7 Aquamarine Necklaces to Access Inner Wisdom

7 Aquamarine Necklaces to Access Inner Wisdom

Looking to tap into your intuition? An aquamarine necklace may just be the spiritual tool you have been seeking. Shining its healing light upon you, aquamarine illuminates your true purpose. Your highest potential is seen more clearly, giving you the inspiration and motivation to step into your power and access new heights within.

This stunning green-blue stone reminisces of days spent lazing in cool ocean breezes, watching turquoise waves lapping the sea. No matter how far you may be, physically, from tropical beaches, aquamarine gives you instant access to that place of pure peace.  

With just one glance, aquamarine fills your soul with a sense of ease. Any worries, doubts, or fears are swiftly washed away with the tide. Wear aquamarine any way you choose, but necklaces are one of our favorite ways. Kept ever close to the heart, an aquamarine necklace is better able to support you on your path to healing. 

Hoping to make an aquamarine necklace your very own? Read on to discover 7 of our favorite pieces from the collection!

7 Aquamarine Necklaces To Access Inner Wisdom

Our Top 7 Aquamarine Necklaces

  • Nurture & Thrive - Aquamarine March Birthstone Necklace

An ocean-blue aquamarine is the star of the show in this birthstone necklace. Made especially for all the ladies born in March, this necklace enhances her natural-born beauty and brilliance. Wearing birthstone jewelry is believed to tune the wearer into their hidden talents and traits, opening them up to their full, untapped potential. Wear this necklace and watch in wonder as your soul blossoms and grows. 

A subtle and sleek design, this necklace showcases the guiding light of aquamarine. This captivating blue stone soothes the soul and provides a deep sense of tranquility. Any fears, doubts, or worries are swiftly washed away. 

Hidden on the backside of the aquamarine charm is an evil eye symbol. This ancient talisman keeps a constant and watchful eye on you, ensuring that you are kept forever safe and sound. Negativity is deflected, while positivity is welcomed with open arms. 

Adjustable in size, the “Nurture & Thrive” aquamarine necklace can range from 15” to 18” depending on preference. Made with 18k gold plated brass and 925 sterling silver brass, this is a necklace that can be worn and cherished for a lifetime. 

Nurture & Thrive - Aquamarine Evil Eye March Birthstone Necklace

Nurture & Thrive - Aquamarine Evil Eye March Birthstone Necklace
Nurture & Thrive - Aquamarine Evil Eye March Birthstone Necklace
Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Our soothing "Nurture & Thrive - Aquamarine Evil Eye March Birthston...
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  • Universal Peace - Aquamarine Evil Eye Mandala Necklace

Within each of us lies a place of unshakable inner peace. Even in the most turbulent of times, you can come back to this space - a place to breathe and to pause. Aquamarine reminds you of this safe space within, encouraging you to access it when anxiety or worries strike. If your world is hectic, aquamarine slows it down. Like a jump into cool water, aquamarine rejuvenates the soul and washes away the fears and doubts. 

Featuring an evil eye, this gold plated aquamarine necklace has the added power of protection. Used for thousands of years, the evil eye has been one of the world’s most respected symbols, and for good reason.

Keeping a watchful eye over the wearer, you are kept safe in its presence. The mandala on this necklace provides sacred wisdom, heightened knowledge, and a path to enlightenment. 

Universal Peace - Aquamarine Evil Eye Mandala Necklace

Connection Enhancer - Pearl Labradorite Aquamarine Necklace
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Connection Enhancer - Pearl Labradorite Aquamarine Necklace
Each new journey allows us to begin with a balanced mind, body, and spirit so we may reach our highest potential. Respecting your safe zo...
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  • Rejuvenating Power - Aquamarine Labradorite Apatite Multi Symbol Medallion

Made for all the brave women boldly trekking on the spiritual journey, this piece is unique and full of power. Showcasing the healing light of three different crystals: aquamarine, labradorite, and apatite, this necklace promotes enlightenment and clarity. Slip this necklace on and you are immediately filled with newfound strength and wisdom, feeling a deeper connection with the divine. 

Measuring 24” to 26” depending on preference, this medallion style necklace sits lower on the chest for a distinct look. Showcasing a black and gold multi symbol charm, this 18k gold and gunmetal plated brass piece calls in the assistance of some of the world’s most revered symbols. Handmade in India by skilled artisans, you will feel the Universal light begin to surround you as soon as you put it on. 

 Rejuvenating Power - Aquamarine Labradorite Apatite Multi Symbol Medallion

Genuine Enlightenment - Lotus Peridot Aquamarine Apatite Necklace
Genuine Enlightenment - Lotus Peridot Aquamarine Apatite Necklace
Your truth radiates from within, enlightening those around you. Guidance, insight, and calming energy are the cornerstones of new beginni...
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  • Tranquil Protection - Aquamarine Evil Eye Charm Necklace

A delicate and unique necklace, this aquamarine beauty is designed in a choker style. Sitting close to the throat chakra and the heart chakra, aquamarine works to open up your communication channels, so that you can not only connect more easily with the people around you, but also with the wisdom from above. 

Exuding an easy, breezy feeling, aquamarine assists you in walking through life worry-free. Positivity flows wherever you go, especially with the added help of the evil eye charms. These golden, crystal-studded evil eyes sparkle and shine with an otherworldly power. Forever protecting you, this symbol ensures that any negativity or evil is repelled from your life. 

Tranquil Protection - Aquamarine Evil Eye Charm Necklace

  • Delicate Touch - Aquamarine Pearl Labradorite Lotus Charm Necklace

Aquamarine, labradorite, and pearl all meet in this stunning necklace for women. Each of these stones holds its own set of powerful healing abilities, and when combined their abilities are amplified to new heights. Aquamarine, with its baby blue hues, encourages serenity and peace, while gleaming labradorite, inspires imagination and curiosity. Meanwhile, the shiny white pearls enhance intuition and connect you with divine energy. 

This gold plated brass necklace is enhanced in healing potential with the addition of the lotus charm. One of the most beautiful flowers in the world, the lotus reminds us that even from the most difficult circumstances, we can still blossom and grow. The lotus represents new beginnings, encouraging you to embrace the changes rather than resisting them. 

Delicate Touch - Aquamarine Pearl Labradorite Lotus Charm Necklace

  • Connection Enhancer - Pearl Labradorite Aquamarine Necklace

A choker style necklace, the “Connection Enhancer” is a beautiful combination of aquamarine, labradorite, and pearl. An elegant and unique design, this aquamarine necklace assists you in connecting with the divine feminine. Your intuition is enhanced, your power is regained, and your creativity is reignited. 

A necklace of serious spiritual power, prepare for your full potential to be activated. Encouraging you to step fully into your authentic self, this aquamarine necklace urges you to be unafraid of what others think. 

This aquamarine, pearl, and labradorite necklace inspires the freedom to flow, offering a one-track ticket to expansion. Measuring 15” to 17”, and made with gold plated brass, this necklace includes only genuine gemstones, ensuring that their powers are fully aligned, activated, and accessible. Using fair trade practices, the “Connection Enhancer” was crafted by talented artisans in India. 

Connection Enhancer - Pearl Labradorite Aquamarine Necklace

  • Genuine Enlightenment - Lotus Peridot Aquamarine Apatite Necklace

Designed with a powerful mixture of peridot and aquamarine gemstones, this necklace is like walking into a sun dappled forest - instant soul rejuvenation. Let the green peridot stones fill you with joy, while also connecting more deeply with the divine. This verdant gemstone is said to vibrate with the frequency of manifestation, allowing your dreams of wealth and success to come to fruition. 

The light blue aquamarine stones fill the heart and soul with tranquility. No matter what troubles you may be facing, this ocean-like gemstone allows you to float on waves of pure bliss. Optimism is encouraged, and you are able to look at every situation with a bit more grace and ease. 

Emerging from the deepest, darkest depths, the lotus blossoms, and inspires with its despite-all-odds beauty. This flower serves as a symbol of transformation, renewal, and fresh starts. The gleaming gold lotus symbol on this peridot and aquamarine necklace is studded with cz crystals for added shine and style. 

Genuine Enlightenment - Lotus Peridot Aquamarine Apatite Necklace

Find the Aquamarine Necklace for You

Exuding calm vibrations, aquamarine’s ocean-like hues inspire a sense of deep tranquility within the mind, body, and soul. This stone’s unique powers and unmatched beauty have made it one of the most beloved stones in the world, and for good reason.

With just one glance, aquamarine washes away any worries, fears, or doubts, letting you flow more freely and fluidly through all of life’s changes. Its clarifying powers assist in heightening intuition, as well as finding your purpose. 

Wearing aquamarine as a necklace is one of the best ways to take advantage of this gemstone’s multitude of healing abilities. Ready to add one to your collection? Visit our website and browse our full collection of aquamarine beauties!  Start your journey here: Karma & Luck's Aquamarine Jewelry Collection

Emotional Strength - Aquamarine Uniting Cultures Turtle Wrap

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