6 Hot Constellation Jewelry Finds That Will Make You Look Like a Star

Constellation Jewelry

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We each have the opportunity to explore our personal intentions and hone our modern spirituality. The lifestyle we create can be as unique as our natal charts – and honestly, the stars have a strong hand in our personalities, interests, and desires! 

Natal charts take into account our position among the stars at the exact moment we alighted from deep within the womb to join the expansive galaxy. While we may feel like tiny specs in the universe, we can contribute to the spiritual energy beyond the earth when we wear constellation jewelry.

We can wear these unique pieces to represent our individual zodiac signs or to align with the current night sky. 

Why is Astrology Jewelry Hot, Hot, Hot Right Now? 

While scientifically, we know stars burn out after some time, we also know that stars are always being born and will always be a fixture in the sky. Right now, there are some major things putting astrology on the map and heating up these high-style accents! 

Planetary Alignment 

It’s an exciting time in Aquarius right now. Both Saturn and Jupiter have entered Aquarius’ realm. Considering what's happened in the past year on this planet, that’s a big deal! 

The presence of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius indicates a period of community healing. By paying attention to Aquarius, we can foster open communication and focus on working together to heal and strengthen the community. 

After the intense year every person on earth had to experience, that sounds like a much-needed shift we can honor through constellation jewelry to amplify the healing vibes.

astrology jewelry

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Mercury Retrograde

We all know what Mercury retrograde can do – spin things out of control! Between September and October this year, we’ll experience our third cycle of Mercury retrograde, so we better get prepared.

Astronomically speaking, apparent Mercury retrograde motion happens at a certain orbital speed and distance between Mercury, Earth, and the Sun, which, from our vantage point, makes it seem like Mercury reversed course. Astrologically, Mercury retrograde causes our plans to get off track and can throw us into confusion. 

What if connecting to the cosmos with beautiful jewelry can help ward off the effects of Mercury retrograde? It’s possible! 

zodiac constellation necklace

Space Travel

The universe is a hot topic at the moment because, well, civilians just went into outer space for the first time ever! We’re getting closer and closer to new realms and universes.

Whether or not we will actually make it to the stars in this lifetime, to be able to carry a constellation close to the heart might be the next best thing.

Check Out These Hot Constellation Jewelry Finds 

With all the signs telling us to pay attention to the night sky, we can harness these astrological energies with these stunning, interstellar designs.

Red String Zodiac Bracelet

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Red String Birthstone Constellation Bracelet

So often we focus on the exact moment of our birth, but our Zodiac sign helps us realize our birth within a season. Every Zodiac sign traverses two months, and thus two birthstones correspond to a sign’s natal roots.

That’s why these gorgeous Red String Birthstone Constellation Bracelets always feature the two birthstones your zodiac sign corresponds with along with Cubic Zirconia set on gold-plated enamel. 

As you tap into your inherent personality and purpose indicated by the zodiac, this red string bracelet design adds a layer of protection, connecting you to ancient wisdom and enduring faith.

Birthstone Constellation Pendant Necklace 

If we need to radiate even more energy straight into our heart chakra for healing and enlightenment, we can opt for a Birthstone Constellation Pendant Necklace.

Featuring the same pendant design as the red string bracelets, this constellation jewelry shines dual zodiac birthstones from the heart space on an 18-karat gold chain.

Zodiac Constellation Necklace

Sometimes, we forget the connection Zodiac signs have with the stars. Our Zodiac Constellation collection features beautiful models of the constellations as delicate jewelry charms.

When we talk about our zodiac sign, we tend to refer to our sun signs without much thought. But we also have a rising sign, which is calculated by our exact location and time at birth. It makes for an incredibly unique combination of celestial influences on a person.

We can choose to access our sun sign or rising sign with the jewelry we wear, or perhaps we want to access a particular attribute or strength of a different zodiac symbol. For example, a piece like the Royal Power - Leo Constellation Necklace can energize a Leo or can empower other signs to harness their regal inner lions. 

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Zodiac Anklet

Zodiac signs help us pinpoint strengths and weaknesses that can seem so natural to us. When we choose to respect and honor our unique position in the cosmos, we come to understand our true purpose. 

Wearing a zodiac anklet keeps us rooted in our spiritual gifts. For instance, the Sentimental Being - Cancer Zodiac Anklet helps Cancers radiate their feminine strength and offer compassion and love. A Free Spirit - Sagittarius Zodiac Anklet supports those who walk along a path of unbridled individuality and liberated truth.

Hematite Zodiac Bracelet

For constellation jewelry with an extra burst of protective energy, the Hematite Zodiac bracelet collection offers not only the grounding vibrations of Hematite but also combines its centering focus with other powerful crystals. 

Featuring a gold-plated charm with the Zodiac symbol, the bracelet matches the sign with one of its corresponding birthstones. For February births, the Unconventional Wisdom - Aquarius Hematite Amethyst Bracelet gives intense healing and protection for spiritual exploration. The Divine Truth - Virgo Hematite Lapis Lazuli Bracelet carries Virgos to deeper levels of the mind, guarded by the essence of Lapis Lazuli for the third eye chakra. 

Zodiac Symbol Pendant Necklace 

There are myriad ways to secure the power of zodiac jewelry with us throughout the day. For a simpler but no less appealing option, a pendant necklace features the ancient symbolism of the zodiac system that reflects shapes in the interstellar realms.

A necklace like the Jolly Mind - Gemini Medallion Necklace allows us to represent an important part of our spiritual practice and to resonate the Gemini-like qualities of joyous resilience. For Pisces, the Dreamy Character - Pisces Medallion Necklace keeps style simple so that the creative, artistic side of this sign can take the limelight.

Final Thoughts

By wearing constellation jewelry, we allow our souls to traverse new universes in search of our guiding stars. Decked with precious gemstones and healing crystals, these styles keep us rooted and strong in our intentions on earth so that we can seek higher consciousness and understanding on new levels.

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