Fall Jewelry Trends are Here: Beads, Stones, Multiple Rings and Chunky Necklaces

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With the end of summer fall and winter, fashion trends for are here. The fashion statement for several seasons has been larger-than-life baubles, stones, rose gold mixed with 14k gold, white gold, and yellow gold. We wore rings that layered the fingers and skinny/thin cuffs that lined the armor just one worn high up the arm with sleeveless dresses. We have had multiple earrings adorning the top of our ears all around to the earlobe. And let’s not forget that silver with turquoise insets made a comeback from the 60s and 70s. 

The summer of saw fashion tone down the size of these statements with skinny bands and tiny inset of beads and jewels, but just more of it. So what does fashion hold for us this fall? Well, we aren’t exactly downsizing or minimizing!

The Minimalists and The Maximalist – Everyone Will Have Something

There will be something for the minimalists as well as those who like to take their fashion to the max. The whirlwind that has swept the runway shows with presentations of the soon to be released fashion statements of Fall has lost the details on many of the pieces.

The smallest pieces of jewelry are also the most intriguing in bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Such as plate size earrings, necklaces, and even rings that may or may not have beads and semi-precious jewelry set inside and upon them. The plates will often have the look of a large coin, including dangling earrings, even the fringe looking tassels hanging down from jeweled tops.

Chains are making a comeback as well with our belts, chokers, and necklaces that go from our neck to our belly button and beyond. They are graced with sporadically placed jewels of beads and semi-precious stones. Even the chain necklaces have small stones embedded and/or tassels hanging from them.

The Eyes Will Have Fashion Too – Chains and Necklaces with Stones and Beads Are In!

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The beaded jewelry and the semi-precious stones won’t be just for the ears, head, necks, or waistlines. Fashion statements will be made this summer with eyeglass chains that are worn around the neck too. Rope beaded chains will make wearing glasses a desirable fashion statement.

Whether you need prescription glasses or simply for shading the sun from your eyes, the style will include large chain loops or jeweled ropes. Even the back of your head will have a fashion statement as you’ll want to show off your jeweled eyeglass chain as it hangs over your hair instead of under it.

For The Maximalists – Bigger Has Gotten Better

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For the fashion diva that likes their jewels, bigger is taking off this Fall. Large chunks of jewels in natural shapes or honed into rounds, squares or triangles that are all linked together, creating a long strand that becomes part of the outfit. Or large various metal shapes linked together that have beads or semi-precious stones embedded in and on them.

Some may call it clunky, but fashionistas will call it style. Clunky shapes of different metals all hung on a band that goes around the neck with assorted beads in between them, adding a small bit of average to the bold statements.

For The Minimalists – The Safety Pin

Something as simple as a safety pin will make a minimal fashion statement this fall. Beads and jewels will be slipped on them before they are linked to each other. Or they may be linked together and one medium size stone fastened at the center of a safety pin created a chain. A larger-than-life safety pin will hang from the ears with tassels attached, a simple item that will create a large statement.

The large plain hoop earrings are going to make a comeback as well with one addition. A large bead or jewel centered on a plain gold or silver hoop earring. Or maybe there will be a stud hanging down from the loop with a jewel at the end. These will be perfect for long hair or short hairstyles, making a statement in a simple way.

Fall Fashion Is Going To Ring In

Rings. Lots of them. Multiple rings, on one hand, are making a comeback this fall. And the bigger the better! Having a beaded ring on a finger next to a ring with semi-precious stones will be all the rage. Not only the bigger the ring, but the more of them you have, the more fashionable the statement you’ll make. And with things hanging off of them, dangling down your finger, you’ll have a statement that is loud and clear.

Let The Beads and Jewels Go To Your Head

The simple fashion of plain headbands is yesterday’s news. This fall, we’ll see headbands decorated with beads, semi-precious stones, and more. The bobby-pin will go by the way of flowers and jewels attached so that our heads are as decorated as our fingers and wrists. Decorated crowns will adorn many heads on the runways and the streets this year.

It's Still An 'Anything Goes' Kind Of World

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With all the fashions going up and down the runways and headed to the stores, it will still be an anything-goes kind of season this fall. On big or small pieces of precious metals with semi-precious stones or colorful beads slid over chains and safety pins, the fashion statement is ours to make.

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