Gemini Season & New Moon Magic

Gemini Season

Earthy, lovely, creative, and multi-personality Gemini Season is here. What does that mean? Oddly enough, it is all about socializing and creating magical experiences for every sign. Gemini’s love doing things in two’s.

From May 21st to June 20th, we are going to go outside, crush our obstacles, get social and have a lot of fun.  It just so happens, the New Moon falls on the 22nd. YES! 

Gemini season will bring much-needed relief of stress and it will feel incredible.  The real question here is: How do we socialize during a pandemic? We’ve got the solution.

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What is Gemini All About?

Gemini’s are the consummate Earth sign and love to be in nature and feeling fit. No matter what your astrology sign, you will feel the uplifting energy during the month and will def want to take advantage of every minute.

Get your BFF’s, BF’s and F’s on a united Zoom call, Facetime, Facebook video, Houseparty and get outside together. Hopefully, your data plan will cover this. 

Make a plan on how long the walk will be, get your step APP’s going, start walking and talking. No holds barred. Gemini’s are chatty, use that energy to say what’s on your mind.

Socialize, socialize and socialize some more. While we’re keeping physically distant, our brains won’t know the difference. Staying in touch via video is the be all, end all cure for the quarantine blues.

Get your guilty pleasure’s going with your friends and watch cheesy reality shows together while snacking on your favorite foods and commenting.

Watch a cooking show together in your kitchens, prop up your phones and give it a go with some new delish cuisine. Who cares if it turns out well. Gemini’s do love perfection until something else catches their attention. Be free to be.

For those working from home, you’ll want to keep that time and focus steady. But once you’re done, go have some fun. So the dishes pile up for another day. You’ll get to it. 

If worrying is taking up a lot of your time, get together with your friends and create visions boards, journal, try yoga and support each other creatively. 

Don't forget, this is the month of more fun. How will this Gemini season affect your sign?



Happy Birthday. Use the New Moon on May 22nd to your advantage. Being quarantined is a challenge for our rambunctious Gems, so get outside and take your own advice by hanging out with your friends through conferencing and have fun. Be extra mindful of your diet and try doing intermittent fasting this month and soothing herbal teas.

It is also a good time to create an intention journal. Write down your goals and aspirations. Then see how you can manifest them.


Since you follow Gemini season, you’ll want to focus on the New Moon energy as well and create a ritual to rid yourself of the old and bring in the new. This will open the path to personal growth and professional prosperity for you. Look for solutions.

Get creative this month with your friends on how get more physical on a daily basis. You bore easily, so pick something fun.

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Gemini Season will have you sorta chillin more this month. The New Moon is your friend, my friend and you’ll want to get with your friends to hatch plans and get super creative and a bit more dreamy than usual. You may also have a desire to expand your horizons and create new friendships with like minded people. Check them out on FB and IG.

While you love to hunt and look for challenges (sometimes creating your own), this is not the time for that. Relax. Things are coming to you anyway.


OH Boy, you need this month more than ever. You’re feeling the stress of everything going on right now and being out of control is not your gig. The solution? Let GO! 

Get out on the New Moon and do a silly moon dance with your friends. Your purpose will come to you in this scenario. Communication and relaxation are key this month too. If you feel inspired, get with a friend on a video call and revamp that resume. Between June, July and most of August, opportunities will come your way. Stay open.



Oh dreamy Libra, you will LOVE this month because you’re the hostess with the mostest all the time. On May 22nd get your friends together during the New Moon and host a party. Get those cocktails, tea, snacks or whatever you desire and talk about everything dreamy and lovely. 

When that is over, take the rest of Gemini season to get your professional life in order. New adventures and possibilities are opening up for you, so be ready. The energy will suit this purpose.


Gemini season is the best time to get super clear on your direction. The New Moon energy will help you get clarity where your work and finances are concerned. No more fear dear friend. Clarity is key. Write down what isn’t working for you and throw it away on the New Moon. Then write down what you desire and put it close. For the rest of the month, use the gentle, fun energy of Gemini to get you refocused on your goals. Gather with your friends during this process too. You’re a social creature by nature.

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Hello partner. Whether you’re in a relationship or looking for a relationship, this is the month to manifest. The New Moon is the perfect time to renew your vows if you’re partnered up. If not, then get your friends together, get outside and put it out to the Universe that you are steady and ready for a relationship. Be specific. If you want Dwayne Johnson and aren’t clear, you may end up with Joe schmo. 

It’s also a good month for money manifestation and your business partnerships are important. Keep up the good work, take some time to relax this month and if you’re looking for something deeper and more meaningful, write it down.


Gemini Season will need a bit more patience on your part. Now, don’t fret, it is also a good month for you. On this New Moon, you are going to go outside, stretch, and breathe in what you want, while breathing out what you don’t. It is time for you to recognize your own strengths and make use of them. Also, stay uber focused on your physical well being and workout more.

That is where patience is a virtue for you this month. Since it is socializing energy, get those video calls going with your friends. You may even wish to do this all together during the new moon. Though you do tend to keep things to yourself. Think it through. Spend the rest of the month with your friends and family and move your body.



Gemini Season wants to “let gooo.” Time for you to use the New Moon energy to do nothing but have fun that night. Rally up your friends, get the snacks out, and go outside. You may each want to take a minute to ask the Universe for something special. A new beau, a baby, more time, you name it.

You are heading into a growth month, so anything blocking your progress is something you’ll want to work on. Use the social energy to get some advice from those you respect.


Gemini Season will have you focusing on communication and planting your feet firmly into the earth. Do NOT miss the New Moon on the 22nd. Get your friends on the phone, go outside and get super clear on your intentions. What do you desire more of and what do you want to get rid of.

Money manifestation is a great goal for the month. Make it happen and use the social energy to talk to people, build up important relationships, and manifest new ones too. COMMUNICATION. Use your already implanted charm, wit and zen energy to win them over.



Gemini Season is begging you to communicate more than usual. The New Moon is your opportunity to speak your mind (now be nice) and create what you want out of life. Let’s get social and gather up your supportive friends and go outside. Ask them to make this “all about you” and talk about the things you want to change, your fears, and let them listen and offer some advice.

Then spend the rest of the month working toward achievement. This is a money manifesting month for you. You’ll know what to do.


Hello, money manifester Taurus. Gemini Season’s chillaxed energy is going to help you a lot. Mostly because you have no concept of the word “chill.” If you’ve got money on the mind, this is the time to create exactly what you want. Since you tend to be more private, this may be a wee bit challenging.

On the New Moon get together with your friends and speak clearly about your desire to manifest more money in your life. Say cheers to that and be open to any help. Learn strategies on saving money. The rest of the month will have you focusing on breathing and relaxing. Take some much needed BFF time to relax, laugh and be still.



Life is a balancing act for everyone these days. When we say “socialize” we mean respect social distancing, get on your phones and computers and have a lot of fun during Gemini Season. Never forget that you are a child of the Universe and deserve happiness.


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