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Happy Mother’s Day to all mom’s, mummies, fur mom’s and nurturers. 

From the moment we are born, our Mother provides everything we need and we don’t even realize it. It’s a given that she would feed us, rock us to sleep, play with us, love us perfectly, and spend most of her days teaching us right from wrong. 

And as we grow and have minds of our own, so many other thoughts inundate our days and so much of what was naturally given to us, we simply forget. 

But why?

Because we grow in strength and that childlike innocence and vulnerability subsides. We are mired in the daily minutiae of life itself and the most important part, you know, the one about “loving ourselves like our mothers did” isn’t even a thought.

What would happen if it did become a daily thought? If we woke up every morning and had an attitude of gratitude and recited an affirmation with our tea or coffee? Would it make a difference?

It sure did when we cried out loud as babies and our mothers sprinted into our room, scooped us up, cooed in our ear about how much she loved us as she fed us breakfast, while we laughed in the purity of thought and simple joy.

Self-esteem wasn’t even in play yet. Our egos didn’t kick in and say “Hey, mom, need about 15 more minutes of cuddles here.” Somehow we knew that it would happen and we enjoyed it. 

The Universe works much the same way, in our favor. When we create our own positive belief system, in essence, we create good energy and attract the same energy in return.

An affirmation a day can kick bad karmic thoughts away. And we are going to do that for the next 7 days, so it becomes a natural habit every morning to wake up and get the “loving feels” manifesting all around us.

7 Days Of Karmic Enlightenment

Day 1: I am worthy today and every day of happiness. 

This single mantra can alter the chemistry in your brain when repeated throughout the day.

Day 2: I am made whole and pure. Today I will manifest love all around me. 

Just like being a baby again, let the innocence of love surround you and say this mantra out loud and super proud. 

Day 3: I am uplifting of myself today and others around. I will choose to see the good in any challenge. 

Challenges happen, when we’re kids we find a way around them or we ask for help. Choose to see the good in all challenges and rise above them. 

Day 4: I am my own inner strength. I am beautiful and unique in every situation. 

Yes, you are. Remember that pretty dress you loved so much and then you jumped in the mud while wearing it. You still loved it. You are strong, beautiful, and can handle anything.

Day 5: I am self-aware. My path is mine and I own my decisions in strength. 

That little girl that wanted to be a princess or an astronaut is still in you. Being self-aware on a daily basis will guide you on your path.

Day 6: I am self-respect. Above all, I respect myself first, so I may show respect for others. 

Put the oxygen mask on yourself first. Always. Wake up every morning and say these words. You deserve respect from yourself and others.

Day 7: I am open to receiving. I am a magnet for all that I desire in love, money, and relationships for my highest good.

Be a magnet with your thoughts and watch what happens in real life. What we think, we become. You deserve to be happy, wealthy, and in love. Just make sure you choose to love yourself first.

Tell your mother “Thank you for loving me and teaching me everything you know.” 

And then repeat that back to yourself. 

Much love from your Karma and Luck family.

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  • Monica Ortega

    I really enjoyed reading this. I’m sometimes very mean to myself this will enlighten me to be a stronger and positive person and loving to me. Thank you for this