How Will Mercury In Retrograde Affect Your Sign?


Research - Revise - Revisit - Meditate - Breath - Repeat

Really? Retrograde AGAIN? It's true, once we hear those words, we cringe, because we listen to the rumors about Retrograde. In truth it does kind of suck, but it is also a time to sit back and reflect on what is going on from October 14 to Nov 3. 

Mercury Retrograde will be in the sign of Capricorn and things that come up may deal with issues involving home repair, family miscommunication, security malfunctions, financial adjustments, real estate headaches, loyalty (whose side are “they” on?).

When Mercury is retrograde, in general, it’s not a time to move forward with anything new but it’s a time to look at things that are in progress in your life and take a fine-tooth comb to review, rework, refine, rewind, and/or rethink things, situations, contracts, etc…

During this time back up your computer, service your car and other electronics.

An interesting little Mercury Retrograde tidbit is that old friends, long lost family, and exes may call, email or you may just run into them at random places.

Also, you may need to be patient when appointments don’t go as planned, travel is not on schedule, luggage is lost, emails are sent to the wrong person, cell phones break, and communication is just a hot mess.

When Mercury Retrograde is in effect, it’s not a great time to purchase electronics, computers, cell phones, appliances, or cars.

This is a time when you should research the items you are looking to purchase, so you can get a better deal or find a better product.

It’s not a great time to sign contracts, start new projects, or set up big business deals because you may be missing a crucial piece of the puzzle that’s not ready to be revealed (remember there are always exceptions to this rule).

Just know, this is a time to look back and take what you already have in life and either fine-tune it, heal it, remove it, or adjust it.

Mercury is giving you an opportunity to slow down and process what you’ve learned along your journey thus far.

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During this time in Retrograde, you’re going to find yourself revisiting the past and wondering what is constantly holding you back. Because it is moving in Capricorn, you’ll feel a bit more tense than usual. Nothing walks or exercise won’t fix.

Also, it’s time to crank out some paper, a pen, a bit of tea, and start pouring your feeling out on paper. Look too long time friends to help you through this via Zoom or House party. Perhaps a little pity party wouldn't hurt while you figure things out.

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Since you tend to be pretty intense most of the time, Mercury in Retrograde will have you feeling it times 10 more and you’ll find yourself being a bit snappier than usual.

This Retrograde is the perfect time to wind down a little more and get in touch with your feelings. Try being a bit more sensitive. Love will always win over a Taurean, so see out those you love the most and spend valuable time with them. Also, get more physical during this time with exercise, yoga, and walking.

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Sensitive Gemini’s, you’ll feel this Retrograde a bit harder than most and your wallet may take the brunt of your emotions. DON’T! Be super cognizant of your finances during this time and take extra caution in saving money. Find inexpensive ways to occupy yourself.

For a Gemini to be creative is super easy and right now, important. While your emotions are running a bit high this month, it is the perfect time to reflect on your past and see where you are today.

Your self-worth may be questioned right now. Gemini’s are “chance” takers, so you will make more mistakes than the average person. Don’t be too hard on yourself. A great time to reflect through journaling and get outside. Mother Nature loves you. Get your friends and family together, stay safe, and create fun times together.

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Since Mercury Retrograde is happening in Capricorn, you will be doing more work than everyone else right now on “reflect, “reject” and “revisit.”

You can relate to many different personalities and in some cases tend to be a bit fake around those you don’t care to be around. It is time to clean the house and examine your past and present. Who needs to go and with whom do you wish to bond deeper. You only have so much energy and tend to dispense easily with what energy you have.

Let’s clean the house during this time by starting with your inner feeling and build a better future. Make a list, check it twice, see who’s naughty or nice. You’ll know what to do from there and don’t forget...this is your time to really reflect on any changes you wish to make.



Queen and King of the jungle, you won’t be feeling so powerful this month. It’s time to dig deep into your life and see what types of patterns you keep repeating that are stopping you from conquering the world.

This is THE month to break bad patterns and reinvent yourself. Even if it starts out every day with making your bed, keeping to a schedule, and organizing your Covid stay at home schedule. You’ll feel so much better by month-end and will have turned this icky Retrograde into something super powerful.

OH, you may run into a blast from the past online. Don’t fall into the same trap. You’ve matured past this person. Be nice and say Buh Bye.

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Well, the drama is certainly going to be the focus for you during Retrograde. HEADS UP! It doesn’t have to be. You’ve got this, my friend. The tumultuous times of late are already affecting you because you feel deeply.

Time to clean up that friends list, both in real life and especially online. Time to cut the cord with those who don’t view the world through your rose-colored glasses. It’s a beautiful world in there.

Though you tend to want to nurture everyone, even those you don’t really like, this month is about nurturing yourself. Cut, cut, cut, and relax too. Do a couple of Saturday spa nights, watch movies with friends and family, and keep laughing. 

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Libra loves, this month will find you truly contemplating your career future. Especially if you aren’t happy in your current job. Libra’s are the consummate hosts and party people. If you’re living in your truth, then you may feel like you’re suffocating and this month will make it worse.

Not to fear, there are solutions. First, clean up that resume, get on, and get a feel for what is out there that matches your passion and personality. You know what you want to do.

Second, look for creative avenues to revamp that resume and bio and third, get outside during this month and get physically tired. Exercise is truly the key to you feeling better and enhancing your creativity your life.

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Do you feel like you’ve been in a battlefield lately? Work, school, friends? Mercury in Retrograde will intensify these feelings, so it is super duper important to take this next month to stay FOCUSED!

Whatever problems are popping up, take care of them right away and do it with integrity and a smile on your face. If work is being a bummer, then find ways to cope better, while you keep working on moving forward. This time will subside in July.

You’re a problem solver, so solve. During down, times find ways to keep yourself busy physically too. Exercise to reinvent yourself physically for the next 30 days. You will feel SO much better and will be handle anything that comes your way.

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Let’s do a little bonding this month during Retrograde, shall we? Yes, we shall. Never the sign to feel tied down, you also LOVE being in love and loving.

This is the perfect month to reflect on what is holding you back in being in love and developing stronger relationships. It definitely has something to do with a past relationship. Time to freeze that person out. Take some time to reflect on what hurt you.

Write down that person's name on a piece of paper, fold it in half, forgive them and put them in a plastic container with some water and place it in the freezer. Then get out another piece of paper or notebook and write down everything you’re looking for in a partner or even in the one you currently have. OH, don’t freeze them if you’re currently in a relationship.

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Since Mercury rules communication and you just love to communicate, this month is the absolute perfect time to see what’s what with the people in your life. There have been some blocks for the past few months, due to the tension, but don’t let that stop you from moving ahead.

It’s time to do a “friendventory” and figure out who really and truly deserves to be in your life. With this energy, you will pull a couple of people from your past back in. Don’t be hasty to let them go. Suss out the situation and go from there.

Open up communication, listen, learn, and don’t interrupt. When they’re done, talk about your feelings and go from there. Do they stay or go? You’ll know. Make sure exercise is a priority this next month to relieve any additional tension you may have. 

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Air sign Aquarius, you may find this month in Retrograde a bit uneasy and in some cases hard to breathe. Physical well being is going to become a top priority for you this month. You are going to focus on healthy eating and exercising every day. Bad habits are gone. They have to be right now.

Retrograde can be very intense and taking care of yourself, staying active, and eating good meals will put you in your happy place and you will come out of this month with a new body and banging attitude. Look to your friends and family that already incorporate healthy habits into their lives. You know you want too.

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Lucky Pisces, this Retrograde will hardly affect you at all. We’re totally jealous. However, there are some areas of your life that you can empower this month. We know you love to swim and be happy. You’re an escape addict after all.

If you’re already in a relationship, find some fun and alternative way to spice up the romance. If you’re single, then get ready to mingle. Do you have your eye out on someone? Hmmm? Turn up the flirt a little bit and have some fun.

You also love to stay physically active and this is the month you may want to increase those experiences. Go outside and enjoy nature, walk, do yoga outdoors, stretch, and breathe in the beauty. Just keep social distancing a priority. 

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Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our Zodiac Collection

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