Do You Know What Your Color Is?

We’re all guilty of it, or most of us are anyway. And one look in your closet will tell you if you’re guilty of it. What are we talking about? We have one, two, or maybe three different colors in our closet. Even when we go shopping with the goal of choosing a different color, we still gravitate toward one, two, or three colors.

Why? Usually, because we just look good in those colors. And what makes us look good is our skin tone. Our skin tone is what determines what color looks best on us. Not sure what your skin tone is?

Determine Your Skin Tone

It is obvious that skin comes in various shades, but regardless, there are just 2 undertones and that is what counts. The process is simple in determining your undertone. Start by turning your hand over with your palm up. Looking at the veins in your wrist, what color are they?

Cool Undertone: If your veins are blue or purple, you are a cool tone. The best colors for you are colors of the sea, sky, and water such as black, gray, navy, royal blue, white. And when it comes to metal jewelry or other accessories go with silver.

Warm Undertone: If your veins are green or yellow, you are a warm tone. The best colors for you are earthy colors like browns, burnt orange, cream, dark leafy greens, sunny yellows, and taupe. Go with the colors of autumn and you can’t go wrong. And with your jewelry and accessories, go with the rose gold and yellow gold.

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Cross & Mix The Cool And Warm Colors

When in a daily pattern of getting dressed or in a pinch, the basic colors we just discussed are fine. But never be afraid to experiment with color theory. By playing with the different shades of various colors, you may create a look that has both cool and warm colors.

Using this theory when it comes choosing a color for your signature lipstick and nail polish. This also goes for your accessories and jewelry. Mixing cool and warm colors beads with both gold and silver metal pieces can create a look that is all yours.

The Color Wheel

Have you ever looked at a co-worker’s outfit and wonder how did she know those two colors would work together? Most likely she knows her undertone and understands the color wheel of fashion. The past few years, mixing colors has been a big trend, but you need to have an understanding of how colors work together and off of each other.

For example, take any color on a color wheel and using your finger, trace a line to the color that is directly opposite. One color will be a cool color and the other will be a warm color. These are known as complementary colors and you can mix and match them throughout your wardrobe, including your accessories and jewelry. By choosing the color that is best with your skin tone as the main color and the other color as a secondary, you’ll create a flattering look.

Next, choose another color and then look at the color that is to its right or its left. These are analogous friends of the original color you chose. Using this method allows you to stay within your skin’s undertone range, but gives you an analogous friend to work with as well.


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Other Pointers

Observe how your skin reacts to the sun. Cool undertone people burn easily whereas those with warm undertone simply get darker. And what if you don’t fall into either camp: cool or warm? Then you have a neutral undertone and can wear any color with any accessory or jewelry! Aren’t you lucky?

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