9 Grandparents Day Ideas: Traditions, Gifts, & Simple Gestures of Love

Grandparents Day Ideas

Given the incredible traditions that we draw meaning from when we design our jewelry and home decor, it’s clear that we believe that culture, heritage, and ancestry contribute multitudes to wellbeing and health.

Studies have even shown that recognizing and maintaining that connection to cultural tradition brings healing from trauma and boosts self-confidence. Celebrating our ancestry matters, and Grandparents Day is a great time to do it.

Our grandparents have been around a bit longer than we have, kind of like our treasured crystals (except Nana isn’t millennia old!)! They have lessons, energy, and experiences to share that can shape how we see the world.

Let’s show grandparents how much we value their role in our lives with these Grandparents Day ideas to foster these timeless relationships.


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9 Grandparents Day Ideas for Lasting Memories

We have gorgeous gifts that grandparents will love in our birthstone collection – like a stack of bracelets containing the stones of their grandchildren – and our ion collection, a great immune-boosting gift.

While unique handmade jewelry pieces will surely please them, grandparents often just want more time and memories with their grandchildren.

Consider one of these ways to build lasting memories with your grandmother and grandfather this Grandparents Day…

grandparents day activities

Start a Tradition

Grandparents often bear the onus to pass along family traditions. It can be a real treat when their progeny makes the effort to put their own stamp on family affairs.

When we talk about traditions, we often think about holiday meals and rites of passage. We can make Grandparents Day activities simple and still emphasize the importance of doing things together regularly.

Consider teaming up with your cousins who live nearby (or out of town) to all come together for a Grandparents Day picnic in the backyard or a local park. Or you could keep it one-on-one and propose a tea ceremony between you and your grandparents that you can carry on each year. 

Take it a notch up by giving your grandparents a weekly or monthly tradition, such as Sunday brunch on the second week of each month. The key is your presence – if you gift a tradition, hold it for them.

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Cook or Bake a Family Recipe Together

The best part of celebration days often comes from delicious treats and decadent desserts. For a tasty Grandparents Day idea, break out the family recipe book. Ask your grandmother or grandfather what their favorite food or dessert was growing up and try to make it for them.

The beauty of cooking or baking is that you can team up together to make an exquisite feast! Even if Grandpa’s contribution is simply licking the whisk after making buttercream, spending time together in the kitchen will surely bring memories.

Just make sure you offer to clean up the mess – it’s Grandparents Day after all!

Surprise Them With a Unique Gift 

Given busy work schedules and long distances that come between us and our grandparents, sending a gift that brings awe and joy to your grandparents can be the best way to celebrate.

Karma and Luck offers unique gifts that will communicate your love for your grandparents. With the variety of crystals we infuse in our designs, your present will emanate healing energy and intention for your grandparents.

To celebrate the roots of the family that has grounded you and helped you grow, a Feng Shui Tree of Life from our collection makes a truly meaningful gift. Opt for designs that cater to different needs in your grandparents’ lives, like courage, protection, and wisdom.

Wall blessings incorporate a variety of symbols that imbue spiritual meaning and strength. By giving your grandparents a wall blessing, they have a bright, decorative reminder everyday of your love for them.  

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Interview Them

Sometimes we don’t spend enough time listening to our grandparents, and Grandparents Day is a fantastic time to change that. When you show interest in your grandparents’ lives and their history – including the ancestors they knew that you never had the chance to meet – you can access a rich family history.

As a Grandparents Day idea, develop a family tree that traces the roots and branches with your grandmother and grandfather.

Then you have a vast amount of information to dive deeper into your family’s history. Maybe by next Grandparents Day, you can present them with a beautiful family story or create a work of art from the tree.

Make a Surprise Visit or Video Call

No matter the distance that lies between us, grandparents relish time spent talking to their grandchildren. Phone calls can be nice, but if your grandparents are more tech-savvy, set up a video call on Grandparents Day. Give them a tour of your new apartment or simply sit together and talk from across the country or world!

To elevate this Grandparents Day idea, make a surprise visit to your grandparents house. You won’t regret the cost of the plane ticket and the time off of work when your grandparents’s excited faces greet you at their door. They’ll want to pamper you for a weekend visit, so in a way, it’s a gift of self-care too.

Grandparents Day Gift Ideas

Mow Their Lawn

Your grandparents may be fit and healthy but mowing the lawn will always be a chore.

Take that off your grandparents’ hands for a weekend and do it for them. They will appreciate the rest, and when you’re finished, don’t be surprised if your grandma has fresh cookies and tea waiting for you!

Plant a Tree Together

Among Grandparents Day ideas, this is an eternal mark for your family that can continue giving for centuries. Whether on family property or in a park (with permission), purchase a sapling or seeds to plant.

With your grandparents, plant the tree and agree to tend it together. As the years go by and the tree grows, it will serve as a reminder of that moment. When your grandparents transition on to another realm, you will have the tree as a natural memorial to them and can show future generations a true representation of the family tree.

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Go Fishing Together 

This time of year rocks for time outdoors, so soak it up with an afternoon of fishing, which can jumpstart a spate of Grandparents Day activities.

Whether you hop in a canoe (well maybe don’t hop – Grandpa might not appreciate a celebratory dunk) or grab some chairs dockside, fishing can be a relaxing, calm time to simply soak in each other’s presence.

While you want to keep your voices quiet so as not to scare the fish, sitting together waiting gives plenty of time to talk and learn more about your grandparents.

Plus, you can pack snacks and beverages to enjoy. If you’re lucky and make a catch, you might even have dinner plans with your grandparents that night!

Look at Family Photos Together

We take so many photos on our phones nowadays, but grandparents often have collections of prints from decades past. Spending an afternoon flipping through old photographs and albums will lead you through memories and teach you about your family.

You could even offer to digitize the photos for your grandparents to make sure they are protected and saved somewhere. As you pass through stories, you’ll show them how much preserving your family’s history means to you. 

Final Thoughts 

Whether biologically or spiritually related, recognizing the elder people who have helped guide and shape our lives and purposes truly matters. Put extra thought and effort into a meaningful gift by trying these Grandparents Day ideas to celebrate family, tradition, and ancestry. Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our Wall Blessing Collection Now!

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