Access Spiritual Bliss with 8 Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Deals

Amidst the season of gratitude, gifts, and gatherings, comes the shoppers’ favorite holiday - Black Friday. Coming down from the turkey and stuffing coma, the sale of the year begins.

At Karma and Luck, we have high vibrational Black Friday gifts for everyone on your list. Whether you are looking for healing stone jewelry or sacred, symbolic homewares, we have you covered with gorgeous, spiritually-minded designs. 

Starting on the 25th of November, we will be offering sitewide deals that cannot be missed. If you have had your eye on any of our stunning, spiritually-charged designs, then this Blalck Friday is the perfect time to make them yours. Our Black Friday gifts are perfect for giving to family and friends, or for gifting to yourself. 

Everyone on your holiday shopping list is special to you, offering unique blessings to your life. Give them a gift that demonstrates your appreciation for the light they bring to your life with dazzling Black Friday holiday gifts from Karma and Luck.

With options for men, women, children, and even pets, we are sure to have something for everyone! Different from traditional jewelry, our jewels will do more than just add beauty to their lives.

On top of their striking designs, our jewelry promises a wealth of healing and protective abilities.

Each stone is equipped with different energy, allowing you to give a personalized and thoughtful Black Friday gift to each of your loved ones. Choose the stones that match their spirit and the energy they could use a bit more of in their lives. 

Gift-giving can be stressful, time consuming, and expensive, but it does not have to be! Take advantage of these deals and find the best Black Friday gifts from Karma and Luck.

Black Friday Deals

On our easy-to-browse website, you will be able to quickly scan through various filters, helping you find the ideal gift for the people you love.

With less time worrying about gifts and less time shopping in the mall, you will have more time to spend with family and friends.

The holiday season just got a whole lot more enjoyable! Take a load off and get all your shopping done this year on Black Friday. 

Although the holiday season is a time of showing gratitude for loved ones with thoughtful gifts, let us not forget the most important relationship in our lives - the one we have with ourselves.

Black Friday Deals

Show yourself some serious self-love this year and give yourself a beautiful Black Friday holiday gift.

Made with high-quality, durable materials and authentic gemstones and crystals, our jewelry can be cherished and worn for a lifetime. Serving as a token of the pride you have for yourself and how far you have come, these sparkling gifts for yourself are truly something special. 

Ready to do some mindful Black Friday gift shopping? Read on to discover our top picks for everyone on your list. 

Black Friday Deals

4 Stunning Black Friday Gifts for Women

Have a special woman in your life and looking for the perfect Black Friday gifts for her? We have you covered. Read on to discover four beautiful options to show your love. 

#1 Gentle Spirit - Mother of Pearl Multi Charm Ring

Radiating with warm, loving, and peaceful energy, the gleaming mother of pearl stone works to soothe the soul and fill the spirit with bright energy. When dealing with times of emotional distress, mother of pearl is here to calm the nerves and bring you back to center.

This luminescent white stone harnesses the tranquil vibrations of the deep seas to bring you back to a state of true inner peace. Imagination, intuition, and deep healing are all accessed with this mother of pearl ring worn on the finger.

Additionally, this “Gentle Spirit” ring features six sacred symbols that provide a wealth of powerful energy to the wearer.

Fitted with an evil eye, the moon, the lotus, the Om, a heart, and a star, your soul will be guided towards its highest path and your greatest potential.

This ring is one of the top Black Friday Christmas gifts for mom, as it wraps her in your loving embrace. It would also be a beautiful symbol of romantic love, making it an ideal Black Friday gift for a wife. 

Gentle Spirit - Mother of Pearl Multi Symbol Ring

Gentle Spirit - Mother of Pearl Ring
Gentle Spirit - Mother of Pearl Ring
The divine self guides you always, and the luminous light of the soul protects you. Surround yourself with ultimate protection with our "...
Regular price $129
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#2 Abundant Radiance - Amethyst Hamsa Pendant Necklace

This show stopping necklace is sure to reign in an abundance of compliments. Sparkling with amethyst, marcasite, and turquoise, this statement necklace is not only beautiful, but also vibrating with potent healing powers.

Serving as the ultimate protector, the Hamsa hand, featured on this piece, has been revered throughout the ages and in cultures worldwide. Wrapping the wearer in protective, loving energy, it defends from harm and repels negativity. Positive energy flows freely into the wearer’s life, opening up new doors of opportunity and blessings.

The blue-green turquoise stones provide healing, balance, and prosperity, while the rich, purple amethyst stones promote passion, energy, and health. The golden marcasite stone encourages wisdom, courage, and expression. Working together, these three stones and the all-seeing Hamsa surround the body and soul in divine love. 

Abundant Radiance Amethyst Hamsa Pendant Necklace

Abundant Radiance Amethyst Hamsa Pendant Necklace
Abundant Radiance Amethyst Hamsa Pendant Necklace
Your inner light shines when you are at peace with yourself and the world around you. Our one-of-a-kind Abundant Radiance Amethyst Hamsa ...
Regular price $319
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#3 Aligned in Balance - Multicolor Enamel Chakra Hoop Earrings

Let the radiance of your soul shine with these stunning multicolor enamel hoop earrings. Representing each color of the chakra, the hoop earrings are surrounded in colorful evil eye symbols.

When the chakras are aligned, energy can flow more freely throughout the body and soul, which opens you up to the potential lying dormant within you.

Life will feel more easy-breezy with these energetic earrings worn on the body. With their colorful vibe, you can mix and match these with any outfit! The colors of the chakra system help to keep you balanced emotionally and physically, while the evil eye symbols will repel negativity from your surroundings. Walk in divine light with these 18k gold plated brass earrings.

If you are looking for the best Black Friday gifts for her, then you just found it! They make an excellent Black Friday gift for mom, ensuring she is always protected. 

Aligned in Balance - Multicolor Enamel Chakra Hoop Earrings

Aligned in Balance - Multicolor Enamel Chakra Hoop Earrings
Aligned in Balance - Multicolor Enamel Chakra Hoop Earrings
Awaken to the beauty of your highest self; now is the moment to embrace who you are. Our vivacious "Aligned in Balance - Enamel Chakra Ea...
Regular price $99
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#4 Luminous Love - Pearl Diamond Heart Charm Necklace

Made with 18k gold plated brass and a sterling silver chain, the “Luminous Love” necklace is a beautiful expression of your love. It makes for a memorable Black Friday gift for a wife, wrapping her in your unconditional affection. 

Each time she places this dazzling necklace on, she will be reminded of how much you truly love her. No matter the distance or time apart - you will always be connected by this Black Friday gift for her.

Adorned in gleaming pearls, this necklace inspires prosperity, imagination, intuition, and loyalty. These gifts from the sea are elegant and timeless in their beauty. The shiny heart charm is fitted with a sparkling diamond chip, adding to the overall design and luxury of this piece. 

Luminous Love - Pearl Diamond Heart Charm Necklace

Luminous Love - Pearl Diamond Heart Charm Necklace
Luminous Love - Pearl Diamond Heart Charm Necklace
When your mind, body, and spirit are aligned in love, you radiate optimism and happiness. The "Luminous Love - Pearl Diamond Heart Charm ...
Regular price $229
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4 Striking Black Friday Gifts for Men

Searching for men’s Black Friday gifts? Whether you are looking for your dad, brother, husband, or friend, we have you covered. Read on to discover four of our favorite Black Friday gifts for him. 

#1 Consistent Strength - Black Gold Plated Anchor Bracelet

Representing hope and safety, the anchor serves as your stabilizing force. You will be propelled towards your goals, allowing you to reach your highest potential. With this bracelet worn consistently on the body, your dreams become more and more attainable.

Confidence grows, determination increases, and every door of opportunity is opened before you. Black gold plated, this bracelet helps you weather every storm and keeps you steadfast on your path.

Wear this “Consistent Strength” as your daily reminder of the power lying within you, knowing that you can access that whenever you need. The black cubic zirconia crystals add to the subtle elegance and stylish charm of this unique bracelet. This piece is one of the best Black Friday gifts for dad, reminding him of his youthful vigor. 

Consistent Strength - Black Gold Plated Anchor Bracelet

Karma and Luck  Bracelet  -  Consistent Strength - Black Gold Plated Anchor Bracelet
0% OFF
Consistent Strength - Anchor Bracelet
If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten. A deeper meaning to our purposeful "Consistent Strength - Black ...
Regular price $369 Sale price $206
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#2 Nurturing Protector - Cobra Buddha Jade Pendant Necklace

While following our dreams, we could all use a bit of protection. Providing the divine guardianship of the Universe, this unique necklace is powerful in its abilities. Fitted with both the Buddha and the cobra, ill will and negativity will have no place in your life.

Obstacles will be removed and the path will be cleared for you to follow your dreams. The snake head provides protection, new opportunities, and wisdom to the wearer. As the animal of transformation, it reminds you to gracefully accept the ever changing nature of life.

Blessed with supreme spiritual energy, the Buddha encourages serenity, enlightenment, and divine wisdom. Adorned with a rich green jade stone, prosperity is accessed and abundance blooms. No matter who you are shopping for, this necklace is a wonderful Black Friday gift for him. 

Nurturing Protector - Cobra Buddha Jade Pendant Necklace

Karma and Luck  Necklaces - Mens  -  Nurturing Protector- Snakehead Jade Eye Pendant
0% OFF
Nurturing Protector - Cobra Buddha Jade Pendant Necklace
We all seek some protection to prosper and explore new opportunities in life. The "Nurturing Protector - Cobra Buddha Jade Pendant Neckla...
Regular price $289 Sale price $231
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#3 Supreme Bliss - Onyx Lapis Tiger’s Eye Mantra Bracelet

Fitted with three potent healing stones, this “Supreme Bliss” mantra bracelet wraps you in the loving embrace of the Universe. Bursting with powerful Earthy energy, these colorful stones work to fill your spirit with serenity and joy.

The grounding black onyx stones are dark in appearance, but bright in possibility. These stones provide calm energy, protection, and stress relief.

Rich blue lapis lazuli stones promote truth, awareness, and wisdom, while fierce tiger’s eye stones encourage bravery, balance, and protection.

Additionally, the silver mantra barrels add aesthetic appeal along with mind protection, concentration, and profound spiritual energy. Give this Black Friday Gift for dad to your greatest supporter, and watch his spirit soar. 

Supreme Bliss - Onyx Lapis Tiger's Eye Mantra Bracelet

Karma and Luck  Bracelets - Mens  -  Sterling Silver Oxy Mantra Bracelet Onyx/ Lapis/ Tiger Eye
100% OFF
Supreme Bliss - Onyx Lapis Tiger's Eye Mantra Bracelet
Count your blessings, not your problems, and you will realize that you are already blessed. Our one-of-a-kind  "Supreme Bliss - Onyx Lapi...
Regular price $349 Sale price $161
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#4 Protective Power - Eye of Horus Mantra Ring

One of the world's oldest and most sacred symbols, the eye of Horus is steeped in otherworldly protection. As you progress on your spiritual journey towards enlightenment, you may find obstacles come in your way. However, with the help of this ancient guardian by your side, the challenges will be minimized and your power maximized.

Courage fills your soul, knowing that you do not walk alone. This “Protective Power” ring serves as your fearless guardian throughout every step of your life. As you feel comforted by this divine energy, your confidence will be boosted.

Regain your power and return to your truth with the assistance of this mantra ring worn on the finger. Made with black gold plated and gold plated brass, this ring is a stylish Black Friday gift for men to cherish and wear everyday with pride.

Protective Power - Eye of Horus Mantra Ring

Karma and Luck  Rings - Mens  -  Protective Power - Eye of Horus Mantra Ring
Protective Power - Eye of Horus Mantra Ring Large
Your soul is your ultimate guidance system. You can think of your soul as the compass, map, and destination all in one.  If you're worrie...
Regular price $99
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Shop High-Vibe Black Friday Deals from Karma and Luck

This year, make Black Friday a spiritual event. Shop for healing stones and symbolic jewelry for  yourself and all of the loved ones on your holiday list. Starting on November 25th, we will be offering significant deals on all of our jewelry.

Now is the time to make big changes in your life, welcoming in the warm, cheerful energy of the holiday season. Let the divine light of the Universe fill your soul with joy, as you adorn yourself and those you love in gorgeous, spiritually-tuned jewelry. 

Looking to get a headstart on your Black Friday shopping? Visit our website and browse our full collection of stunning crystal jewelry and homewares. Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our Women's Jewelry Collections

Women's Jewelry

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