How To Look Good Even On Bad Days


We have all had a day of not looking our best when we walk out the door. Life is busy and hectic and some days the whole process to look good, much less great, is too complicated. Here are a few tips on getting dressed easily and have that effortlessly chic look.

Where To Start? Your Closet!

To have that effortlessly chic look, you need to be organized. Begin by clearing out the clutter and anything that has a permanent stain, a tear, or doesn’t fit. Anything which is out of style or can’t wear anymore, donate it.  Next remove the pieces that are unattractive and unfashionable, like that old over-sized shirt and old sweatpants.

Now your closet should have only stylish clothes you like to wear. Analyze them and decide if they are versatile. The effortless chic look will require being able to mix and match wardrobe items. Anything that doesn’t fit that requirement – toss it.

By now, after all that hard work, you should have plenty of closet space! Time to go shopping! But don’t fill your closet with the same things you just purged. Follow these guidelines toward the effortlessly chic style.

Love The Classic Basics


To have that effortless chic style, you need to love everything in your closet. You should be comfortable and confident in every clothing item you own. That is the first requirement of looking altogether. However, you don’t have to bore either. Buy several timeless pieces like a pair of boots, several tailored blouses, and a good jacket. These are things that will mix and match newer specific pieces and be dressed up or dressed down.

Personalize Those Basic Classics With Accessories

There are certain pieces of jewelry that you wear every day. Some of them may have a special meaning to you which makes this your personal style. Like a sterling silver necklace with a turquoise turtle, a symbol of longevity and protection.  But if a statement necklace isn’t you, then wear something which inspires you.  There is no reason to be concerned about trends. Many of the trends seen at New York Fashion Week aren’t meant for everyday life.

Ease Up Being Effortless

The whole point of having an effortless appearance is to look like you got dressed without effort. This means you don’t worry about heavily starched clothes and if your sleeves aren’t rolled up evenly, let it go. If you appear freshly ironed and stiff, then you are losing the style you’re trying to achieve. Stay simple and you’ll achieve the effortless style.

Layered Is Not Lazy


The next time you’re putting a pair of pants and a shirt on, go layered! Three layers are the general rule of thumb: The basic outfit with jewelry with a belt or scarf and finish off with a handbag and pair of shoes that make a statement. If you’re feeling confident, you can wear more layers like a cardigan or hat.

Get A Little Crazy

If a business suit is an essential part of your wardrobe, you can still mix it up with something fun and funky. And jewelry is one of the best ways to do that! The effortless look means you didn’t put a lot of thought into your outfit. So break the sets and suits up with creativeness like a color of pop that is outside the box with a pair of Tourmaline Hamsa Earrings or a Ombre Emerald Elephant Charm Bracelet.

Have An Effortless Good Hair Day every day!


It’s possible to always have a good hair look, hones. Your entire ensemble can change just by how you wear your hair. Even a simple white t-shirt with a pair of jeans and a Sterling Silver CZ Circle Necklace can be snazzy when your hair is on spot!

Find hairstyles that are your go-to for those days when it just isn’t cooperating. Go with an up-do and leave some stray tendrils hanging. Minimize the hair product and makeup on those days too – why draw attention to the area that isn’t looking its best?

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