Discover What Angel Number 123 Says About Your Love Life

Angel Number 123 - Love Life

1-2-3 is the first counting you learn as a child, and a visible symbol of growing up. The same goes for its significance as an angel number, being all about moving up and moving forward. Seeing this number is a clear sign that you are on the right path and that your actions are aligned with your purpose. A symbolic pat on the back from your angels, let 123 be an acknowledgement of pride, support, and love on your journey. 

Angel numbers are all around us, but it just takes becoming aware to notice them. They appear in the most normal of places, from the time on the clock to the total on a dinner bill. Although found in mundane places, these messages are far from ordinary. In fact, they are sent from above by your sweet angels and guides as a form of divine communication. 

Each number holds its own unique meaning, and that meaning will vary person to person, and depending on their own unique needs and wishes. If you have been followed by the numerical sequence, 123, rest assured that your angels are always by your side, guiding you on every step of your journey. 

Curious what 123 means for your love life? Read on to find out! Plus, uncover its meaning for twin flame reunions and separations. Luminous Love - Pearl Diamond Heart Charm Necklace

The Numerology of 123

The ancient science of numerology assigns different energies to each digit. Here is the breakdown of 123:

1:  The self.One is all about you as an individual - how you view yourself, how you express yourself, and how you take care of yourself. 
2: Partnership. Two is connected to balance and duality. It is the joining of two people or things. 
3: Growth. Three is the number of expansion, learning, and growth.Divine Growth - Mother of Pearl Tree of Life Pendant Necklace

What Message 123 is Sending About Love & Romance

Angel number 123 is deeply connected with alignment. This number is a great symbol that your hard work and dedication to your spiritual journey has been noticed by your angelic team. They applaud the work you have done, and believe that with this sense of self-awareness and self-worth that you have developed, you are now ready to accept love from others. 

123 could be a sign that new love is on the way. The angels are working overtime to bring a loving partner into your life, but they might need your help. If you continuously see 123, try opening up your heart to new possibilities and new opportunities. Now is the time to put yourself out there! Make it a reality to get out of the house or office more, and make time for social events and activities - you never know who you might meet! 

If you are already in a relationship, 123 could be signaling major growth in this area of your life. The stars are aligned, and so are you and your partner. You are both committed to each other and are helping one another become the best versions of yourself. This is a true partnership, and you are now both ready to take the next step. Maybe it's moving in together, getting engaged, or having a child, whatever it is, something is about to expand. 

Wherever you are in your love life, whether single or happily partnered up, 123 beckons you to always return to self. Be aware of how your actions affect others, and be mindful that your actions have a reaction, especially the actions towards yourself and your loved ones.Pure Love - Heart Petite Gold Ring

Can 123 Be a Signal of a Twin Flame Reunion?

Seeing angel number 123 can be a clear signal of an impending twin flame reunion. Twin flame relationships are passionate, intense, and can oftentimes be quite challenging. They are full of love and lessons. Afterall, your twin flame is your soul’s mirror, reflecting back to you the areas of yourself that need to be healed. 

123 is oftentimes sent by angels as a sign to prepare for this soul-expanding relationship. Maybe you have already met your twin flame but have been separated for some time, or maybe you have not met them yet, whatever it is, know that they will soon be in your life. Continue working on yourself and growing as a person as you patiently await their return. 

Does 123 Symbolize a Twin Flame Separation?

Just as 123 can symbolize a twin flame reunion, it can also imply a twin flame separation. That distinction will depend entirely on your own unique situation and life circumstances. If you are already in a relationship with your twin flame, or who you believe to be your twin flame, then 123 could be telling you that the disconnection phase is coming soon. 

This can be heartbreaking news to hear, as surely you love this person with all of your might. Take heart, though, knowing that this is a normal part of any twin flame relationship, and although difficult now, will prove to be a blessing in the long run. 

Your two souls need time to separate in order to grow as individuals, learning powerful lessons that you can later share with one another. Without this time of separation, you miss out on serious growth that needs to happen in your soul’s journey. Trust in the universe’s higher plan, knowing that when you are reunited your relationship will be all the sweeter thanks to the time apart that you had. Love Generator - Triple Heart Moonstone Pink Opal Pearl Bracelet Stack

Final Thoughts

Angel number 123 is a beautiful omen, promising good things coming your way. Continue walking your path and trusting your intuition, knowing that your angels are always by your side. 123 is a clear sign that your guides are proud of you and the inner work you have done. Your path is meant for great things, so never doubt yourself or your abilities. As for your love life, get ready for some serious blessings of the heart! 

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