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The most common knowledge of astrology that people have is their “zodiac sign” or sun sign which is dictated by the position of the Sun during the day someone was born.

Though this astral placement is meant to represent someone's core personality, many people feel they don't completely fit the attributes of their sun sign, making it hard for them to explore the possibilities and wisdom of astrology.

If you’re one of these people, fear not—sun signs are but one facet of astrology and a deeper look promises everyone a more in-depth understanding of who they are.

Introducing the Moon Sign

Dictated by the placement of the Earth’s satellite on the day of someone’s birth, this lunar entity influences one’s emotional and instinctual capacity.

The moon affects your deepest feelings and the crucial details of your character and intuition. Ruled by the sign of Cancer, the moon's energy and nature are feminine and nurturing, representing the mother, and is reflective of your private home life.

Every sign functions differently under the moon, but it’s crucial to understand what each of them means, especially for those who operate their life with a more emotionally-involved schema.

It isn’t unusual for some to relate more deeply with their moon sign rather than their sun sign, but one should always take note of how the two interact.

To find out your moon sign, make sure you have your complete natal chart, which can also reveal various dimensions of your life and inner self.

Moon in Aries

As Aries is known for its fiery and dramatic flair, the first giveaway of someone with a moon in Aries is a short temper and quick, passionate emotional responses, whether it be positive or negative.

Aries moons can be extremely impulsive when it comes to expressing their emotions, which may make them prone to arguments and short-lived outbursts, but they can also be extremely enthusiastic when expressing their concern and affection by being playful or particularly physical.

Because this moon sign is quite energetic, this may result in an affinity to sports and other physical activities or interests.

Aries moons also have a tendency for leadership and independence, so they avoid situations where they feel trapped or limited. To positively develop with this moon sign, one has to learn how to better weigh the pros and cons of every situation.

Moon in Taurus

Taurean energy is typically described as focused on balance and stability, and it carries over as a moon sign. Someone with this star placement may have calm emotional energy with an affinity for tenderness and affectionate physical contact.

These are also the types of people who love to hold onto objects because of their sentimental value, though at the same time, they have a penchant for luxury.

Taurus moons should be careful not to let this preference for comfort and convenience make them lazy, which means that people with this placement should always seek changes in their daily routine.

Given these tendencies, someone with a Taurus moon prefers to express affection through hugs or special presents. While this sign is usually stable, when unregulated, they can become stubborn and possessive with their romantic partners, and they may have a hard time accepting relationship failures.

Moon in Gemini

Gemini is the sign of high-powered and productive sharing of information and interests, which makes people with this moon sign quite moody when it comes to communication.

Blocking out communication and over-expressing themselves can become this placement’s core problems. As an air sign, Gemini under the moon may give someone an analytic yet unpredictable view of their emotions, making them prone to rapidly changing their mind over a decision or opinion.

Lunar Geminis are extremely talkative and need partners who can keep up with their pace; a surefire way to make someone with this moon sign stray is to be boring and complacent.

As a sign that is appreciative of their freedom and exploring different possibilities in the world, they hate having jealous partners and appreciate others who share their analytical way of thinking.

Moon in Cancer

Because the moon is already ruled by Cancer, there’s no better place for this aspect of one’s natal chart because it amplifies the moon’s energy and influence in someone’s life.

Cancer moons are emotional and expressive individuals who have very motherly qualities, making them highly protective and nurturing, especially when it comes to family members.

These strong attachments mean that people with this moon sign can tread toward jealousy and obsession, making it important that they guard their feelings and try to think more rationally.

Because of the fragile nature of emotions, Cancer moons can be quite sensitive but forgiving after a conflict. They have a tendency to take care of people around them, which can cause anxiety or awkwardness when they feel that their affection isn’t being accepted or returned.

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Moon in Leo

As a fire sign, Leo gives off passionate, intense, and often theatrical energy, which passes over to one's emotional tendencies as a moon sign. People with this placement enjoy flattery and being the center of attention, which means that the Leo moon's ego is sensitive.

It’s typical for them to feel emotionally threatened by criticism regardless of its nature. This can make them overprotective of themselves and suspicious of people who flatter them too much.

Leo moons are typically independent people with a good sense of humor, and though they aren’t extremely sociable, they enjoy feeling like a leader that’s depended upon in small groups.

When it comes to romantic partners, lunar Leos are fond of grand gestures of love, especially ones that grab other people’s attention.

Moon in Virgo

The Virgo sign is usually noted for its analytical and organized nature, making someone with this moon placement emotionally stable but prone to overthinking.

As perfectionists, Virgo moons may feel the need to hold back on their emotions if they feel they are being irrational, making it necessary that they seek out the truth in how they feel and accept their own flaws instead.

The Virgo moon’s analytical processing emotions makes them great at giving other people advice.

They also have a deep connection with their career or personal projects, especially because they have such high standards for themselves. Though this may contribute to their self-esteem, Virgo moons enjoy serving and helping people they care about more than they appreciate receiving it from others instead.

Moon in Libra

Libras are known for being the diplomat of the zodiacs, so a balancing emotional energy is found in people who have this moon placement. Because Libra rules over the 7th House, they have a particular focus on romantic relationships and partnerships.

They’re also generally talented in creating bonds with other types of companions and between other individuals because of their skills in negotiation and mediation.

Libra moons are charming individuals, but they can become extremely concerned of other people’s opinions of them, which can turn them into people pleasers, and so lunar Libras have to make sure they stand up for themselves and what they believe in.

People with this sign also have a keen eye for aesthetics and may have an affinity for design and decorating.

Moon in Scorpio

Scorpios are known as the fire sign of the water signs, making them extremely attune to their emotions while having the potential for fiery passion and vengeance when things go sour.

Under the moon, the Scorpio placement may make someone sensitive and secretive at the same time, either because they desire to protect themselves or are just generally suspicious of other people. This watchful intuition makes Scorpio moons keen on details and logic, making them excel in sciences and puzzles.

Because this placement enjoys their privacy, they don’t typically rush their emotions and take their time internalizing crucial experiences and feelings.

Their sensitivity can lend themselves to hate being perceived as weak or out of control, which can make them act emotionally detached or cruel despite suffering from pain.

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Moon in Sagittarius

The adventurous Sagittarius brings several gifts as a moon sign, attributing people with a penchant for exploration, the unknown, and a worldly sense of optimism. Sagittarius moons are drawn to fun and energetic people and activities, which makes up the best environment for them to grow and expand.

A common problem within people with this placement is that they can forget to be mindful of other people’s emotions because they’re too concerned with their own development.

As a sign that largely appreciates freedom, Sagittarius moons tend to view failures and struggles in the same way: they move on quickly in search for something more pleasurable, making it necessary that they seek out time to slow down and properly process their experiences.

Moon in Capricorn

Because Capricorn is the opposite sign to Cancer, people with this moon placement are advised to pay special attention to their emotional tendencies.

Because this sign likes to feel in control, Capricorn moons are typically serious people who don't allow themselves to freely experience what they feel. This makes them especially fit for situations that require objectivity and logic, and their typically guarded nature against change makes them loyal to those they grow to be vulnerable with.

Capricorn moons can be ambitious individuals and will seek out success in everything they do. Capricorn moons should mine their self-discipline but also learn to accept and make peace with their mistakes.

Moon in Aquarius

Despite the Aquarian reputation for emotional detachment, this moon sign can be fairly unpredictable with emotions, depending on someone’s beliefs and principles.

Aquarius moons have an altruistic approach to their feelings that make them concerned with the welfare of many people instead of just their own. They are governed by justice and fairness, which leads them to make decisions that eliminate as much suffering and hardship as possible.

It’s likely for Aquarius moons to feel like they are out of place, or that they never truly belong to anybody; these individuals are always trying to make sense of their emotions instead of feeling them. Good practice for Aquarius moons is to live in the moment and be open to different interpretations and ideas.

Moon in Pisces

Since Pisces is one of the most sensitive signs, this moon placement typically makes people very fragile while feeling their emotions in an intense manner that may overwhelm them.

As a sign that's also characteristically shy, Pisces moons may also carry fear for expressing their emotions, especially when they're in situations where their response can lead to abandonment or large conflicts. These tendencies can be seen as a result of the Pisces moon’s tendency to feel emotion but not acknowledge and understand it.

A moon in Pisces can signal to particular creativity in one’s soul, making them prone to having vivid imaginations and daydreaming, which makes them great admirers of abstract concepts like love and happiness.

It’s important for Pisces moons to wield this creativity into emotionally strengthening themselves and diminishing their fears.


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