9 Fun Going Green Ideas: Get Inspired to Change the World

Going Green Ideas

When lush vegetation surrounds us and casts green shadows in the summer, it’s hard not to appreciate and treasure the gifts of nature. This can inspire us to implement new ways to be green in our daily lives so that we can give back to the beautiful world that sustains us.

We emphasize the need for a holistic approach to health and wellbeing along three prongs: physical, mental, and spiritual. Going green offers similar advantages on three levels: economic, health, and environmental. 

By taking care of nature, we preserve the environment, save ourselves the money we’d spend trying to fix the planet later, and live more healthful lives breathing clean air and drinking pure water.

This summer is the perfect time to start living more consciously, in eco-friendly ways, and in a way that is in line with the environment.

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9 Going Green Ideas That Will Inspire You

Putting green ideas for living into action doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ll start with some simple ways and gradually challenge ourselves with a few bolder changes towards the end of this article.

Wear a Green String Bracelet

One of the simplest ways to go green involves just being an advocate for the environment. By donating to organizations who are doing incredible work around the world, we help continue important projects that aim to preserve, protect, and regenerate our natural resources.

We’ve launched a special partnership with EcoDrive called “Green for Good” with our new line of Green String bracelets. Every bracelet sold not only helps EcoDrive continue its reforestation efforts in Madagascar but also plants actual roots for an environmental initiative.

What that means is that when someone buys a green string bracelet, EcoDrive works with the Eden Project to plant a mangrove tree in a coastal forest in Madagascar. These special trees have an amazing ability to take in some of the highest levels of carbon dioxide to clean our air. Plus, by wearing a green string bracelet, we tell others how crucial it is to care for this world.

ways to be green

Reuse Things in Unique & Fun Ways

In a world of convenience, we tend to forget to look at old things with fresh eyes. It’s become all too easy to cast off the old and replace it with something new (and often plastic). Instead, we need to think about how the things we use can have two or more uses.

In terms of going green ideas, reusing or “upcycling” old items can feel like we’re getting something completely fresh and new. Search the internet for ideas on how to reuse anything from a tiny hairpin to a big bathtub! If you’re thinking of starting a garden (more on that next), forego new pots and plant markers – reusing unique items will give your new garden a fun flare. 

Shop at Local Farmer’s Markets

A great going green idea that contributes to economic, health, and environmental improvement is to opt for farmer’s market shopping during the harvest season. Farmer’s markets allow us to easily buy fruits and vegetables in weighed quantities that we can use in a week rather than letting food go to waste.

The produce comes fresh from local farms, meaning that we choose a more seasonal diet that improves our nutrition. It boosts the local economy, sustaining local farmers to continue their agricultural work. And it reduces the carbon footprint by cutting down on packaging and shipping.

be green

Start a Mini Homestead in Your Backyard

We don’t mean to go as rustic as the classic Little House on the Prairie, but creating a mini homestead no matter the size of your plot of land can lead to exciting environmental changes.

Anyone in any size apartment or home can set up a compost bin to help reduce food waste. Many cities and communities have begun to implement going green ideas through composting services to make sure that converted food scraps go to good use.

In big cities with small apartments, box gardens for herbs, flowers, and small vegetable plants can provide home-grown food, as well as habitats for bees, which are crucial to our food system. Backyards offer ample room for a garden to expand the produce menu, and in some places, raising animals like chickens might be an option.

Plant Trees

We’ve gradually moved into some going green ideas that take a little more work, and we think the extra effort is more than worth it for Mother Gaia. Planting trees requires a deep and wide hole, and some added attention to ensure saplings grow into mature trees. Then, the trees can continue to give life and abundance for generations to come.

That’s what makes our green bracelets campaign with EcoDrive so impactful (and easy). Buying a gorgeous crystal bracelet of green string is a hands-off way of planting trees, too.


Start an Office or School Recycling Program

To get started, it takes some responsibility to ensure that coworkers or students learn correct recycling techniques, but in time, a recycling program at work or school can be self-sustainable. Many workplaces have an incentive to give back to the community and the environment, so getting management on board could be easier than you think.

Connect with local organizations that specialize in recycling to make the transition into a recycling program easier. Environmental organizations specialize in how to educate and successfully set up these programs.

Find Natural Ways to Remove Pests

We often rely on chemicals to take care of pest problems. However, “pests” are living, breathing beings too. It’s better to deter pests than to harm them with chemical treatments. If we trace it deeper, those chemical sprays enter our breathing air and drinking water, in turn harming usas well. 

To keep mosquitoes away from the backyard, let bats swoop in for the save. Bat boxes give habitat to animals that deserve a bit more respect for how integral they are in our ecosystem.

Among other going green ideas is the chance to learn how to make natural solutions that ward off rodents. We can use essential oils like peppermint to keep ants, spiders, and mice away, so that they’ll stay out of the house while continuing to contribute their important work in nature.

Green Bracelets

Brainstorm Creative Ways to Reduce Waste

One of the top ways to be green nowadays is to reduce plastic waste because studies have found that microplastics have made their mark even on the ocean floor!

Whether as a family or as an office team, consider making critical changes that have a massive impact on waste reduction. Here are a few ideas:

  • Encourage reusable copper bottles (which also make great gifts!) at work and home.
  • Organize office potlucks brought in reusable containers. Tell officemates to keep reusable dishes and utensils at the office to avoid disposable plates and forks.
  • Always request caterers or delivery to skip any plastic utensils or paper napkins.
  • Offer co-workers or friends compost from your bin for their own plants and gardens.

Challenge Yourself to Walk or Bike Instead of Drive

For those within a reasonable commutable distance to work, save on gas and get a bit of exercise by walking or biking. Or try walking or biking when doing errands. You’ll reduce your carbon footprint and kick your health up a big notch all at once.

If the distance exceeds a reasonable walk or bike ride, another going green idea is to use public transportation to reduce the number of cars on the road.

Final Thoughts

Do you know that two summer birthstones come in radiant green varieties? May’s birthstone is Emerald, and August is Peridot. That’s yet another reason to spend long summer days trying out new going green ideas. Take responsible steps in the coming months that help build ecological habits for the whole year. Have fun with it! Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our Green String Bracelets

Green Bracelets

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