Happy Chinese New Year: Embrace The Year Of The Rat

Year Of The Rat

Are You Ready To Embrace The Year Of The Rat?

The world has already stepped bravely into 2020. We have concluded our resolutions, small or big improvements and created a supportive spiritual environment for ourselves.

However, each year, when the general festive euphoria subsides, a new, Oriental one arises.

The date for Chinese New Year varies each year, as it begins with the new moon that appears at the end of January or February.

For the Eastern culture, this festivity is not just a remark on a specific date. It encompasses a long tradition, our ancestors and rich, cultural heritage.

What's more, it is not just a one-day festivity - the Chinese New Year and the complimentary holidays last for more than 20 days!

It all starts with the Little Year, which is an introduction and preparation for the actual Chinese New Year, which saved the date of 25th January this year.

Afterward, the Spring Festival initiates. It is filled with blessings shared among friends, family, and neighbors, while the good luck of the year is estimated.

Lastly, the Lantern Festival is filled with lots of cozy, warming activities, like lighting lanterns and cherishing the moon; also, it is called the Chinese Valentine's day, as its date usually coincides a little with Valentine's Day. 

Year Of The Rat

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The Essence of the Rat

The Rat is the first sign in the Chinese zodiac. Since this year is in its mark, it is represented by all of its traits and characteristics. Firstly, a brief introduction to the Rat.

According to a famous Chinese legend, the Rat arrived first to the Jade Emperor. He stated that whoever comes first will be the first in order of the zodiac.

Thanks to general cleverness, the Rat made the Ox give him a ride, and later on jumped, coming first to the finish line.

This sign is all about new beginnings, abundance, and prosperity. Since they are often found in big groups, couples used their sign as a means for prayer regarding reproductive wishes.

The Rat is connected with the Earth branch. Being very optimistic and full of energy, nothing is a tough task for people born under the sign of a Rat. Generally, their personality is vivid and joyful, however, they can show a downside sometimes.

Further Breakdown

Not all Rats are the same. Taking into consideration the year they were born in, a Rat can be a Metal, Water, Wood or Fire Rat. Each one of the Rats has its perks and capabilities.

For example, the Fire Rat is known for being friendly and courageous, while the Metal Rat is extremely talented and short-tempered.

The 2020 rats are going to be Metal Rats!

Rat is a highly observant sign, thus it can take advantage of numerous situations that can prove to be a hindrance to other signs.

Being extremely flexible and prone to change, Rats can work and give themselves all in when they immerse in a specific task or job that is of high value to them.

Like real rats, Rats are never alone. Wherever you look, you'll see a Rat in an abundant social circle.

These people are not afraid to form new relationships. On the other hand, they may think twice when it comes to deepening a particular relationship. 

Rat Sign

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Living & Feeling the Rat Sign

Like every other sign (no matter which zodiac or tradition we are talking about), Rats have to enhance their positive traits and diminish the downsides to their character.

Since this sign is extremely energetic and passionate, a parallel can be created between it and a Garnet stone.

So, if a Rat wants to improve its already existing qualities, Garnet accessories are the spiritual pathway to follow. Of course, various combinations can be made:

Garnet and Hematite - the ultimate grounding experience, which makes the perfect balance between a down-to-earth attitude and energetic dreamer vibes.

Joyful stones and numerous K&L symbols - Garnet and Hamsa? Citrine and Evil Eye? Tiger's Eye and Chakra? It all sounds like a perfect match for a generous 2020. Balance is the key notion to follow. 

New beginnings do not need to be overwhelming. Spending time with friends and family is a great way to re-energize the soul and body.

Freely embrace 2020, no matter your Chinese zodiac sign, and remember it is always great to have a little personal something by your side, as the ultimate pick-me-up.

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