Captivated by Pearls - 15 Jewelry Pieces featuring this June Birthstone

June Birthstone

Although diamonds are known as a girl’s best friend, we beg to differ. Pearl’s with their elegant shine, classy aesthetic, and wealth of benefits may just take center stage. One of the best things about these stones is that they do not have any negative effects on the person who wears them; which is quite unusual in the gemstone world.

Created in the ocean and connected with the moon, the character of pearls can be described as highly nurturing, compassionate, and affectionate. The pearl is a gorgeous gemstone that may be worn and adored by anyone who wants to experience the wonderful healing effects it has to offer.
Interested in learning more about the science and history behind pearls? Read on to discover all there is to know about this beautiful June birthstone, as well as our top 15 pearl picks from Karma & Luck.

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The Origin of Pearls

The pearl has a fascinating origin story that begins deep in the sea. A living shelled mollusk, such as fossil conulariids, that has soft tissue (particularly the mantle) can produce a pearl, which is a brittle, iridescent item. Pearls are produced within the mantle. A pearl, like the shell of a snail, is made up of calcium carbonate in the form of minute crystalline deposits that have accumulated in concentric layers.

The calcium carbonate in a pearl is either mostly aragonite or a mixture of aragonite and calcite. The round and flawless pearl is the standard, but pearls can also come in a variety of unusual shapes, which are collectively referred to as baroque pearls.

Natural pearls of the highest grade have been considered to be among the most valuable jewels and most beautiful artifacts for many ages. As a result of this, the pearl has evolved into a metaphor for something that is uncommon, exquisite, exemplary, and priceless.

Pearls that form naturally in the wild are among the most precious, but they are quite difficult to find. Pearls that are formed in their natural environment are known as natural pearls. Pearls obtained from pearl oysters and freshwater mussels are the source of the vast majority of cultured or farmed pearls now on the market.

Pearl CollectionsAs an alternative to real pearls, imitation pearls are frequently used in costume jewelry. Pearls are typically gathered and cultivated for the purpose of using them in jewelry, but, in the past, they were also used to decorate other articles of clothing. They have also been ground up and incorporated into various formulas of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and paint.

Pearls of gem quality are virtually always nacreous and iridescent, just like the interior of the shell that generates them, regardless of whether they were cultured or harvested from the wild. They are formally known as "calcareous concretions," and practically any species of mollusk with a shell is capable of creating them.

These pearls, however, have a duller luster and a less spherical shape. Even though gemological labs and the rules of the United States Federal Trade Commission both allow for these to be properly referred to as "pearls", and even though they are made in the same manner, the vast majority of them have no value other than as curiosities.Ultimate Divination - Pearl Multi Stone Evil Eye Bracelet

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The Many Different Types of Pearls and Their Properties

Pearls get their signature sheen from the way light interacts with their translucent layers, which can be seen as a combination of reflection, refraction, and diffraction. The brilliance of the pearl is said to improve both with decreasing thickness and increasing the number of layers. The overlapping of successive layers in pearls is what gives them their iridescence because it scatters light that is incident on their surface. 

Pearls can also be dyed in a variety of colors, including yellow, green, blue, brown, pink, purple, and black. This is particularly true of farmed freshwater pearls. Pearls that are of the highest quality have a sheen that is similar to that of a metallic mirror.

As calcium carbonate is the primary component that makes up pearls, they are able to be dissolved in vinegar. The crystals of calcium carbonate react with the acetic acid that is present in vinegar to generate calcium acetate and carbon dioxide. Calcium carbonate is susceptible to even a weak acid solution because of this reaction.Aquamarine Pearl Labradorite Lotus Charm Necklace

Here are some common types of pearls:

  • Saltwater and Freshwater Pearls

Pearls that come from freshwater and pearls that come from saltwater may have a superficial resemblance to one another, but they come from quite distinct environments. Freshwater mussels of the family "unionidae" are responsible for the formation of freshwater pearls.

These mussels can be found in lakes, rivers, ponds, and other types of freshwater environments. These freshwater pearl mussels can be found in locations with hotter weather, as well as in areas with colder and more moderate climates, such as Scotland (where they are protected under law).

China is the primary source of the world's freshwater cultured pearl market. Pearl oysters, which are members of the family "pteriidae", can be found living in the ocean, and are where saltwater pearls are formed. Pearl oysters grown in saltwater are typically kept in sheltered lagoons or atolls formed by volcanic activity.Hematite Pearl June Birthstone Necklace

  • Natural Pearls

Calcium carbonate and conchiolin make up approximately one hundred percent of a natural pearl's composition. Natural pearls are formed under a set of accidental events when a microscopic intruder or parasite enters a bivalve mollusk and settles inside the shell of the mollusk. This is where the conditions for the formation of natural pearls occur.

The irritant causes the mollusk to produce a pearl sac made of cells from its exterior mantle tissue, as well as calcium carbonate and conchiolin, which are then secreted in order to hide the source of the irritation. Pearls are created through a process of repetitive secretion, which occurs many times over. Pearls found in nature can take on a wide variety of forms, with completely spherical examples being quite uncommon.

In most cases, the formation of a natural pearl consists of a brown inner zone made up of columnar calcium carbonate (typically calcite, sometimes columnar aragonite) and a yellowish to white outer zone made up of nacre. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule, such as the tabular aragonite.

These two distinct components can be distinguished from one another in the cross-section of a pearl. The formation of juvenile mantle tissue, which may be identified by the presence of columnar calcium carbonate that is abundant in organic material, can be seen in the early stages of pearl growth.June Birthstone NecklaceIt is possible for displaced living cells that have a specific role to continue performing that job in their new location, which commonly results in the formation of a cyst. Bodily damage might bring about such a displacement. The fragile rim of the shell is exposed, making it more likely to be broken or otherwise damaged. 

It is possible for crabs, other predators, and parasites like worm larvae to inflict traumatic attacks and injuries that result in some exterior mantle tissue cells becoming detached from their layer.

These cells have the ability to survive and create a small pocket while embedded in the conjunctive tissue of the mantle. It is in this pocket that they will continue to release calcium carbonate, which is their natural product. The cavity, also known as a pearl sac, expands as a result of cell division throughout the course of time.

In accordance with the stage that they have reached in their development, the juvenile mantle tissue cells release columnar calcium carbonate from the inner surface of the pearl sac. After some time has passed, the exterior mantle cells of the pearl sac begin the process of forming tabular aragonite.

When the process of nacre secretion begins, the brown pebble will develop a nacreous coating as it goes through the transition. During this process, the pearl sac gives the appearance of moving into the shell; nevertheless, the sac really continues to remain in its original relative position within the mantle tissue even while the shell itself grows. A pearl will begin to form after a few years, and if the pearl fisherman is fortunate, they will find the shell containing the pearl.Enlightened Mind - Hamsa Pearl Stone Chakra Bracelet

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Significance of Natural Pearls

Natural pearls of exceptional quality are an extremely rare and valuable gem. Their prices are decided in the same manner as those of other precious gems, taking into account factors such as their size, shape, color, surface quality, orientation, and luster. Natural pearls that are sold singly are frequently used as focal points in one-of-a-kind jewelry designs or marketed to collectors.

There are very few strands of natural pearls that are perfectly matched to one another, and the ones that do exist typically fetch prices in the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars. In 1917, the jeweler Pierre Cartier purchased the Fifth Avenue home that is now the New York Cartier store in return for a matched double strand of natural pearls that Cartier had been gathering for years. The strand was valued at $1 million U.S. dollars at the time.

The development and proliferation of cultured pearls was devastating to the natural pearl industry. Pearl dealers publicly questioned the validity of these new cultured products, leaving many customers apprehensive and confused about the significantly cheaper prices of these new products.Hamsa Pearl Stone Chakra Bracelet

The dispute, in its essence, harmed both the natural and the cultured pearl industries' reputations. Natural pearls were pushed into a more specialized and niche market by the time the 1950s rolled around. At this time, a sizable proportion of women living in developed countries finally had the financial means to purchase their very own cultivated pearl necklace.

In times past, real pearls might have been uncovered in a variety of locations across the globe. Nowadays, however, the majority of the world's natural pearls are produced in the seas around Bahrain. In addition to this, Australia is home to one of the few remaining fleets of pearl diving ships in the world. Pearl divers from Australia explore the ocean floor in search of oysters from the South Sea that can be cultivated into South Sea pearls.

The number of pearl oysters caught is comparable to the number of oysters harvested in the days when natural pearls were harvested. As a result, considerable numbers of natural pearls are still known to be produced by wild oysters in the waters surrounding Australia in the Indian Ocean. Examining natural pearls discovered in today's world with X-rays is necessary in order to establish their authenticity.Mother Of Pearl Star Of David Necklace

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The Science of Cultured Pearls

The shell's reaction to a tissue implant results in the formation of a cultured pearl. A minuscule amount of mantle tissue from a donor shell, which is referred to as a graft, is surgically implanted into a recipient shell. This results in the formation of a pearl sac, into which the tissue precipitates calcium carbonate.

The production of cultured pearls can be accomplished in a variety of ways, including the use of shells from either freshwater or saltwater environments, the implantation of a graft either inside the mantle or within the gonad, and the insertion of a spherical bead that serves as a nucleus.

Beads are used in the cultivation of the vast majority of saltwater cultured pearls. Pearls that have been cultured are referred to by the trade labels: Akoya, white or golden South sea, and black Tahitian pearls. The majority of mantle-grown cultured pearls, also known as freshwater cultured pearls, are beadless and are developed in shells from freshwater environments in China.

Through the use of X-rays, natural pearls and cultured pearls can be differentiated from one another. As nucleated cultured pearls have a tendency to take on the form of the shell bead nucleus that is implanted into them, they are frequently referred to as being "pre-formed."Beautiful Reverie Freshwater Pearl NecklaceWhen a bead is placed inside of an oyster, the oyster will coat the bead with a few layers of nacre. Once this process is complete, the cultured pearl that has formed can be harvested anywhere from twelve to eighteen months later. If an X-ray is taken of a cultivated pearl that has a bead nucleus, the resulting image will show a structure that is distinct from that of a natural pearl.

In contrast, a natural pearl will have a sequence of concentric growth rings visible, whereas a beaded cultivated pearl will have a solid core with no visible growth rings at all. It is possible for a beadless cultivated pearl to have growth rings (regardless of whether it was formed in saltwater or freshwater), as well as a complicated center hollow, which is evidence of the first precipitation of the juvenile pearl sac.

Cultured pearls that are currently available on the market can be split into two distinct kinds. The first group consists of beaded cultured pearls, and includes Akoya, South Sea, and Tahitian pearls, among others.

Pearls like this are grown in the gonad of the oyster, and the process typically only produces one pearl at a time. This reduces the total amount of pearls that can be harvested over a given period. In most cases, the pearls are collected after one year for Akoya, two to four years for Tahitian and South Sea pearls, and two to seven years for freshwater pearls. This method of perliculture was initially conceived and developed by the British scientist, William Saville-Kent, who then shared his findings with the Japanese researchers, Tatsuhei Mise and Tokichi Nishikawa. Dreamlike Protection - Pearl Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

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The second group consists of freshwater farmed pearls that do not have a beaded luster, such as Biwa or Chinese pearls. These pearls are far more common as they develop in the mantle, which allows for up to 25 grafts to be implanted on each wing.

As a result, the market is entirely saturated with them. When the rice-grain-shaped pebbles of the past are contrasted with the nearly round pearls of today, one can see that over the past ten years, there has been a remarkable development in the pearls' quality. After that, enormous metallic-looking round bead-nucleated pearls with a diameter of up to 15 millimeters were created that were nearly flawless round beads.

When it comes to beaded cultivated pearls, the nucleus bead is typically a polished, spherical-shape formed from the shell of a freshwater mussel. It is surgically placed into the gonad (reproductive organ) of a saltwater snail together with a little bit of mantle tissue taken from another mollusk (donor shell), in order to serve as a catalyst for the pearl sac. This is done in order to produce a pearl.

In most instances, the only part of the tissue that is utilized is the fragment, which is then put into the fleshy mantle of the host mussel. This kind of perliculture is performed in freshwater.Mother Of Pearl Evil Eye NecklaceThe South Sea and Tahitian pearl oysters, also known as Pinctada maxima and Pinctada margaritifera, which survive the subsequent surgery to remove the finished pearl, are often implanted with a new, larger bead as part of the same procedure and then returned to the water for another two to three years of growth as a part of the same process. This continues until the oyster produces a pearl that is large enough to be sold.

In spite of the widespread misunderstanding, Mikimoto was not the one who first developed the method of pearl culture. Pearl farming, as we know it now, was pioneered in Australia by a British biologist by the name of William Saville-Kent. Tokichi Nishikawa and Tatsuhei Mise were the ones who took the technique to Japan. In 1916, Nishikawa was awarded the patent, and the following year, he wed Mikimoto's daughter. Mikimoto was able to utilize the technology developed by Nishikawa.

When the patent was finally issued in 1916, the technology was almost immediately put to commercial use in Japan on Akoya pearl oysters. This took place in the same year Mise's brother became the first person to harvest an Akoya oyster for the purpose of cultivating a commercial crop of pearls. In 1917, Baron Iwasaki of Mitsubishi quickly applied the new technology to the south sea pearl oyster in the Philippines.Protection PearlLater, he replicated the process in Bhutan and Palau. Even though the first successful cultivation of a small commercial crop of pearls did not occur until 1928, Mitsubishi was the first company to create a cultured south sea pearl in 1912 successfully. 

As the original Japanese cultured pearls, known as Akoya pearls, are produced by a species of small pearl oyster, Pinctada fucata martensii, which only grows to be 2.4 to 3.1 inches (2.4 to 6 centimeters) in size, Akoya pearls with a diameter of more than 10 millimeters are exceedingly rare and fetch a very high price.

The cultivation of Akoya pearls now involves the use of a hybrid mollusk, which is practiced not only in Japan but also in China. Cultured Pearls were packaged in cans and offered for sale on the international market. These were packed at the I.C.P. Canning Factory, which is owned and operated by the International Pearl Company L.T.D. and is located in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan.Womens New Arrivals Collection

The Various Types of Cultured Pearls

Accidents that occur during the cultivation process might result in the creation of Keshi pearls, which are pearls that are totally made of nacre. The majority are quite little, often measuring no more than a few millimeters in diameter, and frequently taking on an irregular form. When seeding a cultured pearl, a little bit of mantle muscle from an oyster that has been previously sacrificed is inserted into a host oyster along with a bead of mother of Pearl.

In the event that the piece of mantle comes loose from the bead, a Keshi pearl will form around the piece of the mantle in a baroque shape. Therefore, while a Keshi pearl could be considered superior to cultured pearls with a mother of pearl bead center, in the cultured pearl industry, the resources of the oyster are used to create a mistaken all-nacre baroque pearl, which is a drain on the production of the intended round cultured pearl.

This is the case even though a Keshi pearl could be considered superior to cultured pearls with a mother of pearl bead center. As a result, the pearl industry is consistently working to enhance its cultured pearl production methods in the hopes of eliminating the production of Keshi pearls. Pearls made entirely of nacre may one day be restricted to only being found in nature.

Today, a significant number of "Keshi" pearls are actually the result of a deliberate process in which post-harvest shells are put back into the water in order to regenerate a pearl in the already present pearl sac.Womens Necklaces Collections

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As a result of their scarcity, Tahitian pearls, which are also known as black pearls, command a very high price. The cultivation process for these pearls results in a lower volume output, and they can never be mass-produced.

This is because, like the majority of sea pearls, an oyster can only be nucleated with one pearl at a time, whereas freshwater mussels are capable of receiving multiple pearl implants. Before the advent of cultivated pearls, naturally occurring black pearls were exceedingly uncommon and, therefore, extremely valuable. This was due to the fact that white pearl oysters produced naturally black pearls much less frequently than black pearl oysters produced any natural pearls at all.

Black pearl oysters, Pinctada margaritifera, can be found in Tahiti and many other Pacific islands, including the Cook Islands and Fiji. Since the invention of pearl culture technology, these oysters have been extensively employed for the production of cultured pearls. The "comparative" rarity of the black cultivated pearl has become a problem in recent years.

When compared to Chinese freshwater cultivated pearls, Japanese and Chinese Akoya cultured pearls, and black cultured pearls, the black cultured pearl is extremely rare, making it more precious than the other types of pearls. The black cultured pearl is more precious than the South Sea pearl, yet the South Sea pearl is more scarce than the black cultured pearl.

Womens Necklaces CollectionsThis is due to the fact that the black pearl oyster, Pinctada margaritifera, is much more abundant than the elusive, rare, and larger South Sea pearl oyster, Pinctada maxima. The latter cannot be found in lagoons and instead has to be dived for in a limited number of deep ocean habitats or grown in hatcheries. Black pearl oysters are much more abundant than South Sea pearl oysters. 

Rarely seen in nature, natural black pearls have a body color that can be described as silver, silver-blue, gold, brown-black, green-black, or black. Black pearls can also have a hue that is a combination of these colors. Even while black cultivated pearls from the black pearl oyster, also known as Pinctada margaritifera, are frequently referred to as black South Sea pearls, this is a common misconception about the origin of these pearls. These pearls are typically referred to as "black pearls".

According to the CIBJO and GIA, a South Sea pearl is a pearl that is generated by the Pinctada maxima pearl oyster. This is the accepted definition of a south sea pearl. Pearls from the South Sea take on the color of the Pinctada maxima oyster, which can be white, silver, pink, gold, or cream.

They can also be any combination of these basic colors, including overtones of the various shades of the rainbow that are displayed in the pearl nacre of the oyster shell itself. South Sea pearls are considered to be the most valuable of all pearls.Best Sellers Jewelry Collections

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The most expensive cultivated pearls are the South Sea pearls since they are the rarest and largest of all the cultured pearls. The finest South Sea pearls are produced by Paspaley along the rugged coastline of North-Western Australia. These pearls are prized for their breathtakingly beautiful "orient" or luster. South Sea pearls are now farmed in many regions of the world where the Pinctada maxima oysters can be found.

Golden-colored South Sea pearls are more common in the Philippines and Indonesia. Still, white and silver-colored South Sea pearls are more likely to have originated in the Broome region of Australia.

Oysters with either black or rainbow-colored lips, belonging to the species Pinctada mazatlanica or Pteria sterna, are used in the production of pearls at a farm in the Gulf of California in Mexico. The pearls produced by these rainbow-lipped oysters, which are also known as Concha Nácar, flash red when exposed to UV light.Best Sellers Jewelry Collections

A Global History of The Magnificent Pearl 

Pearls, which hold the distinction of being the world's oldest gem, have been held in high esteem since well before written history. Due to this, their discovery cannot be credited to a single person in particular; nonetheless, it is thought that they were found for the first time by people hunting for food along the coast.

Pearls have been used as a form of ornamentation for millennia, as seen by a piece of pearl jewelry that was discovered in the tomb of a Persian princess that was dated to 420 BC and is currently on display at the Louvre in Paris. The sarcophagus dates back to the time when pearls were first used.

Pearls were given as presents to the royal families of China as early as 2300 BC, and in ancient Rome, pearl jewelry was regarded as the pinnacle of social standing. Pearls were considered to be of such high value during the first century BC that Julius Caesar enacted legislation that restricted their use to just the upper-class citizens of the Roman Empire.

Pearls also carried a big importance in Arab societies, where the mythology stated that pearls were made from dewdrops that oysters ingested as they fell into the sea. Due to the number of natural oyster beds in the Persian Gulf, pearls also carried a major value in these cultures.Aquamarine Jewelry CollectionsUntil the invention of cultivated pearls, the Persian Gulf was the epicenter of the pearl trade. This industry was a major contributor to the region's riches for a significant amount of time before oil was discovered.

Given that the pearl has been around for such a long time, it is not surprising that over the course of history, it has become entwined in myth and legend. In fact, Cleopatra is said to have crushed a pearl into a glass of wine in order to demonstrate to Marc Antony that she was capable of hosting the most expensive banquet in the history of the world.

In ancient China, pearl jewelry was thought to represent the wearer's moral rectitude, and during the Dark Ages, knights frequently wore pearls on the battlefield in the mistaken belief that the precious gemstones would protect them from harm. In modern times, pearls are considered to be one of the world's most valuable gemstones. 

Pearls have been an important commodity in trade ever since Roman times, and the discovery of pearls in Central and South America in the 15th and 16th centuries led to what is known as the Pearl Age. In Western Europe, where ladies of nobility and royalty wore elaborate pearl necklaces, earrings, pearl bracelets, and pearl brooches, by the 19th century, the demand for pearl jewelry became so high that oyster supplies began to dwindle. This was caused by the rising demand for pearls in Western Europe.Aquamarine Jewelry Collections

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Pearls are produced by living organisms, as opposed to the gemstones that are mined from the earth, and their very existence is a fluke of nature. Gemstones are extracted from the earth, while pearls are formed when an irritant, such as a parasite or a piece of shell becomes accidentally lodged in the soft inner body of an oyster.

This causes the oyster to secrete a crystalline substance called nacre, which builds up around the irritant in layers until a pearl is formed. Pearls can be found in a wide variety of colors and sizes. The main difference between natural pearls and cultured pearls is that the irritant that causes the oyster to produce a pearl is introduced intentionally into the oyster rather than occurring naturally.

The only way pearls could be harvested prior to the beginning of the 20th century was by scuba divers plunging to depths of up to 30 meters (100 feet) in order to obtain pearl oysters from the ocean floor.

It was a risky endeavor with a low probability of success due to the fact that one thousand oysters would only produce three or four high-quality pearls at most at the end of the process. Freshwater mollusks that made their home in shallow rivers and streams were much simpler to collect, but the harvesting rights to these pearl beds were traditionally reserved for members of the royal family.Womens Necklaces Aquamarine CollectionsThe ancient chronicle, known as the Mahavamsa, makes reference to the flourishing pearl business in the port of Oruwella, which is located in Sri Lanka on the Gulf of Mannar. In addition, it notes that Prince Vijaya's embassy to the Pandyan monarch included eight different kinds of pearls, as did King Devanampiya Tissa's embassy to Emperor Ashoka. Both of these missions were sent to the imperial court.

Pliny the Elder, who lived from 23 to 79 AD, lauded the Gulf of Mexico's pearl fishery as the most productive in the world. Divers have been going into the waters of the Indian Ocean, specifically the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea, and the Gulf of Mannar, in search of seawater pearls for thousands upon thousands of years. There is evidence that pearl diving has been practiced in these places as far back as prehistoric times.

Beginning with the Han Dynasty (206 BC–220 AD), the Chinese conducted massive hunting expeditions in the South China Sea in search of seawater pearls. In China during the 12th century, tanka pearl divers would secure ropes around their waists so that they could be carried back up to the surface in a secure manner.

When Spanish conquistadors first arrived in the Western Hemisphere, they found that the area around the islands of Cubagua and Margarita, which are located around 200 kilometers north of the coast of Venezuela, contained a sizable pearl bed (a bed of pearl oysters). La Peregrina was the name given to a pearl that was discovered and named after it, and it was offered to King Philip II of Spain.Aquamarine Collections

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Philip II had intended to give the pearl to his daughter as a gift on the occasion of her wedding, but the King found the pearl to be so beautiful that he kept it to himself. In later years, he raised it to the status of one of the crown jewels of Spain. And starting from that point on, the pearl is listed in each and every royal inventory for more than two hundred years.

This was discovered in Panama in 1560 by a slave worker who was rewarded with his freedom, and his owner was rewarded with the office of alcalde of Panama, according to Garcilasso de la Vega, who claims that he saw La Peregrina in Seville in 1607. 

These days, finding a Margarita pearl is nearly impossible, but when you do, you will notice that it has a distinctive golden hue. Pearl hunting was the most popular method utilized for the collecting of pearls prior to the beginning of the 20th century.

Divers would hand retrieve oysters from the ocean floor or river bottom and then inspect each one for the presence of pearls, but pearls are not produced by every kind of oyster or mussel. Only three or four oysters out of a total catch of three tons can successfully yield flawless pearls.Womens Bracelet CollectionsThe vast majority of pearls are freshwater pearls that originate from mussels. Due to the critically endangered situation of river mussels, pearling was made illegal in the United Kingdom in the year 1998. The discovery of the Abernethy pearl in the River Tay, as well as the notoriety surrounding its subsequent sale for a significant amount of money, led to the widespread destruction of mussel populations by weekend warriors throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

When it was legal, most Scots were the ones who participated in this activity. They discovered that the quality of the pearls differed from river to river, with the River Oykel in the Highlands being known for having the most exquisite rose-colored pearls. There are two businesses in Scotland that have been granted permission to sell freshwater pearls that were harvested before 1998.

Pearls have a very long and illustrious history that spans thousands of years back into antiquity. Pearls were first mentioned in written history by a Chinese historian who lived 2,206 years before the common era. The artifact that is considered to be the world's oldest piece of pearl jewelry was unearthed in the sarcophagus of a Persian princess who died around 420 BC (this fragment is now on display at the Louvre in Paris).

Pearls have also been found in artifacts from ancient Egypt and Rome. In the first century BCE, Julius Caesar of Rome enacted a decree that restricted the wearing of pearls to members of the upper social groups.Womens Bracelet Collections

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Pearls have been an essential item in global trade ever since they were first discovered. When they were discovered in Central and South America in the 15th and 16th centuries, demand quickly increased throughout Western Europe, leading to what is known as the "pearl age". During this time period, nobles and royals frequently wore elaborate pearl necklaces, earrings, pearl bracelets, and pearl brooches.

Due to there being such a strong demand for pearl jewelry by the 19th century, oyster supplies all over the world started to decrease. Even in this day and age, real pearls are quite uncommon.

On the other hand, cultured pearls, which gained popularity in the 1900s, are a choice that is both more inexpensive and more readily available. Pearls have long been connected with a variety of positive qualities, including wealth, femininity, purity, wisdom, patience, and tranquility.

As a result of their outward look, they are frequently compared to the moon, and it is thought that they have a calming, protective, and strengthening impact on the person who wears them. Pearls continue to be revered as one of the most lovely and delicate types of gemstones in modern times. Pearl jewelry is regarded as timeless, in addition to being classic and exquisite.Mens Bracelet Best Seller CollectionsPearl jewelry is an excellent option to consider purchasing if you are interested in adornment that exudes an air of classic elegance and sophistication. Pearls are not only associated with the month of June but are also the traditional gift for the third and thirty-year anniversaries of marriage.

These days, natural pearls are among the rarest of gems and the fact that their supply has been almost completely depleted means that they are only found very occasionally in the waters off the coasts of Bahrain and Australia. The rarity of natural pearls is reflected in the prices that they attract at auction, with antique pearl necklaces and earrings selling for amounts that set new records for their respective categories.

In fact, a pair of natural pearl earrings that formerly belonged to Empress Eugenie of France, who was married to Napoleon Bonaparte, just set a new world record when they were sold at Doyle New York for a price of US$3.3 million. 

Intense bidding wars have also broken out over natural pearl necklaces of the highest quality, with the winning bids amounting to several millions of dollars. A perfect illustration of this may be found in the world-famous La Peregrina pearl that belonged to Elizabeth Taylor and was purchased for $11.8 million.

The development of natural pearls, in contrast to the indestructible diamond, is dependent on the presence of clean waters and consistent temperatures; however, both of these factors have been thrown into disarray as a result of pollution and global warming. Pearls that have been cultivated and grown in a farm setting are almost exclusively used in the production of pearl jewelry sold in today's market. Mens Bracelet Best Seller Collections

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In 1893, a man named Kokichi Mikimoto, who was the son of a noodle maker in Japan, created the first cultured pearl in the world. He did this by manually inserting an irritant into an oyster in order to stimulate it into forming a pearl. The advent of cultured pearls in the early 1900s flipped the pearl industry on its head and caused the value of natural pearls to decrease significantly.

Cultured pearls are pearls that have been grown in a laboratory. By 1935, there were 350 pearl farms in Japan, which produced 10 million cultured pearls annually. Despite this, Mikimoto was continuously forced to defend himself against allegations that his pearls were not "genuine".

The scientific evidence pointed in the opposite direction; the farmed pearls had the exact same properties as those developed in deep sea beds. The only difference was that they had a helping hand to get the natural process started while they were being created. Mikimoto's Akoya pearls are recognized for their dazzling brilliance and rich colors, which range from white, cream, and pink to silvery pink. They are still used today by the jewelry house that bears his name.Pearl Collections

Pearls in Jewelry

A combination of the pearl's luster, color, size, lack of surface flaws, and symmetry, all of which are appropriate for the type of pearl that is being considered, is used to assess the value of pearls that are set into jewelry. Jewelers agree, however, that shine is the single most essential factor in determining the quality of a pearl, regardless of the other characteristics.

That being said, if all else stays the same, the size of the pearl directly correlates to its value. Pearls that are both large and precisely spherical are extremely difficult to find and fetch a premium price, while pearls that are shaped like teardrops are frequently used in pendants.

Generally speaking, pearls have a round or spherical shape. Pearls that are perfectly spherical are the most desirable shape because of their rarity and high price. Necklaces and other jewelry pieces are common settings for semi-round pearls because the form of the pearl may be concealed to make it appear as though it is a perfectly round pearl.

Button pearls are similar to round pearls, but have been slightly flattened, and can also be used to make necklaces. They are more commonly used, however, to make single pendants or earrings in which the back half of the pearl is covered, giving the impression that the pearl is larger and rounder than it actually is.Feng Shui Pearl Stone Tree

Pear-shaped pearls can often have the appearance of teardrop pearls, and they are most frequently used in jewelry such as earrings, pendants, or as the focal pearl in a necklace. Baroque pearls, on the other hand, have a distinct allure; they are frequently quite irregular and can take on a variety of unusual and intriguing forms.

They are also commonly utilized as pendants on necklaces. Pearls that are considered to be circled are those that have ridges or rings that are concentric around the body of the pearl.

Cultured pearls are considered to have a lower value than natural pearls, while fake pearls have virtually no market value at all. Jewelers can learn whether a pearl is natural or not by commissioning an X-ray inspection of the pearl to be carried out by a gem lab. If an X-ray shows that the pearl has a nucleus, it most likely originated in seawater and was nucleated by a bead.

The pearl is most likely a cultured freshwater pearl if there is no nucleus visible, but there are irregular and small dark inner spots that indicate a hollow. In addition, the pearl should have concentric rings of organic substance. Cultured freshwater pearls are frequently mistaken for natural freshwater pearls because both types of pearls seem as uniform pictures that gradually become darker as they move closer to the pearl's surface. In natural pearls, bigger voids can be seen where formerly there was once biological content that has since dried out and decayed.Pearl Heart Charm NecklaceEarrings and necklaces can also be categorized based on the grade of the color of the pearl. Pearls from both saltwater and freshwater environments are available in a wide variety of hues. Although white and, more recently, black saltwater pearls are by far the most popular, pearls from the ocean can come in a variety of other colors as well. Black pearls have become increasingly fashionable in recent years. 

Saltwater pearls can come in a variety of hues, including pink, blue, champagne, green, and even purple. However, it might take years to amass enough of these uncommon colors to create a string of pearls that are the same size and color throughout its entirety. The vast majority of colored pearls that are sold at a low price have been dyed in some way, with fabric dye being the most common method.

This dye will typically only be able to penetrate the first layer or two of nacre, but this is sufficient for giving pearls a vibrant color where they would otherwise be white. Pearls that are truly valuable are never colored, as it is generally considered that this technique does not add to, and in most circumstances would only detract from, the market value of the pearl.Pearl Heart Charm Necklace

The Many Benefits of Pearls

Throughout history, pearls have been highly prized and adored by people all around the world. As they boast a quality that transcends time, they have been able to remain one of the worlds’ most treasured natural wonders. Despite the fact that they are categorized as a precious stone, pearls originate in the sea from a living creature known as a mollusk.

The pearl is a beloved precious stone that can be discovered on the sandy bottoms of oceans. Due to its astrological properties, it is worn not just as jewelry but also as a stone.

The very first pearl was a pristine, smooth, brilliant, spherical stone. It exudes a gentle splendor and charm, which contribute to its overall stunning appearance. It is the astrological birthstone for people born under the sign of Cancer, and the moon is its planetary ruler. It is also the birthstone of the month of June. 

The Healing Benefits of Pearls

Pearl can be helpful in treating depression and other mental problems, as well as increasing memory and boosting intelligence in individuals. It is effective in treating conditions such as high blood pressure and bladder illness, and it also contributes to the regulation and upkeep of our bodily fluids.

It is possible to wear it in conjunction with other stones in order to treat a wide variety of ailments relating to one's health. The troubled moon is the root cause of issues that arise with the esophagus, the eyes, and dysentery. Pearl stones, strongly connected with lunar energy, have been shown to lessen the severity of these issues.Pearl Heart Charm Necklace

Astrological Benefits of Pearls

Pearls amplify the power of the moon, which is symbolic of gentleness, charm, love, a happy family life, mental stability, and a wide variety of other positive qualities. Pearl stone jewelry is recommended for people who suffer from anxious thoughts, indecision, despair, and a lack of stability in their lives. White pearl stone is advised for those individuals who are prone to becoming irritated quickly and losing their cool.

It counteracts the negative effects of the moon, makes the mind stronger, and restores a sense of emotional equilibrium to the life of a person who is under a lot of stress. It also alleviates any discomfort experienced during sleep and treats insomnia.

In addition to their astrological significance, pearls are known to enhance the brightness and beauty of a woman's face. Pearls are thought to provide their wearers with a great deal of renown, respect, money, and the kingly comforts that come along with them.

In addition to this, they offer a wealthy and opulent way of life. There is also the belief that owning a pearl can bring you good fortune and will assist in the creation of peace between you and your spouse. 

Pearls are an excellent choice for those who work in the helping professions or those who are public speakers. It is said that anyone who owns a black pearl will be safeguarded against unexpected demise, accidents, and other unfortunate occurrences. Those who are struggling with the aftermath of a financial setback can also benefit from wearing black or Tahitian Pearl.Pearl Heart Charm Necklace

Who Should Wear Pearls?

Pearl is known to bolster the Moon in the horoscope of the wearer. The moon is referred to as the "ruling planet of emotions" in astrology, and it is said to bring about serenity and tranquility in peoples’ lives. The wearer of a pearl stone will experience an increase in positivity and courage, as well as an increase in their ability to be emotionally open, kind, and psychologically healthy.

Pearls also give the wearer the "want to roam and discover" everywhere they go. People who suffer from depression, mental illness, or an inability to connect emotionally are claimed to benefit from wearing pearl jewelry. Also, people who have adopted a pessimistic outlook on life or have given up all hope in the future are encouraged to try wearing one of these stones because of the calming effects they have.

A pearl stone is excellent for children who struggle with their health or who become sick frequently, particularly those who are under the age of 12 years old. It is advised for children to wear a moon-shaped pearl pendant necklace, as it is associated with the throat chakra. 

The pearl has several benefits, one of which is that it gives the person who wears it more self-confidence and makes it easier for them to express themselves freely.Triple Heart Moonstone Pink Opal Pearl Bracelet StackPeople who work in fields such as counseling, public speaking, therapy, psychology, and so on can benefit tremendously from having this skill. People who work in the dairy, travel, and tourism industries are notably claimed to benefit from the prosperity brought about by pearls as well. 

Pearl is thought, from a medical perspective, to be able to assist in maintaining a robust and healthy heart. In addition, it is believed that the pearl stone is beneficial for disorders that are caused by water, and that it keeps the water element balanced in our bodies. It  is also used to treat illnesses such as pneumonia.

Astrologers who follow Indian or Vedic astrology say that pearl is the recommended gemstone for those born under the Cancer zodiac sign. It is said that anyone with an ascending sign of Leo, Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius, or Pisces is also highly-suited to wear this astrological gemstone.

In addition, those who were born in the month of June can wear the lovely pearl stone, as it is their birthstone. Pearls are a wonderful choice for a present for someone born in the month of June due to their beautiful iridescence and the profound symbolism they represent.

It is recommended that a pearl ring be worn on the ring finger of the working hand in order to reap the greatest advantages of the stone. Astrologically speaking, the appropriate carat weight of a pearl should be equal to one-tenth of the wearer's whole body weight. For instance, a person who weighs 60 kilograms, should wear a pearl weighing 6 carats. There are no unintended consequences associated with wearing a pearl stone; hence, everyone is welcome to wear it in any form.Womens Rings Collections

Our Top 15 Most Beautiful Pearl Jewelry Pieces 

#1 Iridescent Light - Pearl Heart Charm Necklace

    We are in harmony with love when we have an unguarded heart, an inquisitive intellect, and a compassionate soul. With our Iridescent Light Pearl Heart Charm Necklace, you can harness the calming vibrations of the glossy pearl which reflects the serene tranquility of the ocean and the heavens.

    Pearls have a long history of being revered as illuminating symbols for people who view the world from a more spiritual perspective. The heart charm is symbolic not only of the center of our existence, but also of dedication, affection, and love that is both romantic and enduring.

    This one-of-a-kind necklace was crafted by hand in Bali, Indonesia. It features a heart-shaped charm measuring 22 millimeters, drawing attention right away and representing genuine affection. It also features the evil eye symbol carved within the heart charm to protect the wearer from negative energy.

    This ancient talisman, known as "the evil eye",  is designed to shield its wearer from the presence of malevolent spirits. The Iridescent Light necklace is also set with genuine pearl stones measuring 4 millimeters in diameter, which are said to foster prosperity, intuition, imagination, and loyalty. It measures 18 inches in length and has a lobster clasp for a closure. Made of brass, this gorgeous piece has been plated in 18K gold.Pearl Heart Charm Necklace

    #2 Iridescent Grace - Pearl Diamond Heart Charm Bracelet

      Within fleeting and mindful moments, our souls are able to communicate with us. Allow your thoughts to drift away into a dreamy state with the Iridescent Grace - Pearl Diamond Heart Charm Bracelet. It will shine through even the darkest of times by reflecting the utmost beauty and motivation, and it will encourage you to pursue whatever it is that you are most passionate about.

      If you guard each facet of your life in glittering pearl stones, a meaningful heart, and a powerful evil eye, you can be confident that all of your dreams and desires will eventually bloom and emerge from the depths.

      This one-of-a-kind bracelet was lovingly handmade in Bangkok, Thailand. It is adorned with a beautiful heart charm that measures 17 millimeters in diameter and serves as a symbol of love and affection.

      It is inlaid with pearl stones of 4 millimeters in diameter, each of which represents beauty, intuition, inventiveness, and foresight. In addition to this, it is adorned with the traditional emblem of the evil eye, which serves to ward off negative energy and provide protection to the wearer. A 1.3 millimeter diamond chip is embedded in the bracelet, giving it even more sparkle and shine. The wearer receives the many benefits of the diamond as well. 

      Astrologers believe that natural diamonds carry remarkable cosmic vibrations that can help you improve your overall health problems. These cosmic vibes are said to be carried by natural diamonds. This sparkling white stone will help enhance your digestive system and urinary tract, in addition to treating liver and throat conditions, asthma, and asthmatic bronchitis. The Iridescent Grace features a lobster clasp for easy wear, and is constructed of 18 karat gold plated brass. Pearl Diamond Heart Charm Bracelet

      #3 Spiritual Steadfastness - Dragonfly Infinity Pearl Wrap

        The process of unlearning fear and coming to terms with love is at the heart of the spiritual journey. Your aura will be filled with the energy of happiness and creativity as you wear the "Spiritual Steadfastness - Dragonfly Infinity Pearl Wrap".

        It will gracefully assist you in your journey towards greater wisdom and truth. Pearl stones are sure to stimulate your creativity and inspire you to refocus your attention on the people and activities in your life that bring you love, happiness, and joy. Your capacity to view situations and events from a variety of angles is represented by the dragonfly. As a result, it serves as a timely reminder to seize the day and experience life to its greatest potential. 

        This bracelet was crafted by hand in Bali, Indonesia by our artisan partners. The stunning pearl stone measures 4 millimeters in diameter and serves as a symbol of faithfulness, beauty, insight, and consciousness. The bracelet also features a stunning dragonfly pendant that is 12 millimeters in size.

        This pendant is said to bring good luck and symbolizes happiness, fresh starts, hope, and change. In addition to this, the wrap bracelet is embellished with CZ crystals measuring 1 millimeter in diameter. It is believed that this stone can strengthen one's ability to focus, bring greater clarity, and release the ego.

        It is sometimes referred to as "the stone of practicality", and it is often used for grounding by various practitioners. Some users use cubic zirconia on their skin to dispel illusions and relieve feelings of selfishness.Dragonfly Infinity Pearl Wrap

        #4 Uplifting Protection - Red String Pearl Stone Anklet

          You can find the peace of mind you seek by opening your heart, mind, and soul to the reality that you are already in a state of harmonious balance. Pearls have long been revered as illuminating symbols for people who view the world from a more spiritual perspective.

          Karma & Luck's Uplifting Protection - Red String Pearl Stone Anklet has a calming energy that provides a layer of protection to those who wear it. This anklet boosts the spirit with confidence to view situations from a new and more understanding perspective. 

          This on-trend anklet is one of the most popular options available from Karma & Luck. It has been crafted by hand in Bangkok, Thailand, and contains three hanging pearl stones that are 4 millimeters each.

          These pearls are meant to instill the wearer with a sense of loyalty, beauty, foresight, and alertness. It also has a crimson string tied to it, which creates a fantastic contrast, and it is fashioned out of a brass chain that has been plated in 18K gold. It can be adjusted from 10" to 11" in length and is secured with a lobster clasp as the closure.Red String Pearl Stone Anklet

          #5 Divine Energy - Triple Protection Pearl Labradorite Anklet

            In an effort to reach world peace, we must develop the capacity to experience life with greater compassion. The Divine Energy - Triple Protection Pearl Labradorite Anklet will assist you in accumulating your strength and channeling it into your faith in the future.

            Labradorite stones can help you strike a balance between honoring your comfort zone and taking advantage of everything that life has to offer. This one-of-a-kind stone combination, which includes the pearl for its protective qualities, will help you get the ball rolling on dispelling the shadows.

            This profound anklet, which also includes the hamsa hand, the OM symbol, and the evil eye, will bestow upon you an exceptional sense of calmness and a divine frame of mind to enable you to achieve your aspirations.

            This lovely anklet has a hamsa hand charm that measures 5 mm and is used for protection. It is believed that the wearer of a hamsa hand that is turned upward is protected from harm. Many people in today's society hold the belief that doing so can truly protect its owner and those around them from having negative thoughts or negative energy.

            This anklet is also adorned with a 5mm OM charm and an evil eye charm, both of which are designed to ward off unfavorable energy and bring about inner peace. In addition to this, it features faceted labradorite rondelle beads that are 4 millimeters in size.

            These beads promote alertness, enlightenment, and curiosity. Pearl faceted 4mm rondelle beads contribute to its attractiveness as well. These beads are used for encouraging beauty, intuition, imagination, and foresight.

            #6 Genuine Love - Gold Plated Pearl Necklace

              The "Genuine Love - Gold Plated Pearl Necklace" works to repair harmful ideas and feelings by encasing them in a bubble of healing light, thus protecting you from dark energy.

              Combine the warmth of your soul with the blooming aura that can be found within, all while reaping the advantages of the shining pearl. This energy will work to serve as a reminder for you of the genuine and compassionate qualities that are important in life, particularly during those moments when life feels hard or heavy.Gold Plated Pearl Necklace

              #7 Harmonious Life - Pearl Turtle Charm Bracelet

                When your mind, body, and soul are all connected in love, you exude positivity and happiness to others around you. The Harmonious Life - Pearl Turtle Charm Bracelet can be of assistance to you in charting the way forward in any facet of your life that feels like it needs a new beginning.

                Pearl stones infuse your aura with positive energy and stimulate your creative process, both of which are essential components in the quest for greater insight and truth.

                Turtles are a representation of calmness and composure, as they are secure in the knowledge that they can make it through difficult circumstances and emerge stronger on the other side. This bracelet encourages us to pursue our goals and remain steadfast in our commitment to reaching them.Pearl Turtle Charm Bracelet

                #8 Blessings and Beginnings Pearl Lotus Bracelet

                  Start this new and exciting chapter in your life - you are now prepared to reach your greatest potential. It is believed that wearing pearl stones will bring financial success and inspire creative thinking. Additionally, it is a crystal of faith, innocence, and concentration, and in times past, it was frequently worn as a symbol of commitment and honesty.

                  With the exquisite Blessings and Beginnings Pearl Lotus Bracelet, you may infuse your environment with an outstanding sense of newness while also providing you with a fresh perspective on the future and life in general.Blessings and Beginnings Pearl Lotus Bracelet

                  #9 Love Generator - Triple Heart Moonstone Pink Opal Pearl Bracelet Stack

                    When we reach the state of inner calm that comes from accepting ourselves completely, we are able to connect with the love that exists not only in ourselves but also in everyone we meet. This love is our true nature. Our Love Generator - Triple Heart Moonstone Pink Opal Pearl Bracelet Stack assists you in getting ready for healthy, loving relationships with other people in your life.

                    It does this by teaching you how to have a loving and healthy relationship with yourself first. The peace that the ethereal moonstone and the delicate pearl stones bring into your life will be something for which you will be forever grateful. Pink opal stones assist you in activating and unlocking your heart chakra, as well as infusing your aura with vibrations that are calming and peaceful. This collection includes three different bracelets for optimal versatility.Triple Heart Moonstone Pink Opal Pearl Bracelet Stack

                    #10 Peace & Love - Pearl Evil Eye Earrings

                      Loving and radiant beauty shine off of you as you travel into your new life, and it is contagious. Your mental wounds can be healed with the assistance of our exquisite Peace & Love - Pearl Evil Eye Earrings, which encircle dark energy with rays of light.

                      Pearl stones will, without a doubt, stimulate your creativity and drive you to concentrate on the activities, pursuits, and people in your life that bring you pleasure, joy, and happiness. The powerful evil eye emblem will protect you, as well as teach you to view the world with elegance and optimism, which will benefit you in your daily life.Peace & Love - Pearl Evil Eye Earrings

                      #11 Bewitched by Love - Pearl Multi Charm Wrap

                        When a person falls in love, their soul begins to sing, and the flowers in their life begin to flourish on their own. Your consciousness will be elevated to a higher level as you wear the bright Bewitched by Love - Pearl Multi Charm Wrap, which is adorned with powerfully healing spiritual symbols.

                        This wrap is charged with the energy of unconditional love. Pearl stone is known for its great calming properties and its ability to regulate your aura. It is also beloved for the beauty which it beholds. With the assistance of this wrap, you will come to the realization that if you learn to love yourself, it will be much easier for you to learn to love other people.Pearl Multi Charm Wrap

                        #12 Enlightened Mind - Hamsa Pearl Stone Chakra Bracelet

                          When your mind, body, and spirit are all aligned with the truth, you exude an optimistic and happy vibration to everyone you meet. Any spiritual wounds will be healed by Karma & Luck's one-of-a-kind "Enlightened Mind - Hamsa Pearl Stone Chakra Bracelet", which encircles dark energy with bright light and protects you from its harmful effects.

                          All of your perceptions and emotions will become one truth as a result of the powerful combination of delicate pearl stones and vibrant chakra jewels. This coalition of forces will result in genuine harmony. When you wear the hamsa charm, it will serve as a constant reminder to be a guiding light in other’s lives, and to infuse the world with positive energy.Hamsa Pearl Stone Chakra Bracelet

                          #13 Lively Hope - Mother of Pearl Star of David Necklace

                            When we give ourselves permission to be aligned with the things that are most important to us, we bring more of those things into our life. The Lively Hope - Mother of Pearl Star of David Necklace from Karma & Luck has a deeply calming energy that provides a layer of protection to the wearer.

                            This necklace fills the spirit up with the necessary confidence to view situations from a new and more understanding perspective. You are encouraged to view the world with grace and optimism when you are reminded of the significance of the Star of David emblem.Mother Of Pearl Star Of David Necklace

                            #14 Heightened Imagination - Mother of Pearl Evil Eye Necklace

                              If you listen carefully, you can hear your soul speak. With this necklace, you can allow your thoughts to drift away into a state of ultimate bliss. The Heightened Imagination - Mother of Pearl Evil Eye Necklace works to repair detrimental ideas and feelings by encasing dark energy in a bubble of healing light.

                              By wearing a mother of pearl stone, your aura will be filled with happiness and creativity, which will assist you in your quest for higher wisdom and truth. Meanwhile, the powerful emblem of the evil eye will keep the negative things out of your life, while allowing the positive things to come to fruition.

                              #15 Blissful Life - Pearl Aquamarine Labradorite Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

                                If you follow what brings you joy, the universe will open doors for you where there were previously just barriers. The way forward has already been paved, and Karma & Luck's Blissful Life - Pearl Aquamarine Labradorite Evil Eye Charm Bracelet is here to be your reliable friend during this intensely personal endeavor.

                                This necklace features the pearl, which is considered to be one of nature's most pristine creations. It also holds a powerful evil eye symbol, gorgeous labradorite stones, and blissful aquamarine stone, all adding to its innate brilliance. Pearl Aquamarine Labradorite Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

                                Discover the Pearl for You

                                Created within the depths of the sea and connected to the mystical powers of the moon, pearls are one of the world’s greatest treasures. Promising beauty and power, this stone exudes elegance and class.

                                Worn and adored by humans for centuries, this is one stone that will never go out of style. With its added benefits and healing powers, there is truly nothing like a pearl.  Ready to add a pearl to your jewelry box? Visit our website to browse our full collection of pearl earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more!Luck, Success and Intention Jewelry Collections

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