or your children's academic achievements.

Above all, remember can manifest joy and happiness in any situation. We're just really happy that we can help you feel good and go after that education with ease, grace and FUN! 

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