Happy Single Awareness Day!

It is said that singles are most likely depressed on Valentine‚Äôs Day, however singles out there realize they needn‚Äôt bother with a significant other to ‚Äúcomplete‚ÄĚ them, their lives are amazing with or without a companion. And so, February 15th has become the official ‚ÄúSingle Awareness Day '' with the aim that this day is to celebrate being single¬†and exclaim loudly in joy that being single is awesome.

On this Singles Awareness Day, take the opportunity to treat yourself and others with love and kindness. Here are some wonderful ways.

Celebrate with the ones you love:

Did you know that in other countries, such as the United States and Canada, Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love in a broad sense by sending a sweet word to those dear to us, including friends?  This tradition reminds us that it is not necessary to have a lover to celebrate love. So, on February 14, if you do not have a darling to spoil, you can also think about your loved ones, your family and your friends and it’s extended until the next day.
Many small touches are possible and always please those who receive them:

  • Send a nice paper or virtual card to your relatives who live far away
  • Make a phone call to take the news to a friend that you do have not seen for a while
  • Give flowers to your mom or your best friend.
  • Invite people who are important to you to share a meal at home or at the restaurant.

Spread the love around you:

Being single means you have a lot of love to share. Turn this day into the second day of kindness! In all probability, there are  single, widowed and divorced people that this date is likely to sadden. So, on February 15, be especially considerate of your elderly neighbor who is a widow and smile at the cashier at the supermarket. As a single person, you are well placed to know it: everyone deserves a little attention and not only those who are in a relationship.

Participate in singles events:

If you are looking for a soul mate these days, it can be a great opportunity to meet singles like you. For a few years, the events (evenings, meals, speed dating, and thematic workshops) are multiplying for the Sans Valentine. Enjoy this new fashion and learn about what’s happening in your city. Get out there and have fun!

Give yourself a gift:

As Valentine‚Äôs Day approaches, the storefronts of florists and chocolatiers depress you?¬†Feeling excluded from the party that you will not receive a card or a gift?¬†Never mind, take advantage of this date to¬†offer something special!¬†No need to wait for the initiative to come from others, since, as the saying goes:¬†‚ÄúOne is never better served than by oneself‚ÄĚ.

Think about what you would really like. It can be:

  • A unique jewelry piece which will brighten your everyday life! However, if you want to fully immerse yourself into a true collection dedicated to love and compassion, look no further than our Love & Loyalty Collection.¬†
  • A simple bouquet of flowers to brighten your home
  • An object you had spotted without daring to buy it because it seemed superfluous

Ladies, if you have the opportunity, put a day off and¬†pamper yourself!¬†Go to the hairdresser or organize (preferably with friends) a day ‚Äúspa‚ÄĚ at home!

Get together with other singles:

If you do not like the idea of going alone to the restaurant and your loneliness weighs on you, take the lead! Find among your acquaintances (friends but also colleagues and neighbors) those who are single and do not want to be alone that night.

Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year and most people are not going to work the next day, it's perfect to organize a drink (dinner if you want) with friends, colleagues and/or neighbors. It’s easy to organize (just bring everyone a little something to eat or drink) but very friendly. The anti-gloom effect is guaranteed!

Other possible variations of this ‚Äúevening between bachelors‚ÄĚ consist of:

  • Cooking together before sharing a good meal
  • Organize party board games and/or cinema by choosing a good comedy or even a fun romance flick to relax the atmosphere and have a great time.

Much love,
Karma & Luck Family


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