'You' Can Heal the Hate


As we all began to finally have some hope and heal from COVID 19, this past week has thrown us into rage and anger over the death of George Floyd and the injustice behind it.

There is no getting away from the news and social media, as it is inundating us with information and fueling the flames with the riots, causing us to feel genuine concern and fear.

The worst feeling of them all is helplessness. Not only for the situation but for each one of us and the constant challenges we are facing. It would seem we are all uniting in grief. 

What so many people don’t realize is that our minds and bodies penetrate all of this anger and hate and can store it. Especially if we are tapped into it every single day and we don’t find a way to release it. 

The good news is that we can change the power of negative energy to positive energy by changing our minds, thereby dispelling negative energy and only seeing, feeling and releasing different levels of positive energy.

Positive energy is much stronger that negative energy because it gives you power and strength, whereby negative energy depletes and leaves you feeling defeated and exhausted.

We are all doing our part in dealing with the current circumstances and now we’re going to take our power back by healing our energy and sending it out into the Universe, so we may heal ourselves and others. A smile, a laugh and love can heal just about anything. That's what we are going to do. 

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In Unity, We Find Strength

Starting each morning with a positive affirmation can help our minds collect positive energy and manifest them in our thoughts. Writing them down and keeping them close can help us keep the balance throughout the day.

For the shift to happen we will recite these affirmations every morning 3 times, with a deep breath in and a deep breath out each time.

Share these daily affirmations with friends and family, so they may create positive vibrational energy for themselves.

Write these positive affirmations and mantras on your social media feeds, so your followers can support you and you can permeate positive energy in their lives too. 

“Everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics.” ~Albert Einstein

Let's get back to living in love and laughter, together.

Healing Affirmations:

  1.  “I choose to feel healthy and positive in my mind, body, and soul today.”
  2.  “I am calm, I am confident, I am divine.”
  3.  “I am healing in my spirit and healing those around me.”
  4. “I know I am strong and will handle anything coming my way with light and love.”
  5.  “I embrace what this day has to offer and I am protected.”
  6.  “Today I will focus on all that is good.”
  7.  “Today I will inspire others and lift their spirits.”
  8.  “I expect miracles to happen today.”
  9.  “I am safe.”
  10.  “Today I will stay in faith and healing energy.’
  11.  “I am an awakened soul and open to miracles.”
  12.  “Not only am I strong and know I will get through this, but I am also strong enough to help others feel strong.”
  13. “I surrender and release my worries and fear to the Universe.”
  14.  “I feel joy today, all day, and spread joy today, all day.”
  15.  “I will show myself unconditional love and others today as well.”
  16.  “Infinite blessings surround me.”
  17.  “I choose to make all of my decisions in love today.”
  18.  “I accept that change is inevitable and it is how I will grow.”
  19.  “The Universe has my back and will help me see things clearly.”
  20.  “I always have enough, I am not in lack.”
  21.  “I give myself permission to rest and replenish my energy.”
  22.  “I choose to forgive myself of judgment and others for not knowing.”
  23.  “Today I will allow myself to dream of a bright future and take steps in that direction.”
  24.  “I am in control of how I feel and I choose to feel positive.
  25.  “Everything is working in my favor.”
  26.  “I have so much to be thankful for and I spread that joy.”
  27.  “I release that which I cannot control and put love toward it, so it may heal.”
  28.  “I haven’t any room for negative energy, but I have plenty of positive energy to spare.”
  29.  “Today I am focused on today and feeling remarkable positive energy surrounding me and those I love.”
  30. “I am enough, I am love.”

    You are one voice that can manifest thousands of voices to speak into positive energy and turn fear into faith..

    Much love from your Karma and Luck family.

    Written by: Nadine Christine Hamdan

    Karma and Luck family.

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    • Pam

      I needed to read this article! Thanks I will recite this for awhile, #22 made me stop and reread a few times but with 🙏🏾 it will get better!!

    • Rita lerner-anes

      What beautiful and powerful affirmations!!!!!

      thank you for sharing……

    • Rita lerner-anes

      What beautiful and powerful affirmations!!!!!

      thank you for sharing……