Full Moon Rituals: Emotions In Motion & 7 Bad Habits To Break To Spiritual Enlightenment

Full Moon

Gorgeous Full Moon on Sunday, March 28th is in Libra. Don't miss it. Full Moons tend to shine a light on things hiding in the dark, and Libra energy is all about relationships, fairness, compromise, and beauty.

This Full Moon in Libra supported by Saturn (karma, lessons, discipline) needs to focus on all things regarding your most precious relationships and business partnerships. 

It's an excellent opportunity to spend time with your partner, hash out what needs to be completed, and move forward with a clean slate. We will all feel this Libra Full Moon of love too. Enjoy.

From one full moon to the next, you have an opportunity to focus on yourself and your growth. Sometimes you should ask and answer the questions that are causing a block in your ability to move forward. What are those? How do I get rid myself of them? Am I conscious?

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Questions You May Want to Ask Yourself During This Time

  1. Who or what needs to leave your life so you can make room for the new and improved?
  2. What are you resisting?
  3. What can you begin today (i.e., exercising, walking, journaling, new job) that can help you move in a more positive direction and achieve a goal you so desperately desire?

    This full moon will ignite change, growth, opportunity, life-altering decisions, karmic happenings, death, birth, loss of all kinds, surprising rewards, relationship issues, and so much more!

    The signs, Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, and Libra (whether it's just you, family, friends, co-workers, or lovers) may need a little more compassion, support, understanding, and maybe even someone to celebrate with during this time. check in.

    Stay focused and write down your Intentions and your Blessings to keep your energy feeling good.

    Raise Your Good Karma & Luck Full Moon Rituals

    1. A wonderful ritual I like to do during a Full Moon is to create a quiet space, light a white candle and sit in meditation/prayer. This allows me to connect with my Spirit and get centered with my intentions, so I know what actions I need to take in the coming weeks.

    2. Take a hot bath with natural sea salt, baking soda, and fresh lemon to cleanse your Aura and reconnect with the core of who you are.

    3. Another great ritual is to put your crystals outside, overnight, under the Full Moon. If you don't have can't, put them on a window sill that captures the moonlight. This will cleanse and recharge your crystals, so they continue to work at their highest vibrational frequency.

    4. Go outside palms up toward the moon and say a "thank you" to the Universe for all of your blessings.

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      7 Bad Habits to Break for Spiritual Enlightenment

      Here are seven bad habits to break between full moon cycles. Within one month, there is enlightenment to be had.

      • Stop wasting energy on regret for a past mistake you cannot change. 
      • Meditate on the positives in your life.
        • Stop focusing on avoiding what you don't want. Don't focus on going after what you do want. 
        • Use your 3rd eye chakra and focus in silence on what that is
          • Stop expecting perfection of yourself, your loved ones, and your co-workers.
          • When those feelings start to become a focus, take some deep, deep breaths and sit quietly for a few moments.
            • Stop feeling guilty about indulging in free time or other kinds of self-care.
            • Simple. Take a bath. Do a girly night with face masks and wine. Buy yourself some yummy-smelling lotions.
              • Stop keeping yourself busy for the sake of being busy.  
              • Take some time for yourself and read a book. Look at spring fashion magazines with a cup of tea or lay in the sun and soak in nature.
                • Stop rushing through life. Learn to savor it.
                • Don't miss Don't moment of your life. Learn to embrace it a day today: the good and the bad moments. You will find the good outweighs the bad.
                  • Stop saying 'yes' to things you would rather not do.
                  • There is a lot to be said about creating soul-crushing moments when we try to make others happy. Learn to say NO.

                    And one for the road.

                    • Stop making your life more complicated than it needs to be.
                      • Life is complicated enough. What can you do to lighten your load? Take this full moon to sit quietly and figure it out without putting too much pressure on yourself.

                    Be thankful everyday, no matter what the day brings, to keep you in a high vibrational and positive spaceStart Your Journey Here: Shop Our Moon Bracelets & Necklaces

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