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Today, safety is not just a state of mind; it's a habit. We have a "new" normal that we've had to adjust to every day. None of us knew where COVID 19 would take us, how long it will last, and most important question "how do I protect myself and my family?"

A certain sense of security is gone, and feelings of fear, sadness, anger, and especially powerlessness can be overwhelming for so many. Time with friends and family has been interrupted, a certain sense of grief has taken place in our lives because there is a sense of loss. We see it on social media feeds.

But We Are Warriors

Look how resilient we've become, how many ways we've learned to adapt in certain situations. How supportive we are of one another, and respect has a brand new meaning. While we're socially distancing, we are NOT disconnected. We are more connected than ever.

Covid-19 has taught us about self-care and the importance of our health, above everything else in life. We've all gone into high gear to protect ourselves, friends, and family, and sanitizers have become more important than money.

Alternative methods of working out have become essential, gratitude journals have found a new life for so many, television, computers, and our phones bring us closer through experiences and communication. 

While mostly taken for granted, our children's education has had to recalibrate, and alternative options and opportunities presented themselves. The love we see from teachers all around the country and dedication is unprecedented. We honor them in a new light and love.

Parents have become teachers and educators, and homes, as we know it, have become a sanctuary, school, and playground.

Spirituality, prayer, and places of worship have become more critical than ever. Priests, Pastors, Rabbi's, Ministers, men, and women of all faiths have found a way to come into our homes and continue to worship, pray, and have service. Now, more than ever, we are relying on faith to get us through these times.

Mindfulness has a brand new meaning to millions of people. Outside of seeking peace in their faith, people are integrating mindful practices into their daily routines.

Learning to be in the present moment, breathwork, and even chanting has become such an essential and integral part of staying calm during this stressful time and getting grounded in the reality that this is where we are, and have become rock stars.

Instead of, or in addition too, resources from our own spiritual or religious traditions, many people find calm and comfort in integrating mindfulness practices into their routine.

Mindfulness can be as simple as taking a few moments to take a few breaths in and out to focusing on breath work for 5 or 10 minutes, helping us feel grounded in the present moment and lessen worry. It may be challenging initially, but it becomes a staple and go-to in times of need with practice.

Then begged the question that nagged our CEO Vladi Burgman, "why aren't we doing the same for masks? They have become the very foundation of our daily lives, so why aren't they designed to be breathable, provide literal and spiritual protection, bring comfort to the wearer and be aesthetically pleasing?"

Then he did what he always does, he created a solution.

He made the calls, did his research, and brainstormed with our designer to create a line of masks for men and women that would do what they should do, protect us and, he added the spiritual blessings and symbols, Karma and Luck style to every mask we produce. 

Now, masks have so much more meaning. We created sets and bundles of beautiful masks that could be worn every day, and depending on how you are feeling or what enlightenment you may need, we have a face mask for that too. Whatever you are looking for, we've made it easy for you to shop.

Whether you want Individual pieces, sets of 2, trio pack, value packs,  or our awesome "Safety Bundle" of 7 masks, you can feel safe with a mask a day to protect you in every way.

A few examples of our Karma and Luck protection masks:

Essential Protection - Karma and Luck Set of 2 Face Masks

Safety brings first aid to the uninjured. As some things are best prevented, following the general recommendations is a must. But, you won't do it in a basic way with our "Essential Protection - Karma and Luck Set of 2 Face Masks", as this duo is enhanced with the power of the Hamsa, the eternal symbol of Karma and Luck. Stopping harm from reaching you, these masks are delivered in two mighty colors: red and black.

Protective Karma - Karma and Luck Set of 3 Face Masks

The goals at this time are simple: safety and security. With the Evil Eye guarding your back, the Om enlightening your path, and the Hamsa stopping negativity, no force could stop you. As these symbols are printed on our face masks, the impact of "Protective Karma - Karma and Luck Set of 3 Face Masks" becomes even more significant, creating the authentic accessory of today.

Sacred Trio - Karma and Luck Set of 3 Face Masks

Safety, in its broadest sense, concerns the happiness, contentment, and freedom of humankind. To secure the needed protection, joy, and love in today's uncertainty, we have to keep essential things a habit. The "Sacred Trio - Karma and Luck Set of 3 Face Masks" is the way to start such a practice, with the persistent Turtle reminding us to keep up, the Om enriching us with daily mantras, and the Lotus inspiring us to go through the mud.

Infinite Reassurance - Karma and Luck Set of 4 Face Masks

Nothing is of greater importance than the conservation of human life. Since that can only be done by adequate protection, it is essential to use the best material, both physically and spiritually. The "Infinite Reassurance - Karma and Luck set of 4 masks" is here to keep your back safe while protecting your loved ones. The face masks are enriched with the intensively protective Evil Eye and Hamsa, the powerful Turtle, and the inspiring Om.

Safety Bundle - Karma and Luck Set of 7 Face Masks

Precaution is better than cure. Having this in mind, safety is not a choice, but an essential part of your day. The "Safety Bundle - Karma and Luck Set of 7 Face Masks" is the ultimate essence of the new normal, with all the combined symbols into your new daily companion. With the Hamsa, Evil Eye, Om, Turtle, and Lotus by your side, delicate, yet robust protection is guaranteed, ready to be shared with your loved ones.

Embrace the holistic protection provided by our Karma and Luck Face Masks and dive freely in the new world found in front of you. Only with persistence, focus, and habit in protection will you be able to provide health and security to your loved ones and the environment around you.

All Masks Are:

  • Washable, reusable unisex face mask. Comfortable and adjustable metal molding around the nose area for fit.
  • 2 Filters included.
  • Fabric(s): 100% Cotton - Anti Microbial Fabric
  • Care: Machine wash in cold water, mild detergent only and dry flat. We do not recommend bleach.
  • You can include your mask with your regular laundry.

Start Your Journey Here: Find Your Meaningful Mask Here

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