The Power of Living Intentionally, Plus 5 Ways to Bring This Practice Into Your Life

Living Intentionally

Being intentional means living with awareness, valuing what we have, and enjoying the present moment, unfiltered and just as it is. It is about making conscious decisions to take control of the chaos and choosing to focus on what truly matters. 

The value of living intentionally comes from seeing the good that is available to us and experiencing and celebrating every minute of life.

The Benefits of Living Intentionally

When we choose to live our lives intentionally, we decide to play the lead role in our lives, and do so with gratitude and awareness. Intentionally focusing on what matters brings us peace, highlights blessings, and evokes a healthy passion for life. 

Here are some of the ways this practice can benefit you…

It Reduces Stress

Anxiety and stress are byproducts of chaos. But if we instead start each day and action with an intention to feel, experience, and be in the moment, it helps direct our energy to what truly matters.

When the mind is focused on doing things intentionally and with purpose, it becomes calm, and we become tranquil. Then, every action has a purpose and everything we do has our full devotion; this leaves little space for stress and nervousness.

Live on Intention

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It Allows Us to Be More Present

Many times, we do things by default. Instead of experiencing the little victories and allowing ourselves to cherish the present, we let the moment slip by. 

Living life mindfully creates space and time for us to be truly present. As we teach ourselves to embrace the sensations and experience the uniqueness that a specific moment brings, being in the moment becomes the priority. Living intentionally allows us to shift the focus to peace, rather than noise, and to the moment we are in, rather than past lessons or future possibilities. 

We Accomplish Our Goals Easier & More Frequently 

Every action promotes a reaction. When that action is a result of mindful contemplation and intention-setting, it paves the road to prosperity.

Putting our focus onto something that matters, no matter how small it may seem, inspires gradual progress, and reduces tension. When we put our mind onto something and dedicate ourselves to what truly matters, we add magnetizing energy to it. Then, every action we take has a greater impact.

It Helps Us Raise Our Vibration

Do you have control over your life, or do life circumstances and obligations rule you? Living intentionally inspires conscious, healthy decisions that elevate our vibration and expand our consciousness. That way, we are more likely to choose actions and thoughts that nourish our whole being, and we are less likely to let life take us where we don’t want to go.

As a result, we raise our vibration and invite positivity our way with every step we take. The more we live with intention, the more we are in alignment with our higher purpose. 

Intentional Living

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It Attracts Good Karma & Luck Our Way

By allowing yourself to prioritize building the life you want and putting your attention on it, you’ll generate good energy and attract more positivity into your life.

Living with intention means taking the driver’s seat in your life and gearing your actions and thoughts towards things that bring you joy, enlightenment, and fulfillment. Consequently, you can expect an influx of good karma and luck coming your way.

It Stops Us From Running on Auto-Pilot 

Getting caught up in the mundane leaves little space for doing the things that matter. Without realizing it, we often go about our day on autopilot. Living intentionally, on the other hand, allows us to make every moment count.

Instead of chasing the next best thing, being alert and cherishing the moment allows us to experience life, instead of letting it pass us by. Then surviving can turn into thriving.

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5 Ways to Practice Intentional Living

There are several simple steps you can take every day to practice living with intention. Here are some of our favorites…. 

Set Mini Goals Each Day

The key to transformation and living intentionally lies in making progress every day, no matter how small it seems. Setting goals that are in alignment with your authentic needs and aspirations every day inspires change and directs your actions towards what truly matters.

Your goal can be as simple as dedicating ten minutes of your time to drinking your favorite hot beverage, taking a mindful walk with your dog, or tending to your plants. 

Maintain a Journaling Practice

Journaling is a powerful practice. It allows us to dive deep into contemplative thought, relieve stress, and practice mindfulness. Writing about our daily experiences allows us to relive them and gain even more wisdom through self-discovery. It helps us reflect, have fruitful thoughts, and be present. 

Try this journaling ritual for living intentionally every day:

  • When you wake up, take a moment to think about the day ahead.
  • Contemplate and write down three key things you want to do that day (not things you are obligated to do, but things you’d love to do).
  • Make these activities your priority and add them to your to-do list, checking them off as you accomplish them.
  • At the end of the day, journal about how these things made you feel. Relive the moment. Feel free to treat yourself for each tiny victory.

See Yourself Accomplishing Your Goals Everyday

Intentional living is closely tied to visualization and daydreaming. Setting an intention sparks inspiration and excitement, and it prompts us to go after what we desire.

Visualizing yourself accomplishing goals, be those small or grandiose, sets you up for success and puts you in alignment with what you are trying to manifest.


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Choose Positive Thoughts & Words

We can’t choose all that happens in life, but we can choose how we react to it. Negative sensations are meant to be felt and released, not held onto. Choosing to cherish a positive mindset, and feed our minds with hope and optimism, prevents us from going on a downward spiral of negativity.

By living intentionally in this way, we welcome positivity into our lives. We are consciously choosing what kind of energy we are open to.

Spend less time complaining and more time thinking and talking about what you want. This will stimulate the flow of positive energy, raise your vibration, and help you eliminate obstacles, rather than magnifying them.

Focus on Enjoying Each Moment

Every moment is precious and one of a kind. When you choose to be present, and fully dedicate your focus and attention to what you are doing, you are celebrating life and taking in all it has to offer. 

Allow yourself to experience it. Feed your senses, feel the breeze, enjoy a conversation, and be dedicated to what you are doing. We think you’ll be amazed by the benefits.

Final Thoughts

Living intentionally allows us to see every moment as worthy of experiencing. It brings us the advantages of mindfulness, gratitude, and blissfulness. Life is meant to be celebrated for all the little moments that are woven into the tapestry of our experience. Enjoy!

Reading with Intention

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