Connected & Creative Cancer Season: How Does It Affect Your Zodiac Sign?

Well, we've certainly been feeling the chaotic energy of Gemini Season 2021, with Mercury retrograde and two powerful eclipses that rock and rolled all over us. Alas, we survived. But then, we always do. Fear no more, for the stable energy of Cancer season has arrived as of June 20, and we will be feeling all the feels and creative energy.

Emotions in motion is a better way of understanding Cancer Season. Your heart will feel fuller, and you may even feel inspired to thoroughly dive into your heart chakra, slow down a bit and focus on breathing this next month. If you were a surfer, you would say, "hang ten, dude." A great attitude to have right now, which is so appropriate given that Cancer is a water sign.

Being one of the most nurturing and uber-sensitive of all signs, Cancer is LOVE practicing self-care and spreading love and compassion all around. Sometimes even to those who don't deserve it. We'll cover that too when it comes to all 12 signs.

During Cancer season, reconnecting is vital, especially if you have someone in mind that you're missing and may have had a bit of disagreement. Perhaps a heart-to-heart conversation and putting everything out into the open will recreate your relationship and make it even stronger. Are there family members you think about or share some social media that aren't a part of your life? You may wish to reconsider and connect with them during this harmonious season.

In a recent article we wrote on the 12 Easy Ways To Rid Your Home Of Negative Energy: Happy Home Spiritual Summer Cleaning, we had Cancer season in mind. Making your home a sanctuary right now can affect your mood more positively. We'll get back to this one. Let's keep covering all the sensitive yummies Cancer's bring to all of the signs.

Cancers love to crawl into their crab shells, and we all may wish to retreat right now from the stresses of the world and focus more on self-care and a more peaceful evening. Crystals and gemstones are genuinely the best way to rid yourself of negative thoughts and energies. Another is meditation, hot Epsom salt baths, and listening to your favorite music while taking deep breaths and going for a walk.

Bye Bye Mercury Retrograde

Cancer season

Welcome summer solstice, aka the first day of summer and time for new beginnings. We chatted a bit about the emotional aspects of Cancer season. This is the perfect time to soak in the summer sun (safely, of course) and get more connected with our wants, needs, and desires when it comes to love since Mercury Retrograde has ended. There may be a few residual effects, but nothing we humans can't handle.

Being that Cancers are one of the most sentimental of all 12 signs, that energy will not escape any of us, and let's reiterate what we said above.

  • Connect: Friends and family.
  • Chill: Soak in the summer sun.
  • Self-Care: Make yourself a priority
  • Home: Make it cozy, invite friends and family and enjoy.

There are two major lunar events during Cancer Season: a full "Strawberry Moon" in Capricorn on June 24 and New Moon in Cancer on July 9, which could bring about some emotional challenges, since Venus (love and money planet) will be squaring off with rambunctious Uranus at the same time. Don't be spendthrift during this moon phase, and watch your tongue. Otherwise, there is excellent news: It is the perfect time for you to brainstorm new ideas and/or find solutions to problems in your finances. Moon mantras are a must.

The deeply heartfelt Crab is all about bringing people together, cooking comfort foods, listening and nurturing, laughter, and their all-around goofiness is so infectious. All of this will affect your zodiac sign, and we've put it together for you below.

There are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of this Cancer Season; let's see how your sign feels.

Find your sign below and see how Cancer Season 2021 horoscope affects you, and what to expect as we kick off the summer.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)


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While commitment is essential in love this month, that doesn't mean stagnation. Aries are full of ideas on improving family life, and you have a very open-minded attitude when it comes to time-solving problems in love. You are pretty receptive to new information. Your partner can't surprise you; if they throw you a curveball, you will probably seize that opportunity to make some changes that you were planning anyway.

You need conversation, and you like to get your partner's opinion on matters concerning the home from redecorating, moving home, or decisions about family members. It would be best if you talked things through to make sense of everything going on in your head as you have a few concerns, and he needs to lend you his ear. You feel a strong impetus for rearranging life and preempting problems that you think may be on the horizon, and he wants his input. You may feel frustrated if he doesn't feel your urgency or have the same insights as you.

Mars entering Leo and the new moon conjunction with Mercury speed things up in your romantic life, and there is plenty of communication by traditional and modern methods. However, there is also plenty of indecision, and while you are passionate, you are quick to lose interest and so, don't look to comity or chose any one person; keep your options open.

The dating scene is certainly more exciting; it's not a slow month, but because so much is going on and there are so many new prospects, it's pretty hard to get a grip on the 'keeper' in the pack, so remember to maintain a few boundaries and allow the June dust to settle before making any decisions.

The Mercury retrograde period this month is not an excellent time for internet dating or cyber relationships. This period is rife with misunderstandings and even crossed wires about dates. You may struggle to find time to get together, and even when you are together, it may be more tense, or you may argue. Aries are very impulsive and restless in this phase, and you may not keep promises; you could become unreliable, but that's a function of your life that is in flux during this phase. Effective communication is a struggle, and you are pretty awful at explaining yourself, so you cannot be pinned down, and your partner may not get definitive answers. You both need added tolerance and patience in this phase. Don't start an online romantic relationship this month, as you will probably get off on the wrong footing or with misconceptions.

There is a pressing need to prove yourself this month, and as a result, you may begin a new financial arrangement that may involve a partnership or some collaboration. You know how to attach yourself to the right people to ensure rapid progress. Often your talents are an excellent fit in a group that needs what you have to offer.

This is an excellent time to begin a new project which requires a great deal of energy or nerve, an emotional connection to what you do can certainly carry you to quick success. Creative or sporting ventures started now to have a great chance of bringing reward.

There may be sudden changes in your life direction. In some cases, you decide to make a radical move to shift your life compass; in other cases, the impetus comes from the outside as something from left-field hits, and you have to change your perceptions of what is possible suddenly.

This can be a rather exciting and fulfilling month to interact with family members in meaningful ways. Relationships can even be improved by the unusual circumstances you all face.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)


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Hello Taurus. This month's theme is loyalty and security in love, and you are much more sensitive to anything that may indicate a lack of commitment. If you are not married, now is a period when you begin to see this as the way forward, and if you are married, you may be seeking more closeness, and you'll be pushing and even provoking your partner to show you more care and attention. However, while your initiatives can encourage greater intimacy, tenderness, and a wonderful new phase of togetherness in the relationship, you could drive your partner away if you allow your fears to escalate and morph into jealousy and control.

It's an excellent month to improve communication, but you shouldn't communicate emotionally; you need to make your partner aware of your needs and how he isn't meeting them! But don't come over as needy and coercive, be a matter of fact and use humor to subtly push your partner in the direction you need them moving in so that the relationship is more satisfying for you.

This month is also rather a good one to stay single and get your act together, it's perfect for working on your self-esteem, your self-acceptance, and self-worth, and if you can dig into these issues and discover how secure you are, that will put you into an excellent position going into the rest of the year for developing positive and fulfilling relationships.

Self-love is vital right now, so appreciate who you are your achievements and uniqueness, and my achievements; I don't just mean professional achievements; I mean the contribution you make to the happiness and welfare of others. It's time to permit yourself to be happy, and that means spoiling yourself and saying, "I deserve better!" Often, at a metaphysical level, the acknowledgment of your worthiness is a pre-curser to good relationships. Suppose you are entering relationships that are below par just because you feel undeserving of the best or incapable of achieving a healthy relationship, then this period. In that case, it's time to get this negative messaging out of your head. You deserve the best, don't settle for second best.

This is a very tricky month in terms of finances, and you need good advice from people you have trusted in the past. This is an awful time for anything which could fall into the category of a get-rich-quick scheme. It would be best if you made all your financial choices soberly and rationally, get your ego and your emotions totally out of the way. Advice is often helpful as a second person who isn't involved, and this could be a professional or a parent, may have a better grip on whether it's a good idea or not. Even if your instincts are usually good, they can be off the target right now.

This month is perfect for readjusting and putting your plans back onto the table, don't scrap anything or become demoralized; you need a rethink, so be strategic, not defeatist.

Your angry emotions are closer to the surface, and you don't feel calm and relaxed. It's hard for you to settle down and switch off, and you may have more trouble sleeping. It would be best to avoid alcohol and caffeine as both tend to heighten this uneasy feeling, which often morphs into anger.

You need space, and it's probably a good thing to have a cry and a minor meltdown in private to release the build-up of pressure. You may feel like things are getting on top of you, and you need to tell some family members that enough is enough.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)


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Hello Gemini. The first part of the month is challenging for decisions as you and your partner are not on the same page; you aren't even looking at the same facts. If you are in one of those 'chalk and cheese' relationships where you have very different needs and priorities to your partner, this month is much more difficult as the gulf between you in terms of your values is stark, and it's hard to bridge that gap and get agreement. However, if you and your partner generally think alike and tend to have values that align, then you can make very tough decisions together and move forward at pace, making a lot of constructive choices.

As the month wears on, you can move beyond some of these differences or delay the decision. The problem is that trust may have been damaged, and that won't be remedied until this decision is revisited and resolved later on.

Surprises are significant in love, be spontaneous and shake up your routine. Have sex at different times of the day and different places, introduce toys and games, and don't be wooden and predictable. The brain loves to be surprised, so make plans that are totally out of your usual comfort zone and embrace some adventure as a couple.

This month is excellent for sexting and intimate conversation; the way to hook your guy is to use humor, cheeky, and sexually provocative texts that will titillate and excite him. Gemini is the queen of the text, communication is your thing, and you have the whole range of media apps at your fingertips, but you can be a little shy; in fact, often you hide behind your phone, finding communication on the phone, or with the medium of an app to interface with easier than face to face communication. You are especially shy sexually, which is why you can go into your comfort zone with your phone and use the medium of text etc., to explore sexual fantasies or flirt sexually with your new partner. So start initiating sexual conversation on text, which can make your sex life explode and improve your sexual confidence. Your guy will love this approach too. You don't have to be explicit; it's all about the power of suggestion.

The first ten days of the month are very tricky in terms of money, there may be a great deal of pressure coming from business partners, your partner, or even a bank manager, but you cannot be coaxed or strong-armed into something. Even people you trust can be against you, and you have to know your mind and understand the facts so that you can stand your ground as what these other people are recommending may not be suitable for you; they may not even understand what you are doing, and so their advice could be useless.

Financially it's important to know the law or the trends yourself, as no one can ever understand your business as well as you do, that's why at the end of the day, it has to be your decision based on a range of good advice from many sources.

Believe in your ideas and throw your full weight behind them; being half-hearted won't bring results.

Things are not necessarily tranquil at home, and you may have to get away for some peace. You could temporarily move your home office to a coffee shop or your parents' house to get some peace.

Don't invite guests; they may overstay their welcome. May sure you check for leaks as water damage could occur this month; if you live near a river or are at risk of flood damage, be prepared.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)


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Happy birthday season, Cancer! This is a tricky month for relationships and arguments to break out, especially in relation to money.

June will test the validity of your relationship – is the relationship solid, or is it built on foundations of sand. You know how those buildings in San Francisco have a special architectural design to help them withstand earthquakes; well, that is just what Cancer needs regarding your love relationships or marriage this month. Uranus square Saturn usually brings sudden events, which appear sudden, yet they are often a projection of inner restlessness. 

You need to be careful that your partner is not the object of your projection, as often you project that inner restlessness onto your partner or loved ones. You may subtly put pressure on a partner to the point where they start the argument or walk out the door in anger. Cancer often pretends that someone else started the fight. However, you may have subconsciously triggered it because you needed to shake things up or because you had not acknowledged your discontent.

Cancerians are pretty private this month. While you enjoy socializing and meeting new potential partners or continuing the dating process, you are resistant to anything deeper. You prefer to take it slowly in terms of the emotional aspects of the relationship.

You enjoy hanging out with people who are different, and even a little off the wall and a new partnership with a bohemian lifestyle could hold a lot of appeals, although if you are honest with yourself, you know it's just a phase, and it isn't your cup of tea longer term.

This is a month of many spontaneous get-togethers, and these are always the most exciting. Whatever is planned tends to be lackluster, but anything that happens spur of the moment holds a special magic.

You may take risks in love or toy with others, so be careful of opening cans of worms just because you are experimenting or because you are bored and see sparking a romance as a way of creating excitement. Secret love affairs are undoubtedly possible, but they will be brief.

Be careful when spending money on advertising and marketing, as this can prove very disappointing, or the results can be hard to quantify.

All that glitters is not gold, is an apt saying for this month, as while you generate ideas galore, they tend to be low on practicability.

It's essential to eliminate clutter in your social life; it's better to be alone and be true to yourself than to be popular. Often, the people around you create white noise and stop you from understanding your calling and truth. There is both satisfaction and courage in getting into your reality and so do that this month and things will click during the rest of the year.

You must allow emotions through, and it's a good time for a cry or even sharing with a total stranger so that you can vent without holding back. Often a backlog of emotions our aside in recent months need to be acknowledged. Events can be poignant and may trigger long-forgotten memories that can bring both pain and pleasure; this is undoubtedly a time to put a positive spin and new perspective on past experiences, both good and bad.

Leo (July 23 - August 22)


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As Mars enters Leo mid-month, you have a surge of energy and feel somewhat invincible; however, you can be pretty overpowering in relationships. You have to pause to listen because your impatience can make you deaf to your partner's needs or the reality of your relationship.

I think that while you do know the truth, you don't want to admit it to yourself at the moment as you are delaying the inevitable. You are becoming attached to the drama of personal relationships, and you think you are getting what you want, but are you? Leos are especially vulnerable to flattery and to a partner who, while being controlled, is giving you a lot of attention. You must stay in touch with friends and have nights out with people other than your current flame; it's essential not to let the romance become your whole world because you are already investing too much in it.

During the Mercury retrograde period until June 21, Leo is making many new friends, but not everyone is a keeper. During this phase, others can give you signals; however, they can quickly change their minds. You should proceed with great caution when dating as a guy may decide the relationship is platonic after giving you strong signals of romantic attraction. Men you meet are often somewhat confused about romance versus friendship, and they can be pretty fickle. So, if you meet a guy in this period, be cautious and ask yourself if he knows what he wants. You may want to keep him at arm's length, maybe with some non-committal flirting, until you are clear of the retrograde period. He's certainly charming and may even come on strong. However, he's too unpredictable and maybe playing games during this period. During Mercury retrograde in June, love may be linked to rebellion rather than a genuine desire for a meaningful relationship.

Your money house ruler Mercury is retrograde in Gemini most of this month, meaning you should be cautious about new financial ventures, and you need to do extra due diligence as there are bound to be pitfalls. Avoid getting into financial dealings with friends as they may let you down by pulling out last minute and leaving you with a mess to sort out on your own. It's best to avoid investments connected to new technology, innovation, or highly idealistic speculative projects. Anything that presents as a money-making opportunity right now could well be pie in the sky, although it may seem very captivating.

Uranus in your tenth house creates an impetus for a radical change in career and life direction; you are craving greater freedom, scope, and escape from authority. However, Saturn in your 6th house indicates that getting the new skills or special abilities you need to fulfill your ambitions is slow and tedious work, which requires great dedication. A bright future is beckoning. However, the challenging groundwork and the slow honing of new skills need your total focus and more patience.

It's important not to open up your home to friends or family with serious emotional or even substance abuse problems. Don't be tempted to try and solve a problem that is the domain of an impartial professional. Other people's problems can be infectious; they could permeate your life.

A parent may be critical and cold; often this month, parental support is needed but not provided, either because a parent is preoccupied or possibly in total disagreement with you. You need to be your own good parent; you must discover your ability to make important decisions without the reassurance of a parent or mentor figure.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)


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Hello Virgo. The power is with you in relationships, you may not realize it yet, but you can choose the outcome – your actions now have the power to shift the steering wheel and alter the direction. So, if things get heated, you can cool it down, or if you find yourself getting angry, then you can address it, so watch your actions and make sure they positively affect the course and bring you to an agreeable result.

Due to Mercury retrograde this period, you have many conflicting ideas about your future, and you cannot commit or make decisions. This is not a good time to discuss marriage or get engaged as you will be in two minds, which could mean the relationship gets into shaky territory.

While ongoing relationships suddenly seem to hit stormier waters, promising new love relationships can begin. New connections and relationship changes are very much connected to the shifts that are going on within and affect fundamental attitudes and longings.

If your new partner is not feeling as energetic as you, you may need to spend time apart this month. Virgo are restless and needs to burn off excess energy. You are finding it hard to sit still and relax, and you need to be busy or entertained constantly. If your partner is also a mutable sign, this could be an exciting month where you try new things, travel, and socialize together. You are in a jocular mood and ready for friendly debate – be sure that others do not take you too seriously and take offense. You can be quick to talk and might be prone to talking out of turn or gossiping – do be careful that what you say does not come back to hurt you or someone you love. This is a month to be very clear in all communications, say what you have to say to someone's face, rather than letting it go around the houses getting distorted. Someone may twist your words to cause trouble within your love life. Be very wary of what you say to extended family members; in fact, it is better to keep anything you have to say about your private or romantic life to yourself.

Mercury retrograde period causes delays in negotiations over contracts, bank transfers, checks clearing, and payments. Debtors may be slower to pay up. Be cautious about who you extend credit to. Make sure you monitor cash flow carefully and allow for unexpected expenses.

This July is a time to exchange ideas and seek opposing ideas; you cannot work in isolation. You need to immerse yourself in debate for a period and then withdraw in order to make sense of it all. While the first part of the month is all about curiosity, discovery, and communicating with all and sundry, the second part of the month is about regaining focus, nailing yourself down to some tasks, and cracking on with them. This a more serious time when you have to put in the grind and concentrate. It is an excellent period for detail work and also for being highly critical – you can work long hours, often alone, and achieve a great deal.

Mercury retrograde is in the tenth house, and so this is a period when there are changes and indecision in your career. This is not a good time for you to make a significant career move. It's a time when you should amass information, investigate, keep your nose to the ground and be flexible and alert to potential opportunities or problems which you need to circumvent.

Self-doubt is often a factor right now, but it drives you to work harder and think more about scenarios in your head to prepare. This fear factor helps you avoid obstacles rather than allow complacency to set in and then bump your head. There is a sparkle in your eye, and others appreciate your quirks and eccentricities more than usual. Your ability to adapt and quickly recognize the change in the wind or the tide of opinion yields opportunity. You are undeterred by the unfamiliar and will reject anything stereotyped. Being flexible and looking to work with teams, groups and individuals is key to success.

Libra (September 23 - October 22)


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Libra is quite touchy in love, and the fear of sexual rejection can make you play a game in the bedroom, concealing your actual needs and feelings and saying what you think the other person wants to hear; this can be counterproductive in new relationships, and it can set up a pattern of you doing the pleasing and a partner getting all the pleasure. Sex needs give and take, which means Libra must be assertive in pushing for what turns you on.

In June, if you feel insecure about yourself, you will experience envy and be more inclined to spend conspicuously and seek attention in negative ways. You may overspend or eat and drink to excess to fulfill an inner emptiness. Perhaps you will come across as boastful or proud to deflect attention from the fact that you lack confidence. This month you are putting up a front and maybe going overboard. If you can recognize why you are overcompensating, you are well on the way to understanding your relationships better.  

You must learn to love yourself and live for yourself according to your unique values and destiny—Shun comparisons to others and revel in being your special person with your divine path in life. Fulfillment comes from within and not from material things or even from being loved. So don't resort to the deadly sins; you don't have to – be you and be proud of being you. 

Libra and new partners may experience their first tensions regarding discovering things about each other that could be potential flashpoints or even deal breakers – but you may soon find the differences are not as significant as it first seemed and can find common ground. You need your freedom this month; you may grab the keys and storm off enigmatically after an argument to clear your head. Things are not that serious; you just need to let off steam and clear their air – your partner is best advised to let you go off and cool off and not try and reason too hard with you. 

A lack of objectivity and a tendency to be emotionally involved to too great a degree can impair your financial judgment, and you must try and be more detached and listen to advice this month.

Mercury is in your ninth house, and so this is a period when you can have a mini-crisis in terms of your confidence in your direction. You can be quite unpredictable; you are restless and may even appear to be having a mini midlife crisis. You are attracted to instant gratification and may act recklessly. You can be overconfident and may bite off more than you can chew. Others close to you should take anything you say with a pinch of salt as you tend to exaggerate or embellish. You don't always have a good grip of reality, although you can have sudden insights which are pretty inspirational.  

This isn't a good time to arrange trips, travel overseas, or make long-term decisions as things will crop up to disrupt your plans.

You know that expression NIMBY, not in my backyard? Well, this month, it is in your backyard, and you have to deal with something that always seemed out there before, but which is now on your doorstep, so you must put your money where your mouth is.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)


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Boundaries are a theme this month. Have you got too many boundaries? As a Scorpio, you probably have! You have to relearn the value of partnership and sharing this month. Have you drifted away from your partner, do you resist compromise, do you prefer independence over cooperation, are you actually in a relationship anymore, or are you merely cohabiting? The value of freedom and self-determination in relationships cannot be denied, but can you have too much of a good thing? You need to move away from your naturally defensive and self-sufficient Scorpio attitude, and you need to re-embrace sharing practically and emotionally. Start sharing your hopes and aspirations, talk about your fears or the nightmares you have, be open to showing vulnerability.

Mercury retrograde in Gemini this month poses difficulties for the household finances. If you are married or share a bank account, there can be disagreements or discord about how and where money is spent. The retrograde period indicates that debt, taxes, and issues about money are top of the agenda, and often recent decisions have to be scrutinized or reassessed. It's also possible that you and your partner will blame each other for the outcome of current financial choices as there is a tendency to pass the buck until the dust settles and a plan is put in place.

Mercury retrograde in your eighth house is more than just money, it boils down to values, and often flashpoints about money reveal deeper discord between you and a new partner. This period thus requires tolerance and compromise, and some new relationships can fall at this hurdle as it becomes clear that you will never see eye to eye on important issues. It's vital for you both to be alert to what's going on at a deeper level and ask yourselves if you like what you are seeing.

The eighth house is connected to sharing, and during this phase, Scorpio may demonstrate how willing you are to share your home, possessions, or feelings with your new beau. You can be quite secretive or even anal during this phase, but you may give a new partner an insight into the darker aspects of your personality, if only briefly.

Your stubbornness can work against you this month. Time to stop flogging a dead horse, let go and move on. You need to be ruthless in cutting out activities or lines of business that are longer contributing to your financial or personal wellbeing.

The temptation is to throw good money after bad, so be strong and suffer a defeat or a disappointment now in order to free up both money and energy for a more promising project or direction.

Many of the changes that happen now happen quite spontaneously, and you can jump at the opportunity. This is a period where you need to spot the wave or the bandwagon and hop on board. Much of what happens right now can work towards your ends even if at first it does not seem so, and so instead of being downhearted when odd circumstances thwart you, see it as a chance to reassess and perhaps spot a better way forward.

Habits are like a hot bath, easy to get into, hard to get out of; this month, recognize the bad habits that have been creeping up on you. Go and look in your fridge and cupboards; there are clues there. There are also clues in your trashcan. You may be unaware of how badly you've been eating or drinking the past few months; now, it's time for a detox.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)


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Hello Sagittarius: This month with the eclipse in your seventh house, the focus falls on relationships and things come to a head with the possibility of resolution and the ability to move forward and open a new chapter.

Mercury is retrograde in your 7th house and it is not ideal for engagements, marriage or pre nups. Marriage, and important contracts or financial transactions within marriage should be avoided or extra preparation or caution is required. If you proceed with any of the aforementioned, you may find that there were fundamental misunderstandings that mean you and your partner end up with not quite what you wanted.

This period can be one of intense debate in marriage, and quite a bit of argument about decisions and directions. In new relationships, this may seem like a crisis, as it's hard to reach agreement and you may feel you have no common ground with your partner, however it's a result of the Mercury retrograde period which encourages deeper thinking; and analysis and some indecision or toying with ideas is normal. Use this period to pause and re-engage about recent decisions you both have made as well as events, and ask yourself, do I want this, should we change gear now, do we understand this properly, are we truly in agreement or are we just going with the flow?

In new relationships you should avoid showing vulnerability and speaking about previous relationships. New relationships should not be approached from a standpoint of neediness or over-eagerness – play it cool and do not limit your options. Single Sagittarius have the tendency to pin their hopes on someone too quickly, instead of staying available and playing the field a bit. Buried hurts and angers may resurface in relationships – use this as an opportunity to get to the bottom of the problem and draw a line under it. Your ego and pride can actually be the biggest obstacle to getting closer in relationships – try to set ego and pride issues aside when you have deep conversations; otherwise, it can take more time to resolve things. Be sure not to project issues from precious relationships onto the current one – do not assume that since an ex did XYZ, your current partner is likely to do the same; you are, in fact, tarring all relationships with the negativity of one of your past experiences. In some cases, pride and a certain arrogance can be an overcompensation for feelings of self- doubt and lack of self-worth – think more about how your confidence or lack of it can be impacting on your relationships.

Do not cut corners. A few late nights this month mulling over details and paperwork submissions – this may be rather frustrating, but it is very necessary. Don’t be shy to get a proof-reader, lawyer or an accountant to check over relevant details, do not assume anything, make sure. If you engage in international trade, insure your cargo and tie up international suppliers in contracts. At no time this month allow beliefs either religious or spiritual to interfere with business judgement.

You may have recently moved home or be moving home this month – it may not be a clean break, and issues to do with the previous property be it those you rented from or with, or maintenance issues will continue to demand your attention.

Good opportunities and good news can come via friends. You may hear from someone you have not heard from in many years. Do not neglect correspondence this month – use June to communicate with clients, customers, friends and family members: touch base with people and let them know how you are and that you care. It is very important to nurture and renew all acquaintances periodically be they business, pleasure or family.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)


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With Mars and Venus in your seventh house this month, opposing Pluto in your first house, feelings can run high, and hidden tensions come to the surface. Any animosity lingering becomes more essential to deal with, and there can be issues with jealousy and control. Still, you have to navigate carefully as it's important to be diplomatic and not weigh in like a bull in a china shop.

The tension in your marriage can be used creatively because the energies are both constructive and vibrant. Yes, there can be arguments and some aggie, but the making up is also going to be a lot of fun, so realize that you have quite a build-up of passion, get stuck in and solve your problems, and that can bring you both closer again.

The issue of intimacy is key to new relationships. With Capricorn, intimacy is not always easy to discuss, especially in a fledgling relationship, as sex is often taboo, especially with Capricorn because you have this kind of stiff upper lip, a rather proper manner about you. Still, intimacy has to be seen as something more than just physical intimacy.

Intimacy is also about trusting each other, supporting each other, and sharing your partner's feelings. Intimacy is knowing how to show empathy and be able to express secret yearnings and even fears. Improving intimacy on this basis is something that binds you firmly together.

One of the keys to unlocking intimacy is to show vulnerability, which is always a struggle for Capricorn because you show a brave face. You like to be practical and get on with things, but the more you begin to feel that you can show vulnerability in a relationship, the better the sexual side will develop and the quicker.

The lucky planet Venus is sextile to the ruler of your money house, Uranus, which brings you good fortune in terms of investment decisions and prosperity this month.

Luck with money is mainly related to partnership, so if your business involves working in a partnership, or if you are currently working very closely in a team on a project, then you can see promising results this month.

The eclipse in your six houses brings to light-duty and responsibility to other people, and it's essential to pay close attention to details and accept feedback and criticism. Capricorn always takes pride in her work, and this month, your approach to your general routines, duties, and obligations is very thorough.

If you have been neglecting your health, this is a time to control your diet; however, you shouldn't make any radical changes, but you should begin incorporating more exercise and having more healthy meals. Think more about balance and general wellbeing rather than going crazy in one area, i.e., extreme exercise or detox.

The ruler of your home sphere, Mars, is in Cancer and its opposite Pluto in Capricorn, so this is an excellent time for significant changes in your home. If you want to change a room totally to give it a different feel, if you're going to start renovations, this is a good time to do it. This month is also an excellent time to clear out your attic, clear out your garage, and make way for new things in your life.

This is also a period when you need space from certain toxic members of your family, and you shouldn't feel guilty about this; you should be confident in removing yourself from their company for the next few months. However, be resolute; if you decide to have a break from certain people, make sure you stick to it and let them know you've had enough.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)


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Forgiveness is essential in relationships this month, so no silent treatment and no withholding sex. The key is not to try and punish your partner when you feel they have done something wrong or haven't been insensitive or inconsiderate.

Punishment is a form of control, and it's quite a common reaction to uncertainty in relationships, and the big problem with relationships for Aquarius right now is that they are very uncertain, so there can be this temptation to use punishment.

Instead of punishing, seek to understand your partner; this may sound counterintuitive. However, when we show our partners that we still love them and want to know why they did what they did, we're taking a step towards improving intimacy and strengthening the relationship.

So this month, learn to have faith and trust in your relationship even when it doesn't seem possible, even when everything in you wants to run, react or punish.

Often in relationships and life, we feel things are happening to us rather than control the situation. When we try and punish, it's reinforcing the feeling that everything is happening to us and we have no control, and when you stop punishing, you are in effect taking back control.

The Mercury retrograde from June 10 to the end of the month affects your 5th house, and the sphere of romance is highlighted.

You're very likely to meet someone new during this phase as you are very curious in love and eager to get into the dating game. This period favors online and cyber romance or even a dating agency. You are pretty critical, and you want to know a lot about a new love interest which is why extensive communication across the internet provides a solid foundation for love. You are undecided in love, which is why long-distance relationships that develop now work well as there is that distance, that perspective from which you can assess the potential of the relationship without getting too close and intimate too quickly.

Financially, you should keep to a tight budget this month as frugal will pay benefits, and you will realize that you can get by quite effectively without additional spending. Often going without means, you learn that a particular activity/service was not worth what you were paying anyway.

Minor changes that happen right now could portend towards more significant changes that will occur throughout this year, and so if you get a feeling about changes afoot, do not ignore that feeling. This is a year of flux regarding your career and your work situation, and you need to be alert to changes that can affect your conditions, ability to get ahead, or your authority. In some situations, changes in the management structure that start now can affect your ability to be as effective as you want to be or may undermine you, and so watch out for these changes and look to circumvent them or alter your course appropriately.

This month you are eager to get things done, and this can mean you lock horns with others in feisty confrontations. You are not looking to argue, but you will be drawn into debates that become pretty heated in your efforts to make progress. You are strong-willed and highly motivated and will react with impatience when others stand in your way, especially when you feel their concerns are irrelevant. 

You have this powerful sense that you have right on your side, and that is why you will not back down but will push for your way – which you see as the best way. There can be arguments within your family; many of these may be motivated by pettiness, and there will always seem to be one person who drags their feet or does not want to play ball.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)


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Hello Pisces. Even during a rough patch in relationships, there's always light at the end of the tunnel if you have plans for the future that excite and unite you. So no matter what the short-term problems, never stop planning for the future and be ambitious as a couple.

Commitment to future goals is a stabilizing force that instills confidence in the relationship and makes you both more secure. That security can ease a multitude of day-to-day problems. However, if one of you feels that the other is no longer committed to the longer-term goals you are supposed to share, this is a potentially major problem brewing. So perhaps those plans need a rethink, or you need to uncover why one of you has lost commitment to these goals.

Important decisions may have to be made about family, and these shouldn't be rushed as facts are slow to come to light, and you should not jump the gun. In some cases, erratic behavior from other family members may disrupt your lives or seed a few problems in your marriage.

With Mercury retrograde until the 21st, this is not a good time to move in with a new guy or buy property together.

Like the February retrograde period, this Mercury retrograde happens in an 'emotional' and deep house. This once again gives you cause to think deeply, to mull over, and indeed to brood. You can be pretty obsessed with the past. A degree of self-pity and inevitability is connected to this transit as well as the other retrogrades. You may not be very positive or forward-looking during this phase as it encourages nostalgic or even mawkish behavior. You are inclined to be fatalistic in love, but that may mean you end up being long-suffering and not demanding enough.

You may well have a mini reset where you suddenly have realizations that cast new light on recent issues, especially romantic matters.

It's important not to make any drastic moves this month. Don't make important decisions when you are emotional. Avoid friends who are having financial problems and who may be discussing options that seem enticing or which may even be get-rich-quick schemes or pyramid schemes.

This month being perfect is not as important as having a forward-looking and courageous approach. It would be best to think about the meaning and purpose of what you are trying to achieve rather than obsessing with the details. It would be best to inspire others to do their best and fulfill their obligations, rather than enforcing and cajoling with criticism. It's all about cultivating team spirit and encouraging your colleagues, staff, or associates. However, the temptation is to nit-pick because there are frustrations, and it's easy to let these irritate you. You can achieve goals faster professionally if you take one for the team and work for the principal, not the personal recognition.

This month's career moves driven by false pride or the need for recognition and acceptance tend to fail, while when you put the bigger picture at the forefront and work towards what's of value to you and others, you quickly succeed.

With the eclipse in Gemini, you need to be in control, and responsibilities weigh heavily. You do not want to let anyone down; however, Mercury retrograde is not always possible as you cannot properly assess the facts and information.

You are inclined to micromanage, and you are reluctant to trust people around you to get it right or be responsible. You have to know when and where to let go and where and when you need to get involved and take the lead. You must relax and allow events to flow without prejudging the outcome, as you may be pleasantly surprised. The key is not to make assumptions that are rooted in anxiety. If you understand your stress and its roots, then it's easier to see where you need to micromanage and where it's ok to be laissez-faire.

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