Introducing Our Brand Ambassador Program

Grow together with Karma and Luck!

If good vibes, magnificent crystals, and all things spiritual are something you adore, look no further! Immerse yourself in the galaxy of Karma and Luck, where everything is made with exceptional craftsmanship and care, with special meanings embedded in every single piece. Our K&L Brand Ambassador Program is definitely the best way of expressing your love for items that unite cultures and have an ancient background, while earning extra income. Sharing is caring, so keep that in mind when indulging in the mystic crystals or the sacred symbols in our authentic necklaces, bracelets, and home decor items.

Does this program sound like a good fit for you? By joining our K&L Brand Ambassador Program, you get some exceptional perks. First of all, you get a 10% commission on every purchase you refer to us. Also, your friends, family, or followers will get 10% off every time they make a purchase with your ambassador code. This is the part where everyone becomes joyous and the tradition mixed with the meaningfulness of our products is spread throughout the community.

Our K&L Brand Ambassador Program Perks:

  • 10% commission on all sales you generate
  • 10% discount for your friends, family, and followers
  • Unique ambassador code for sharing with your communities

But that’s not all! If your followers, family, and friends truly grasp the essence of our brand and thus generate more sales, you will receive bigger commissions. Our K&L Brand Ambassador Program really is a great incentive for everyone involved. As the essence of our brand is related to the unity of cultures, you will instantly feel connected to our global Karma and Luck community.  

Great things and bonds flourish if people share a special passion and affinity for our beautiful hand-crafted items, which are meaningful and empowering too. After all, is there anything better than sharing the positivity and joy of artisan jewelry and home decor with people who will appreciate it the same way you do?

Head over to our K&L Brand Ambassador Sign Up Page and start your spiritual network of evolving relationships today!

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  • Faith

    Hi Rhys, That’s great! Head on over to our sign up page to get started:

  • Rhys Welch

    My name is Rhys! I am very into spirituality and I want to represent a brand of such! I want to guide people through their meditation and spread my positive energy and knowledge to people who are new into the subject or just for people who have questions about it! I’d be super happy to represent this brand and fulfill my dreams of teaching people the great mind and wisdom of theirselves .

  • vanessa campos

    I love Karma and Luck. The stones are all beautiful and the craftsmanship in necklaces are perfect. I love wearing them and I ALWAYS get compliments. I would truly enjoy being an ambassador. ✨🙌🏼♥️✨

  • Blanca Aragon

    Absolutely ✨🌙

  • Sylvia Rubalcaba

    I would love to be part of this.

  • Delfina clemente

    Love to help

  • Maria

    I would love the opportunity to try and be an ambassador for your products. I’m new to social media but would love to help others see the beauty as well as the spiritual connection that your products offer or at least that I see💕

  • Jennifer Martori

    Love your brand!

  • Kellen Payton

    I would love to be an ambassador to help spread the word of this wonderful company

  • carrie freeburg

    I’m here in Vegas now at the Mirage shopping at my favorite store Karma and Luck!!