What is the difference between Karma and Bad luck?

It is from assorted wits that will tell us that being superstitious is bad luck in itself. And yet, there are multitudes of people that believe that experiencing a lot of negative incidences is the result of bad luck. Some will even say it is karma. Then there are those who think that bad luck and karma are two totally different things.

Let’s take a look at the beliefs of those who follow karma. Those are the people that believe whatever deeds we do in our past, shape our present and our future. Some extremists believe that when bad things are happening to us, it is nothing more than just our own fault.

And this is true to some extent if you think about it.  If we commit a crime, we will pay the time. But it doesn’t stop there, does it? We are ostracized in our community, maybe even our family. It can be difficult to be gainfully employed. So in this situation, the dots definitely connect the cause and effect, right?

Basic Bad Luck

Then there are those ordinary people that will have a string of bad luck which has nothing to do with anything they’ve done. Some will claim that they are being punished by God for something. However, experts will tell us that this world has a naturalistic and non-mystical viewpoint. Therefore consideration of the “sum of all histories and probabilities” may be the explanation.

Life here on earth is chaotic for the most part and when we add the chaos of individuals in our society, the outcome is going to be huge in regards to deterministic events. In our everyday lives, there are many factors that we could ever imagine.

For instance, you’re on your way to work, the last thing on your mind is that as you walk across the street, a distracted driver runs over you. No matter what distracted that driver, your day is ruined. Your immediate thought “my bad luck.” But what we fail to see is that light of reasoning here.  Your “bad luck” being what caused that specific person to become distracted is as possible as a butterfly’s wings flapping in Italy will make it rain in North Carolina.

Superstitious Thoughts

Luck is a useful way of assigning attributes to the outcomes in life. Meaning, when the outcomes please us, we consider it our good luck. And when the outcomes don’t please us, we consider it our bad luck. So are we not awarded or punished by a higher element sitting in judgment of us because we broke some universal code with our conduct? Or does stuff simply just happen?

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