Divine Karma Jewelry Meaning and Power

Natural Law

What is the definition of Karma? What does the word really mean? Google tells us that the word Karma is a noun and comes from Buddhism and Hinduism. It is “…. the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.” Or the informal definition from Google is “destiny or fate, following as effect from cause.”

So we could roughly refer to Karma as an “action” which has been considered as a natural law of the mind. Or would it be described as justice’s divine instrument, meaning that for any bad or good action, there is an equal and mirrored reaction?

The Religious Aspect of Karma

In many religions, Karma is fundamentally intertwined in the idea of reincarnation. Life is thought of as a classroom where we grow and learn.

It is believed by many that when we make the choice to run away from any chance of growth, the lesson will repeat later, either now or in the future.  It is believed that bad or good actions will revisit us in the future.

However, Karma’s intricate workings are only known by God or determined by the Universe. We can choose to spruce up our soul and release ourselves from the karma we have self-imposed where we hold on to bad memories and hurts of the past.

Or we can make the choice to remove that negativity and find joy in living in the present.

Divine Karma Jewelry

Karma and Ghosts

Go back to a time in your childhood and hold hands with the ghost from Christmases past. Remember the excitement you felt with the festivities around you. Remember how Christmas Eve filled you with anticipation throughout your body, heart, and mind.

Now, enjoy those feelings of freedom and fun in your current adult self. Let go of the cynicism and regrets you have as an adult and look at the world through those childhood eyes again.

With this new perspective, let those ghosts of Christmases past embrace you. Then examine the people and the relationships in your life.

Can you be more compassionate, kinder, and judge less? Do you allow yourself to be walked over by others simply to have a quiet life? Surround yourself with positive energy and then visualize a new and improved you. Open up your heart to others and allow yourself to be vulnerable as you send out positive energy to those around you.

karma jewelry

This will release negative karma that is bonding your life and will be the best present you could ever give yourself. Learn to change, allow yourself to grow and then you can love yourself. And now, you can visit the future Christmas ghost.

Your Future’s Christmas Ghost

Take the hand of your future’s Christmas ghost and imagine a destiny that is fulfilled and positive. Use the law of attraction to map out the year ahead of you, running a virtual timeline.

Give your soul instructions on what you plan to achieve. This will take you away from bumbling along in life, simply letting it happen. Believe that what you want, you can have. Visualize it. See it. Feel it. Then motivate and push yourself to give more so that you can achieve more. Start Your Journey Here: Browse Our Luck, Success and Intention Jewelry Collections

Divine Karma

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