Be Practiced, Not Perfect: 7 Spiritual "Practices" For Success

"Practice makes perfect." How many times have we heard that sentence growing up? Of course, our parents, teachers, coaches, and a few Aunts and Uncles, thrown in for good measure probably chanted the same sentence with the hope that we would embrace this quote and run a hundred miles an hour toward our goals with endless enthusiasm.

But it really doesn't seem to work out that way most of the time.

On top of that, we are now living in an "instant" gratification generation with false visual realities. A zero to hero mentality that social media has so graciously presented to us that we may never live up to, and yet our self-esteem takes a hit every time and the word "perfect" takes on a whole new meaning. 

The "perfect" girl, with the "perfect" hair and the "perfect" boyfriend, who has the "perfect" one million followers. While there is some level of respect for the amount of time and energy this individual has put toward her goal, and if she is influencing you (pun fully intended), then her daily "practice" is truly perfected. 

But the question is...

What is your "perfect" that you need to "practice?"

There is so much more to "practicing" than meets the eye. Whatever you wish to achieve requires determination, passion, and above all, patience, not perfection. You can practice things you're completely devoid of feeling good about and eventually, you may get it right, even perfect your attempts.

But is the energy you're putting out in the right place? Are you passionate? Is that your endgame? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen? 

If the answer is "I'm still trying to figure that out," or "I've tried so hard but failed so many times, I give up." Or the most popular, "What I love and want to do is way too competitive, I don't stand a chance."

Then this article will help you find your level of "perfect." Because failure, much like everything else in life, is an option (illusion) and perhaps, for now, not one you are ready to embrace. But you can.

To become truly successful at anything in life, we need to practice, focus and work hard to reach a level of accomplishment. Then, of course, there is trial and error, heartbreak, disappointment, and the ever-elusive triumph that lay ahead. But the light that shines through us, deep within that raises our self-esteem and pushes us forward, doesn't come from outside achievements. 

Quite the opposite. 

What if, in the interim of your discovery, you focus on your spiritual practice and intention. Let this become the "perfect" goal to achieve right now? It doesn't seem as daunting. And truth be told, once you discover how to reach into the recess of your third eye and heart chakra, you will find all of the encouragement to defy any emotional setbacks.

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It All Starts With Intention

Every great master or guru teaches their students to begin with doing something repeatedly to learn the art of discipline because that is where proper practice begins.

Setting intentions has the potential to change your life and shift your way of thinking. Even the smallest ones create the most significant shifts... 

What else happens when you begin to focus on your intentions?

  • Once you begin practicing a daily mantra, every day, and it becomes a natural habit, or "practice," if you will, you will start to understand the peace and effect this has on your attitude. Now, you have created a daily exercise and achieved a goal.
  • You will become responsible, receptive, if not addicted to feeling empowered, and the more you practice this, the more you will crave the discipline when you start seeing the results. In and of itself, that is reaching "perfection."

You have the power to set your daily intentions your way. What can they consist of? Let's start with some easy ones as we work our way toward higher intentions.

  • Meditating for 10 minutes on Mon, Wed, and Fri.
  • Walking for 30 minutes on Tues, Thurs and Sat
  • Five minutes of morning mantras, every morning.
  • Five minutes of evening gratitude prayers every night.

After one month, you will begin to envelop this practice. It will become a desire, a sole purpose, and then you will realize that you've created something "perfect" in your life and that consistency will be tough to give up. That is how successful people think and feel every day. 

One of the most beautiful aspects of embracing a spiritual practice (and making it your "perfect") is that your self-image and self-confidence will grow over time. The word "self" is so powerful that most perceive it in the wrong way. But now you're beginning to understand that the girl with the one million followers who looks "perfect" every single day and posts her "perfect" life, is in fact, not "perfect." No one is, literally, no one. 

Perfection is an illusion, one snapped by our cell phones and placed on social media to sit for all time. It's a beautiful day when you know the difference between your truth and someone else's. By becoming enlightened, it will always reveal itself.

Learning the art of daily "spiritual practice" will allow you to understand that "how" you perceive something vs. what you know to be accurate, is in fact, perfect perception. As a result, you'll stop feeling intimidated and begin to feel empowered.

You are you in every sense of the word and essence. There is no one like you, and that makes you unique. However, if you don't feel that way and want to work on yourself, you'll need to understand that self-improvement comes when your mind and the body find a way to sync up. 

Mind First!!!!!!!

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Confidence is always a key factor in all successful people. Some are naturally confident, while others have to build their confidence over time through trial and error. Confident people pick themselves back up when a failure occurs and ask, "how can I do it better or differently." Then, they lick their wounds and move on. Your spiritual practice will enable you to do that too.

The good news is that "confidence" can be designed from scratch and per personality. You aren't like anyone else and may handle circumstances far better or worse than the next person.

Here's a question: "How many 'successful' people do you know." 

Success is measured in so many different ways. It isn't always about the money, yet we live in a society that deems us successful because we are rich or have a great job, have super relationships, and have the most awesome kids. And the crème de resistance, our friends and family are all cut out of cream cheese with no flaws.

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The "Kardashians" is a show that depicts perfection, yet not so much in the real world and real life. Of course, there is no such thing as "perfection," but there is one significant thing, and that is "perception." 

How do you view success, and what do you need to get there? 

Start by asking yourself the question, "what is my happy, successful place and what does that look like?" It is guaranteed that everyone's answer will vary, and the only one that matters is yours. Don't compare yourself to anyone else.

Creating these spiritual practices below will help you begin to build the confidence you need to become successful in everything you do. This is your security blanket, so when you take chances, and you will, and something goes wrong, you will not give up.

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You are a walking, talking, breathing, confidence achieving, and uber-successful thinking individual because you are a spiritual gangster, and failure is not an option.

So, along with the intentions listed above, take on these seven practices and use them as your daily mantra if you're so inclined. You may even wish to post them around the house.

  1. Trust your intuition: You were born to do something. As we stated above, write down the sentence "what is my happy, successful place and what does that look like." If you're currently in a good place but want to advance, write this down and begin trusting your inner voice. Confident people trust their judgment. Let this be your starting point.

  2. Let go of the past: It's done, it's over. Take what you can from the lessons you've learned and let it slip away. As it starts to rise in your mind, say, "thank you, this doesn't serve me anymore." Your brain will get the message when repeated repeatedly, and the nagging negative voices will go away. Confident people don't allow guilt to interfere with their lives. The more your practice letting go, the easier it will be over time. How perfect is that? :)

  3. Be conscious of your spiritual confidence: Setting goals and plucking them off one by one works well but can cause some forms of anxiety. Go back to your spiritual confidence. Breathe in the positive and breathe out the fear. It works. "I am in my safe zone, and the fear is gone." That is a powerful mantra. Confident people know the difference between fear and worry. Now, so do you. This practice is perfect when applied. Make sure you use it.

  4. Vibrational consistency and spiritual strengths: As your confidence fluctuates, and it will, in the beginning, use mental strength mantras to bring you back. Repeat them over and over, every day if you have to. Eventually, your mind will understand these powerful words. Confident people are resilient and have inner strength. Add these mantras toward your daily intentions and collect a few more for yourself, then practice them over and over again. Finally, your brain will thank you.
      • I am strong.
      • This setback is temporary.
      • I can solve this problem; it's only a problem.
      • I have solutions
      • I am manifesting in my time.

    5. Get familiar with the unfamiliar: Inevitably, there will be "some" discomfort in taking on something new. Become familiar with the unfamiliar and learn as much as you can about anything you're taking on. Use your spiritual mantras and practices to get your thoughts into a positive space with the unfamiliar, and do NOT let it take over your thoughts. Grow and know. Three words you will repeat over and over until it becomes fun and familiar. Confident people enjoy the discomfort of growing because they are getting acquainted and with their goals. With time and consistent practice, you too will become more comfortable with being uncomfortable.

    7. Balance your emotions: When and if anxiety starts to take over, sit, and breathe. SIT AND BREATHE. Clear your mind of negativity and compartmentalize. The first step is to get your emotions under control by sitting in a quiet space for 5 to 10 minutes (remember, the more you practice your intentions, the easier it becomes) and breathing in positive energy. If chanting out loud is your gig, chant away. They are powerful in reducing blood pressure and organizing thoughts. Once you're done, you will feel calm and ready to figure out the next steps. Keep in mind that the higher your vibration, the more you will accomplish. Confident people know how to temper their emotions, and the more you practice, the quicker you will bounce back.

    7. Spiritual Discipline: This is so important in every aspect of your life. Create a spiritual discipline you love and are comfortable with doing every day. This will help you manifest what you need to conquer your fears and set your future ablaze with opportunities and the chances you're willing to take. 

        • Make your bed every day and recite a powerful mantra for those 5 minutes.
        • Read spiritual books that make you think positively and bring you joy.
        • Go for a 30-minute walk every day and listen to spiritual audio, mantras, or music while you're reciting your power mantras in your mind.
        • Learn the power of yoga: the ultimate physical and spiritual discipline.

      Write down the following put and it somewhere you will see it every day.

      "I choose to have a life that sustains me emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and financially."

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      Intentions lead to manifestation. Start with the steps at the beginning of this article and make practicing and focusing on your daily intentions your number one motivation. Your "perfect" is the only one you need to focus on.

      Now that you have the "7 Spiritual Principles of Success," incorporate these into your daily life as you start to build your future without fear of failure but with faith. 

      One last and significant step for you: Celebrate your successes, the small, medium, and big ones. Every step is an accomplishment. You've got this.

      As you begin your journey toward practicing 'your' perfect, let Karma and Luck's Chakra Collection keep you balanced and moving forward. 

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