7 Spiritual Practices For Success

Spiritual Practices

Most of us are familiar with the fact that there are hundreds of books that talk about creating certain practices each day that will help us become successful, and in fact, there is a lot of truth to so many of them.

But what happens? We purchase them, read them, get super excited about the possibilities. Then nothing.

What normally ends up happening is that the daily practices become intimidating and daunting in many cases and the books end up collecting dust.

How wonderful would it be if we read the books and POOF, success just happens because we took the time to read? While that may not actually work, it is a powerful first step. The desire to make a shift.

What is the block? Why don't we follow through and what is the next step?

Spritual Practices
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Confidence is always a key factor in all successful people. Most of them are naturally confident, while others have to build their confidence over time through trial and error. Confident people pick themselves back up when a failure occurs and ask “how can I do it better or differently.” They lick their wounds and move on. 

The good news is that confidence can be learned from scratch and designed specifically for you personality. You aren’t like anyone else and may handle circumstances far better or worse than someone else.

Here’s a question: “How many successful people do you know and what makes them successful?” 

Success is measured in so many different ways. It isn’t always about the money and yet we are living in a society that deems us successful because we have money or a great job, super relationships, awesome kids, and our friends and family are all cut out of cream cheese and perfect.

Perfection! Not So Much

PERFECTION! in the real world and real life, it doesn’t exist. There is no such thing as perfection, but there is one very important thing and that is “perception.”

How do you view success and what do you need to get there?

Start by asking yourself the question “what is my happy successful place and what does that look like.” I guarantee you, every answer will vary and the most important answer, and only the correct answer, is yours. 

Creating these spiritual practices below will help you begin to build the confidence you need to become successful in everything you do. This is your security blanket, so when you take chances, and you will, and something goes wrong, you will not give up.

7 Spiritual Practices For Success

You are a walking, talking, breathing confidence-achieving, uber-successful thinking individual because you are a spiritual gangster, and failure is not an option.

  1. Trust Your Intuition: You were born to do something. As we stated above, write down the sentence “what is my happy successful place and what does that look like.” If you’re currently in a good place, but want to advance, then write this down and begin trusting your inner voice. Confident people trust their judgment.

  2. Let Go of the Past: It’s done, it’s over. You only knew what you knew back then. Take what you can from the lessons you’ve learned and let it slip away. As the doubt  starts to creep in, say “thank you, this doesn’t serve me anymore.” Your brain will get the message when repeated over and over and the nagging negative voices will go away. Confident people don’t allow guilt to interfere with their lives.

  3. Be Conscious of Your Spiritual Confidence: Setting goals and plucking them off one by one works well, but can cause some forms of anxiety. Go back to your spiritual confidence. Breathe in the positive and breathe out the fear. It works. “I am in my safe zone and the fear is gone.” That is a powerful mantra. Confidence people know the difference between fear and worry. Now so do you.

  4. Vibrational Consistency & Spiritual Strengths: As your confidence fluctuates, and it will, in the beginning, use mental strength mantras to bring you back. Repeat them over and over, every day if you have to. Eventually, your mind will understand these powerful words. Confident people are resilient and have inner strength.
    1. I am strong.
    2. This set back is temporary.
    3. I can solve this problem, it’s only a problem.
    4. I have solutions.
    5. I am manifesting in my time.
  5. Get Familiar With the Unfamiliar: Inevitably, there is going to be “some” discomfort in taking on something new. Become familiar with the unfamiliar and learn as much as you can about anything you're taking on. Use your spiritual mantras and practices to get your thoughts into a positive space with the unfamiliar and do NOT let it take over your thoughts. Grow and know. Three words you will repeat over and over until it becomes fun and familiar. Confident people enjoy the discomfort of growing because they are getting familiar with their goals.

  6. Balance Your Emotions: When and if anxiety starts to take over, sit, and breathe. SIT AND BREATH. Clear your mind of negativity and compartmentalize. The first step is to get your emotions under control by sitting in a quiet space for 5 to 10 minutes and breathing in positive energy. If chanting out loud is your gig, chant away. They are powerful in reducing blood pressure and organizing thoughts. Once you’re done, you will feel calm and you will be ready to figure out the next steps. Keep in mind that the higher your vibration, the more you will accomplish. Confident people know how to temper their emotions.

  7. Spiritual Discipline: This is so important in every aspect of your life. Create a spiritual discipline you love and are comfortable with doing every day. This will help you manifest the physical discipline you need to conquer your fears and set your future ablaze with opportunities and chances you’re willing to take. 

    1. Make your bed every day and recite a powerful mantra for those 5 minutes. Don't skip a day. Make that bed every single day.
    2. Read spiritual books that are filled with positive messages or listen to YouTube videos with the same message at least twice a week.
    3. Go for a 30-minute walk every day and listen to spiritual audio, mantras, or music while you’re reciting your power mantras in your mind.
    4. Learn the power of yoga. The ultimate physical and spiritual discipline.
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Write down the following and put it somewhere you will see it everyday. "I choose to be happy and confident every day."

Confident people take care of themselves. They practice what they preach. They take chances and fall, only to get back up. THIS IS YOU NOW.

Now, you have the 7 Spiritual Principles of Success. Incorporate these into your daily life as you start to build your future without fear of failure, but with faith.

One last and very important step for you...

Celebrate your successes, the small, medium, and big ones. Every step is an accomplishment. You’ve go this.

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  • Coniti

    Trying hard each day to move on with my life my best friend at 21 was killed by her x, my friend from work wanted help me when going thru a divorce and living away from my family in different states, I never knew this new state well enough, moved all my furniture and everything I owned, in her her garage, only when was ready find a place to move in all my stuff was gone, later in life my first grand baby died from cancer at 3 yrs old, daughter only blames me for everything that went wring in her life, and on and on we go. But God some way keeps my feet on the level ground, he s all I have going in my life. So this is where my confidence live. Every day. I just try. So this was just here in time for my life of change to start. Thank you.

  • Ivelisse Rodriguez

    This article serves me as a reminder that I AM the sole creator of my own mental freedom. With so many things going in this world, these articles serve as a reminder that we are responsible for our own actions and consequences; that ultimately it is up to our decisions making skills that life will take a turn for the best, or for the not so good.

  • Gail Carter

    Thank you so much for this. I really needed the guidelines. Sometimes we get a little lost in the nonsense and pain of this world, and I want to be able to guide my mind to a safe and happy place.

  • Jackie

    Thank you. I appreciate all the s/reps and will start right away. Have a blessed day

  • Allana Lumy

    I needed this thank you

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    ❤❤❤ this…u gave me the lift (and smile) I hv been needing…ty😘