5 Tips for Reducing Stress and Anxiety First Thing in the Morning

Stress and Anxiety

The obstacles we encounter on a daily basis make us wonder: What should we do in order to combat stress? It doesn’t matter if it is about that deadline at work, the actions of your children, or any kind of problem that is related to your loved ones, the common thing is – stress and anxiety make you question whether you can cope with these situations in the first place.

The early bird catches the worm, they say. That is exactly the key to fighting stress at the beginning of your day, as morning time is the best way to prep ourselves and kick start the day ahead. Prevention is better than cure, so follow the next steps to secure your next 24 cheerful hours, completely anxiety-free.

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1. Respect Yourself and Your Needs

There are many different tips for a great morning, with most of them related to getting up early, following a strict diet, running for two hours each day etc. However, the truth is – a one-size-fits-all solution for your daily peace of mind doesn’t exist.

There isn’t any use waking up at 6 AM if you are naturally a night owl or have a job that is positioned in an afternoon time interval. Here, this kind of practice might do more harm than good for you, both physically and mentally.

Of course, there has to be a certain amount of balance in all things, but you should try to keep in mind that you are not obliged to do some things just for the sake of doing them. Every human being is an authentic individual that knows what’s best for them.

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2. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is not something to be understood in a straightforward manner, as this term is applicable to a variety of emotions, mental states, and situations and is implemented differently in every individual. The basic definition says that it is the training of one’s mind to focus on the present moment with all of its experiences.

For some people, the solution is morning meditation, when they find some personal time, sit down, close their eyes, and reach for that clear, mindful state. On the other hand, a great technique is to simply find a picture of a pleasing subject (for example, a beautiful landscape) and try to absorb every detail with all of your senses, allowing yourself to feel every part of your body.

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3. Practice Gratitude

Morning hours are the perfect time to showcase your affection towards friends and family. Actually, any time of the day or the week is great for that, but talking to a loved one in the morning will give both you and the other person extra benefit.

Your mind and soul will reach a much calmer state when being close to your loved ones. If you can't be with your loved ones, take some time to think about them and send them love. Allow yourself to feel gratitude for the amazing people in your life.

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4. Plan Your Day

Even if you follow all the calming tips and nourish your body and soul in the morning, nothing can disrupt that more than a disorganized day. We all have different attitudes towards organizing our week and events, but all of us have to admit that it is much easier and less stressful when we know our errands, leisure time, and spare time in advance.

This doesn’t mean that you have to time and thoroughly plan every hour of each day. Tailor the planning technique to your personal style and choose if you want to organize your schedule in your personal notebook, smartphone app, or just in your mind. Organizing will do wonders for your mind and well being.

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5. Do Something You Love

This refers to both material and immaterial things that you find soothing. Maybe it’s your favorite rock song, but it could also be taking some time to play with your children. It could be a T-shirt you feel comfortable in, or a bracelet that simply puts you in a state of tranquility when you look at it. All of these things are bound to infuse the needed amount of energy in you and help you overcome any stress and anxiety that comes your way.

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