How to Keep It Together Through A Powerful Eclipse

If you happen to read enough horoscopes, you’re familiar with how much hype there is around an eclipse. An eclipse has been considered to be either good or bad since ancient times, and this is largely because of how rare a phenomenon it is deemed to be. Some believe an eclipse brings forth a curse; as the earth is “covered” in darkness during these times. On the other hand, some believe it is a blessing from the gods as it signifies a sort of “renewal” or a significant change on earth - something that you may have read in horoscopes is that eclipses are deemed to be life-changing.

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But whatever an eclipse signifies, it is definitely a large enough spectacle to have everyone stop, look, and observe what is taking place far beyond the earth’s surface. Essentially, an eclipse is able to “interfere” or “cut off” our normal activities simply because of its majesty and its ability to pique the curiosity of millions.

It has, in a way, been able to rid the time and space of normality even just for a few minutes, as everyone steps out of their homes to gaze up at the enchanting sky. In a short span of time, it can be said that human beings are one with the universe and space. And because the earth is right in the middle of the sun and the moon, there is an “alignment of forces” or a balance of energies that takes place. Many believe it is a time where we are all challenged to keep everything in order; from our routine tasks to our personal rituals.

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During these once-in-a-blue-moon occurrences, it’s considered a big task to maintain one’s balance and control of all things physical, mental, and spiritual. One is advised to be active and work out as well as being mentally and emotionally prepared for what’s to come. This is because eclipses are believed to bring forth new energies that may largely result to an “imbalance” in the universe and ultimately affect one’s control over several important aspects of life.

In order to maintain balance, you must find a way to control movement at the very core of it. In some cases, this means practicing yoga, running at a steady rhythm, or finding time to meditate and be at peace with the world. This also means you must provide your body with sufficient nutrients by consuming as much the right amount of healthy food and beverages. You can also take supplements to help strengthen your body and ultimately prepare you for the phenomena that are about to happen.

How to Keep It Together Through A Powerful Eclipse

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Once these are accomplished, you must set an intention to maintain your balance by deep meditation and meaningful prayer. To aid you in this process, Karma and Luck have a complete line of mala beads for women whose gemstones can be customized to match the intention of your practice.

Jewelry collection has fashionable pieces that come in various lengths and styles, but you may opt to place these in shrines where they are traditionally kept as a reminder of affirmations. These beads, which are also referred to as Buddhist beads or Buddhist prayer beads, can help you maintain balance and peace, whether an eclipse is taking place or not.

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