6 Stones & Crystals for Setting and Achieving Your Goals

Clear Quartz

Change is a powerful force in human life, and having the opportunity to change for the better is a blessing that every person should take advantage of. It’s no surprise that people love to do so at the beginning of a new year. Closing a chapter in our lives to start a new one imbues us with determination to go toward greater opportunities and progress.

Ironically, it’s also unsurprising that it’s easy to lose sight of that drive. Old habits are hard to break, and we become too comfortable in our routines. Instead of holding on to our initiative, we become complacent and expect our lives to rearrange itself for us. This becomes the detriment of New Year’s resolutions: we forget to search for the answer within ourselves.

That’s where crystals can come in and help us find our way. These powerful stones are pathways that help us access particular energies depending on our needs. They can be protective or healing against troubling emotions, or they can help us find the will to persevere and reach our goals.

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When you find yourself straying away from your New Year goals, reach for these crystals and allow them to lead you in the right direction. As always, clear quartz on top of any other stone will amplify its powers even more, regardless of your purpose and intention, and that extra boost is always recommended.


Amethyst Evil Eye Pointer Bracelet

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Stress and pressure may lurk around you alongside the desire to achieve your goals. This is one of the many enemies of change and development. Whether you feel it emotionally, mentally, or physically due to material or relational situations, the amethyst is a powerful stone for creating distance away from them.

As a stone for healing, amethyst creates a positive effect on moods and mindsets, and it'll allow you to feel relief. It's also the February birthstone, so it'll give you that extra boost through the beginning of the year.



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The turquoise is a reliable stone for all around positive vibes and outlooks. As one of the first crystals discovered by human beings, it contains the energy for long-standing balance and perseverance.

If you’re simply looking to better yourself in the new year by improving how you handle feelings of depression and anxiety, then it’s best to keep a turquoise near you at all times. It’s the stone known for reminding us of positive and comforting thoughts.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

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Who doesn't need more love in their life? The rose quartz is a beacon for adoration, whether it's for attracting romantic love or harnessing unconditional self-love. It's the perfect crystal if your goal in the new year is to strive for compassion, forgiveness, and meaningful companionships.

If you feel bruised by love in any way and your resolution is to move past that painful experience, then the rose quartz will be a worthy spirit guide. It can help anybody recover and become available to better opportunities for love in the future.

Tiger Eye

Onyx Labradorite Tiger's Eye Triple Protection Wrap

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When it comes down to it, successfully breaking bad habits is a matter of willpower. It’s not enough that we know our own actions can be harmful to ourselves and the people around us. We need to act accordingly, and the Tiger Eye is just the stone for the job.

The energy that this stone lets us access is inspiring and motivating. It pushes us forward and clears the path of negativity and doubt, leading us toward success. Best of all, you can hold on to that energy and use it to trust in your own abilities and intentions.

Onyx Labradorite Tiger's Eye Triple Protection Wrap

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