Have You Ever Wondered What The Laughing Buddha Is About?

Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha is probably the most popular statues in Feng Shui. This application is known as Buddha of Happiness or in Buddhism it is called Matreiya. This jolly, roundish fella is a deity that is considered a symbol of joy, well being and the vision of happiness. The Laughing Buddha is believed to enhance positive aspirations such as career, children, good health, success, and wealth in abundance.

Legend tells us that it was a 10th century Buddhist monk’s life in China that is the basis of the Laughing Buddha. For a monk, he was too eccentric, but his loving manners and cheerful expression gained him a following. Some considered him to be Gautama Buddha reincarnated. He is loved and welcomed anywhere and everywhere, bringing energy of happiness, joy and laughter.

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The Common Feng Shui Use

The Laughing Buddha is most commonly used in Feng Shui to attract good luck and wealth. The symbol is thought to bring positive energy, joyful blessings, and wealth wherever it positioned. This would be why you will see one or more Laughing Buddha’s in Chinese restaurants, stores, and other establishments.

The Laughing Buddha is found on assorted amulets and made from crystal, metal, porcelain, and resin. You’ll find him in bells, figurines, and key chains in a variety of positions.  Depending on what energy you are desiring to achieve through Feng Shui will determine which Laughing Buddha you should choose.

For example, if you are looking for your wealth to grow, a Laughing Buddha surrounded by treasures placed in the Southeast area of your home if appropriate. For vibrant health, a Laughing Buddha in the Eastern part of your home with a Wu Lou is the correct Feng Shui position. A Laughing Buddha surrounded by children is the Feng Shui to be blessed with children when placed in the Western side of your home.

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Place Your Laughing Buddha Anywhere!

A Laughing Buddha can be placed anywhere in your home though, except for your bathroom. The living room is the best Feng Shui position for your Laughing Buddha. It seen every day as you come home and will create a good Feng Shu vibrancy. Placed in this room of your home will rid the home or your office of unfavorable chi energy and attract the unexpected life force that will bring forth bliss and prosperity.

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