Does Your Jewelry Match Your Makeup? Should It?

Makeup can complete and enhance our looks or it can totally change our look. Dependent upon your intentions, you can go from a daily ‘average’ to dramatic appearance for an important occasion. We choose our makeup based on our skin tone and accents our outfit.

What many do not realize is that when we match our jewelry to our makeup, we stand out even more! Our makeup, our attire, our accessories, even our jewelry will express who we are. This is why it can be so important to find just the right outfit and accessorize it – the complete package represents who we are.

When we are putting together our outfit, including our jewelry and our makeup, there are basic rules to be followed.  Such as our makeup should be close to the color of our clothing and our jewelry should accent accordingly.

For example, if we choose a simple pink dress, we may choose a pink eyeshadow that is just darker or lighter if this is for daytime. This could be accented with gold, silver or white gold jewelry, perhaps even a long or short string of small pearls or another gem.

If we are dressing for a night out, we may go with a dark blue or black outfit and smoky eyes with our makeup. This outfit would be complemented by metal jewelry and larger beads that match our eyeshadow or lip color.

Let It Clash, Make It Match

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Either way, you can go with a perfect match of your attire, makeup, and jewelry. Or choose to let them clash and speak for themselves. The trick to either of these working for you is choosing the jewelry to complement both the clothing and the makeup.

This is accomplished when we know what colors clash and what colors match. Such as keeping earth tones that together like the blues, browns, greens, and reds they will work together and make an outfit complete. But try to pair colors which are opposite of each other on a color wheel, and they could clash – or they could complement each other.

And it is the intentional clash of complementing each other that will complete your outfit. For example, you can play it safe and match your choker and earrings perfectly with your apple red lipstick. Or go with opposite colors on the color wheel and choose green gemstones around on your earrings and necklace and wear the apple red lipstick.

Instead of blending your jewelry with your lipstick, you have gone with a mix of colors that clash and compete. This combination will bring attention to your face and your jewelry in a harmonious way. Or you may want your pieces of jewelry to be the center of attention instead.

Choose a Bohemian necklace of bold and bright gems and metals to complement your makeup’s light and soft look. With subtle colors applied t your eyes and lips and let the earrings and necklace pull the color of your eyes and hair to attention.

Color Alone Isn’t Enough

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But matching or clashing the colors isn’t enough. There is something to be noticed about the design of the jewelry itself. The color, design, and the style of jewelry will lend it to the hero of an ensemble.

The colors and tones of your jewelry are highlighted by your makeup and your outfit. Finding the pieces of jewelry that are just right for your makeup to create an expressive or fun appearance is important. You can add to the style you’re wanting for by playing with a variety of clashing or matching elements and create a major fashion statement.

Handle With Care

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Your looks can be accented or busted by the accessories and makeup you choose. The color, scale and the style of your jewelry pieces should be considered when creating what to wear.

Wearing black, white or a neutral color, any color of accessory and jewelry can make an outfit look coordinated and stylish. But when you’re outfit is all about the color and/or pattern, you don’t want your makeup or your jewelry clash.

If your dress is sparkly and short, go with a higher neckline and forget the necklace, but choose a pair of earrings that match your eye-shadow and lipstick. You don’t want to overload your look, so go with simple jewelry. This is the perfect way to accessorize when you aren’t a choker or necklace type person.

When you want the eyes to see your waist, choose a jeweled belt that pulls in the view. If you have a long neck with a tight chin, then a beaded choker or metal necklace with beads or gems are perfect for the little black dress.

No doubt about it, jewelry is the easiest way to give your outfit sparkle. It can draw attention to your ears, eyes, and neck with shiny metallic pieces or to your hands with a bracelet of beads and glitter.

Does Your Jewelry Match

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