A Taurus Woman – Detailed, Alluring, Loyal with a Touch of Flair

A Taurus Woman – Detailed, Alluring, Loyal with a Touch of Flair

A key element of all Taurus women is their levels of perseverance.  This is the sign that wins at all costs, and it is derived from levels of determination that are unprecedented. A Taurus woman knows what she wants and gets what she wants.

Very similar to the Hierophant in Tarot, those born under Taurus are somewhat secretive, but achieve all their goals. They know much but share little – as they move in silence to get everything they desire. Silence, to a Taurus woman – is a key alluring trait of this woman, who might use this subtle art of temptation to attract those of the opposite sex. A man wants what a man cannot have, and a Taurean gal knows how to play this hand to the utmost.

A Taurean woman sets her sights on manifestations and achieves them with an unwavering commitment to get there.  She is a thinker, a plotter  - a master in details and thinking ahead and determining roadblocks and obstacles so far ahead, that a different route can be taken with ease if a quick turn is needed.  She is a fan of education, and whether she continues to college and post degrees, often takes classes in many different areas to not only enhance her skills but to separate her talents from the rest such as gardening, cooking, and languages.

 However, a Taurus lady must allow herself the leeway to not always be the most “perfect” and learn that flaws are the art of character and that what may appear to be perfect in her eyes, isn’t pure perfection. This may lead a bit of anxiety if a Taurus woman feels that she has not accomplished a task to the highest, even if the task was completed, let’s say – perfectly.  A Taurus woman speaks with superlatives – best, most, greatest, as the need to be number one is ensured in her DNA and personality.

What many don’t know about the Taurus woman is that she enjoys looking at maps, devising plans and critical thinking. These women like to follow a daily plan-of-action, and often do the same morning ritual routines – making coffee brushing teeth, laying out clothes for the next day, turning on the dishwasher at night, lowering the air conditioner – naturally without even knowing that they are doing it. It becomes part of their daily functions almost on “autopilot”.

A Taurus woman is very likely to get her car washed each week, whether it needs it or not – regardless of if it is raining or snow with poor weather conditions.Steadfast Patience - Taurus Zodiac Onyx NecklaceThe Taurus woman, ruled by Venus, pays attention to every detail and feature.  She is masterful at applying make-up and might find a love of the artistry that come with beautification with people or homes.  Many hairstylists, cosmetologists, aestheticians, tattoo artists, and body artists fall under this creative sign.  Those born under the sign of Taurus follow strict routines with skincare.  These ladies typically do a multi-step process each morning and night using products from the same line

Taurus women are sensual and enjoy jewelry and sparkly accessories.  A Taurus woman is likely to change her jewelry two or three times a day to match her outfit (business for work), casual at home, or for an evening dinner date.  A Taurus woman enjoys matching sets of jewelry, so even though they each might have a different look or gem, or the settings might be different, she knows inside it is a structured matching set of stones with a cohesive look and appeal. 

What we find amazing about these women is that one day they will wear silver and the next day gold or rose gold; and although they enjoy many changes in the world of jewelry, they have many different options to choose from.   Taurus woman are sentimental, and although they enjoy beatifying with the latest in fashions and trends, most likely this special woman wears one piece of sentimental jewelry in the mix of it all, a piece given to her from a child or handed down to her by an ancestor; it keeps this lady grounded and connected to what she loves most, her family.  She is adventurous with style and often wears bright colors (orange, yellow, pastels, seafoam green) and sometimes hand-bejewels her shoes for an added touch of flair.Determined Spirit - Taurus Zodiac Medallion NecklaceThe typical home of a Taurus woman is opposite of the color she likes to dress in – the home of this starlet is usually beige, muted greens and Earth tones, browns, bronze (for a little zing) and rustic décor.  There seems to always be a fireplace in this home, and seating that is designed for conversation and togetherness. Speaking of fireplaces, a Taurus home often has candles, and rugs and the heat seems to always be a little higher than an average house. To a Taurean, the warmth and coziness of a home is just as important as the décor and furnishings.   Somewhere, on a wall in this home, is a piece of history – a Victorian paining, a map, a seascape or artifacts, or antiques.  A Taurus woman holds onto old coins, and vintage stamps and other sentimental relics that could become a financial win if held onto for a while.

Speaking of aging, a Taurus woman enjoys wine, and often collect old vintages, and has learned the process of aging wine, storing the vino to perfect temperature.  If dust collects on these bottles, the Taurean woman never wipes them clean – she feels this is a badge of honor and gives the collection an astute appeal.

There will be cocktail books all over the house giving a little insight of what this woman is into – like cooking, or Italy, or architecture, or the History of Perfume. A Taurus woman will often have a safe in her home to tuck away her most valued treasures – in secrecy.Patient Progress - White Enamel Taurus Card Necklace

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