8 Ways to Celebrate Independence All Year Long (Because It’s That Important)

Celebrate Independence

On 4th of July, we celebrate the most important day in American history – the day of American independence. This federal declaration was a turning point in modern day history, and it’s what makes America what it is.

But this holiday is so much more than a one-day celebration with cookouts, fireworks, and wearing red, white, and blue. It is an important reminder of the liberty, justice, and freedoms we have today. 

Independence is something that should be every day. Why not celebrate independence all year long? That’s what this article is all about.

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8 Ways to Celebrate Independence All Year Long

Being a U.S. citizen grants equal democratic rights and liberty to all people with American citizenship. Being such an important part of our reality, independence shouldn’t be celebrated only once a year, but acknowledged and honored all year round. Here’s how…

Learn About the Constitution

Too many Americans don’t even know what their Constitution says. Knowing the Constitution ensures you can spot when your rights are being infringed on so that we can continue to celebrate independence.

Knowing your fundamental rights ensures that you know when and how to stand up for yourself, find support and protection in the legal system for your personal freedom and safety, and understand the freedoms of others.

Learning about the Constitution and principles of the American governmental system will help you gain a better understanding of not only the freedoms, but also the legal limits that make the USA a safer and more inclusive place. 

Be a Critical Thinker

To truly celebrate independence doesn’t mean doing what you’re told. It’s a freedom that allows us to think for ourselves and challenge when things don’t make sense. Questioning how the world functions, exploring a hypothesis, and showing curiosity for the status quo is a way to discover how you can improve your reality and make positive contributions to society.

Freedom of speech and thought is your right, and it’s the key ingredient for living authentically as a free citizen. 

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Teach Your Kids About Our Independence

Awareness about independence starts from the early years. Include kids in community activities and help them interact with others in a democratic way. Talk to them about what independence is, praise behaviors that reflect positive values, and allow them to think for themselves.

Introduce them to American identity by taking them on short excursions to important American history sites, and show them how independent citizens act by being an example.  

Go to Community Events 

Along with our independence, it’s the communities we form that make America what it is. Get out and be a part of your community to celebrate independence. Go to parades, carnivals, town meetings, school board meetings, and participate together in local events to feel a sense of belonging. That’s what makes this country what it is – independent, culturally diverse, and community-oriented. 

Be it a local volunteer group, a sports activity, a contest, or a public speech, showing up is a chance to connect and pay homage to the country and liberty that we have today.


Never Pass Up the Opportunity to Vote

The right to vote is one of the fundamental rights constituted by the national government, and it’s one of the key rights of being a free citizen. Your vote matters, and so do your beliefs and values. Voting is a chance to stand up for what you believe in and make a contribution to creating a better American society for yourself and those your care about. 

To celebrate independence is to stand up for the freedom to choose as independent citizens, reframe policies and rights as needed so that they become even better than they are today, all while upholding the Constitution in the process.

Join a Cause You Believe In

Being able to impact our country and bring about change is part of being independent. You have the power to make a change in the community you live in. Take a stance and do what you can to elevate the quality of life in your area or nation-wide.

Joining a cause you are passionate about not only gives you a chance to make a difference; it allows you to feel included as an active member of your local community in a way that aligns with your values and worldviews.

Donate your time to what truly matters to you. After all, there is no greater freedom than doing what you believe is right and honorable.

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Display the Flag Proudly 

The American flag represents our history and identity. It is associated with freedom and justice, which is why we are proud of it and should honorably display it to celebrate independence everyday.

Our national flag tells a long history of what America stands for and our triumphs. It embraces all states equally as one nation. Wear a flag t-shirt or patriotic jewelry, display it in your home or office or add a simple sticker to your gadgets that remind you of the pride and honor that comes with being an American citizen.

If we protect our independence, our flag will always stand for liberty and remind you of all the freedoms and rights you have as a proud USA native.

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Express Gratitude for All the Things You Get to Do as an American

Things like having your own business or living wherever you want are some of the simple, yet immensely important, freedoms that come with being an American. 

You have the freedom to create the environment you feel comfortable living in, form a family that aligns with who you are, wear whatever you want, and choose your orientation in social, religious, and political matters as a free individual.

You can be your true self, share your voice, and live your life freely and authentically, and that is something to cherish and be thankful for. Many other countries don’t offer the same freedoms.

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Final Thoughts

Independence is a basic human right and it’s a result of a long history and social development in our country. Such an important thing as freedom should be celebrated and honored all year. The Fourth of July is simply a reminder of not only liberation on a national level, but liberation of every individual living in the USA.

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