Aquarius Season Horoscope Predictions

Lots of exciting changes coming for you and all of the signs in 2020!

The big news is the co-ruler of your sign, Saturn, will move into Aquarius in March. Saturn’s last transit in Aquarius was between Feb 1991 – May 1994. Saturn is the planet of lessons, responsibility and karma. Expect rewards for the hard work you’ve put in OR expect hard lessons and/or consequences for the work you should’ve done but chose not to.

Your best bet this year is to clean up all the things in your life that are not keeping you aligned with your vision and goals! Whether those things include bad habits, complicated relationships, toxic family, soul sucking friends, dead-end jobs or negative mindsets, this is the year to clean it up and release it so you can move forward lighter, freer, and in sync with the life you want to live.
  • Aries - Career will be on your mind during Aquarius season. Make sure you work through any legal matters that may come up. Your dreams will be very prophetic. Write them down.
  • Taurus - Get out and make your dreams come true. During this Aquarius season do the work necessary to put your vision into action. Stop sitting on the sidelines, connect with friends and associates and network.
  • Gemini - You may want to do some travel this month. If you can’t travel, do something out of your norm. Go to a new restaurant, visit a museum you’ve been wanting to experience, or go to a new exercise class. This will get your juices flowing and inspire you in ways you forgot possible.
  • Cancer - This Aquarius season is a great opportunity to focus on your health and fitness. Make it stick with the Aquarius New Moon, Jan 24th.
  • Leo - Romance will be on your mind during Aquarius season. If you’re not in a relationship get out and mix and mingle.
  • Virgo - You may get caught up with family obligations but don’t despair. Your willingness to help during this Aquarius season will be rewarded in the coming months.
  • Libra - Lots of socializing this Aquarius season will fill your time. Meetings, weekend get-away, and catching up with friends and family should be on the agenda. Just pace yourself.
  • Scorpio - This Aquarius season, connect with what’s important so you can create your vision and start manifesting. Also, get your financial house in order so things can start to fall into place.
  • Sagittarius - While the Sun is in Aquarius, your attention will be on bringing more money into your bank account. You may even want to put some time into getting your side-hustle off the ground.
  • Capricorn - You will have an opportunity during Aquarius season to get something special to you off the ground. The energy requires that you take no short cuts and realize that bringing a dream to fruition takes focus and consistency. You got this Cap!
  • Pisces - Aquarius season for you, dear Pisces, is self-care. Take time to get a massage, meditate, eat well, and rest up for your birthday month.
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