Cutting Energy Cords: A Ritual For The Heartbroken

A Ritual For The Heartbroken

Throughout our life, we create several meaningful relationships - from our parents to childhood best friends to lifelong partners. These relationships manifest themselves into energy cords, which clairvoyants sense as a rope of light energy that connects two people. These cords represent a deep and intense connection that allows them to share energy with each other.

Over time, energy cords can become thick and strong, wound with the depth that two people share. Have you ever met someone whose simple presence was able to lift your spirits and bring out the best in you? In all likelihood, that’s your energy cord at work.

But not all energy cords are beneficial to us. What may have once been a connection that has served you for years, bringing you happiness and inspiration, can become exhausting to have when the relationship has ended. That’s the typical run of life for all of us: we meet people and become emotionally and spiritually intimate with them, even when these connections aren’t meant to last forever. What, then, happens to the energy cord that was nurtured and strengthened for so long?

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Understanding Energy Cords

It’s not uncommon for us to hold onto cords that no longer aid us in life, especially after depending on the energy of the person you used to be so closely connected to. But if you continue to have the same experience long after the relationship has ended, then it might be because your energy cords are keeping you two connected.

Allowing these negative energy cords to persist can drain your spiritual energy. The telltale sign for this is when your thoughts about a person you once had an intimate relationship start to turn sour, resentful, or even cruel. Part of positive spirituality is being able to grow from every experience, and negative thoughts and emotions only hold us back.

For past romantic partners, what may be affected the most is your heart chakra, also known as the Anahata. This center for precious energy is meant to be where we experience love and bliss without being harmed by past experiences; having a negative energy cord tied to your heart chakra can hinder you from receiving more opportunities for romantic love.

Because these energy cords have a lot more to do with your inner self and are rooted in something far deeper than what the physical world possesses, more must be done beyond simply deciding to let it go.

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Cutting the Cord

As with all deeply-rooted problems, when we turn to spirituality, the solution is often within our own selves. To begin the quest of cutting the energy cord tied to a past partner, one must start to deeply reflect on the relationship. Ask yourself, how much has this relationship helped you become who you are now? What about this relationship do you remember fondly? Why do you wish to move on from it?

The next step is to evaluate your chakras, especially the one most affected by your past partner. Sit in a quiet room and calm yourself. Once you achieve a sense of peace, begin to think about that person and try to be aware of how it affects your body. Does your heartbeat speed up? Does your throat hurt? Do you frown and experience an ache anywhere? This is how you know where the energy cord is tethered.

Now that you have a better awareness of the energy cord you want to cut, you can now begin to meditate over it. Set up your environment with your favorite yoga mat, a lit candle, and a crystal to guide you along the way. Your first objective is to close your eyes and visualize your energy cord. As you meditate and imagine it sprouting out of your body with an energy of its own, take note of how it looks like.

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What does seeing it make you feel? It may take some time to be able to fully perceive the energy cord, so call on your spirit guides and channel the energy from crystals jewelry.

Once you’ve gained more confidence, you can finally try to cut the energy cord for good. It may take several tries, but don’t let yourself be discouraged because every effort brings you a step closer to what you want to achieve. There are a few ways you can do this depending on which method you’re comfortable with.

You may visualize the cord then recite and repeat a short mantra of your choosing, such as: “I want to let go of this energy cord and begin to heal.” You can also go deeper and imagine yourself reaching out to the cord to sever the tie with your own hands or a pair of scissors.

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Recovering from the Ritual

Cutting an energy cord takes time and patience because the ritual itself can drain you spiritually and physically. When you attempt to cut an energy cord, you may feel exhausted and disoriented, but this shouldn’t make you panic. Because we rely on the influence of energy cords, severing one may make us aware of the loss, but this is ultimately for our own healing moving forward.

Anticipate that you will need to physically take care of yourself after the ritual. It will be a good time to indulge in quiet and peaceful activities that help you relax. Allow yourself to recuperate and recover the energy you lost with fresh fruits, and remember to keep yourself hydrated.

Though you may need to repeat the ritual a few times in order to feel like you’ve completely gotten rid of the energy cord and can finally move on without it, a lightness should follow every time. The less tethered you are by its negative energy, the more you can welcome a healing light around you. Remember that you need to be spiritually and mentally sound to approach this type of ritual. 


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