Super Full Pink Moon in Libra

Are you ready to put a spring in your step this spring? Then you don't want to miss the brightest and largest Super Full Moon of the year on April 7th.

This specific moon, in Libra, is all about love, support and being there for each other.
While the quarantine has us all fearing the unknown, we don't need to give into this belief. Try these energetic Full Moon rituals and let's get aligned in April and stay positive.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” 


One day soon, we will all get back together and social distancing will be a thing of the past. But for now, we will remember that we are still all connected and will get through this together.

The trick is “how do I stay in a good space and lift everyone else’s spirits.” By recognizing the Universal truth that "you" are very special. 

So, how do we start? 

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Strength & Growth - Chakra Feng Shui Tree
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By giving back. It will make a huge difference in someone's life.

Does someone you know need help in your neighborhood? Especially a senior? Be a warrior and be there for them. Go shopping for food, help them with the lawn, and if they have a pet, offer to walk them.
Keep your distance, wear gloves, sanitize before and after to keep you both safe. They may turn you down, but ask anyway, they will recognize that someone cares.
Keep it simple and keep it in love. If you can’t  physically contribute, see what you can do to raise awareness of someone’s plight on social media. Every little bit helps. Especially a phone call to someone you know is lonely. You have the time now, use it in love.

Never forget the power of prayer. Especially if you know someone who is could us it. Ask the Universe to keep them safe and bring them what they need. It helps a lot.


This moon is the perfect time to sit with a white candle and a hot cup of delish tea. It's time to remove those who don't serve your positive energy.

Diplomatic Libra will help guide you as you write a list of the people whom you feel are dragging you down. If it’s on social media, analyze what it is about them and their feeds. Then decide to unfriend and unfollow if it serves you.

If it’s someone in your life, write down what bugs you and see if you can talk with them. If not, then wrap it in love on paper and ask the Universe to help you unfold the future with them.

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Charming Grace - White Enamel Libra Card Necklace
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Have a desire to bring on your funky fashionista? This is the perfect time to change up your look and explore with fun ways to wear your hair, make-up, and clothes.

What does that look like? It's up to you. A little pink in your hair or tap into that happy super spiritual hippie in you? This is the time to play and have fun with fashion. 
Get super creative on this full moon and for up to 3 days after. Style it up babe and show it off. Put your new looks on social media and let your friends and family see this happy side of you. You will inspire others.


This full moon has you cleaning your house, even your closet. How appropriate, considering we’re inside pretty much 24/7.

You may not feel like it. Clean anyway. Find a room or rooms and dig in and if you feel inspired, move a few things around and create a better-balanced Feng Shui.

Balanced Growth - Libra Card Necklace
Balanced Growth - Libra Card Necklace
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Hey, we’re all doing it. Stress eating. Make a pact to start clean eating tonight and for the next 30 days. Being at home has us all eating way too much. From this super-duper full moon to the next, try conscious eating.

Create an awesome diet plan for yourself, either on your phone (plenty of App's to help) or on paper and stick  to it.

More veggies, fruits, good proteins and create a balance with any sugars you love. This will raise your positive vibes to another level and you will feel so much better.

If you’re up for it, start this night with a few minutes of yoga moves and expand that night by night or day by day. YOGA ROCKS! While Melanie, our Influencer has it down, you don't have to be a Yoga pro, but you do need to get started. You will feel so much better. Involve your friends on social media.

We're not "social" media distancing, we are physical distancing.


Let's make the best out of our quarantine situation. Change your mind, change your life and this full moon begs that. Our vibration radiates the highest when we honor, accept, and love who we are on our journey.

Right now our egos and fear are ruling our day. Use the energy of this Super Full Moon to create something outstanding for yourself and those around you. This too will pass, so let is pass with you being happy and keeping your energy positive.

Honor this moon and honor yourself and those around you right now. The Universe always finds a balance, so let’s make sure you do too in the interim. 

Much love from your Karma and Luck family.

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  • Rosalina

    I loved everything about this post. Definitely needed guidance on this time, and bringing it to the small window of the full moon helps to make changes one small step at a time. Thank you

  • Susan Cadmus

    Wonderful web-site, very up lifting. so positive hopefully soon we will be back together again walking in the sunshine. Love & Prayers to all families that have lost love ones. A BIG Thank You to all the health cares providers that are caring for the sick

  • Deborah Pittman

    Thank you for this uplifting inspiring & beautiful post.
    Stay safe
    Namaste ❤️