30 Day Money Manifestation Mantra - Most Powerful Mantras for Money

manifesting money

If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you’d never have a negative thought about yourself again. And when it comes to money, many times we’re conditioned to believe and behave a certain way. 

Have you heard the term “money is liquid.” That  means it is fluid and readily accessible.

Well, the earth is also 71% water, or liquid and your body is 75%. What does that have to do with you and manifesting money? A lot! So, here is most powerful mantra for money.

Manifesting Money Mantra: No Limiting Beliefs

Limited thinking brings on limiting beliefs and that is when we create limited funds.We’re going to do something about that.

powerful money mantras

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Mantra of Money: I Am a Money Magnet

Manifestation money takes between 18 to 21 days to change any habit. So, let’s become money magnet overachievers and recite a positive money mantra a day for the next 30 days and watch miracles manifest.

Manifestation for Money: My Money Mantras and Beliefs

The trick to manifestation of money is to believe it, work on it, and make it come alive. Let’s start with the “believing” by verbally saying each mantra out loud at least 3 times and take a deep breath in between each one.

Let’s create an area of balance or “chi” in your house. It could be your home office, personal office space or an area where you work. We are focused on creating wealth and abundance, so good Chi flow brings the money energy into your environment. 

money manifestation mantra

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Manifest Money Mantra: My Glass is Always Full

Clean the area you’ve chose and get that good Chi energy flowing. If you have a plant that comfortably fits, place it in the area you’ve created. Plants exude oxygen. If not, no worries. 

Place a couple of $1.00 bills on the table and a glass of water on the corner of the bills. We are going to replace the glass of water everyday with a new one. You can use the same glass if you wish. Just refill with fresh water. 

This physical practice is a reminder that we can fill our glass every single day and there are no limitations. 

Write that specific daily mantra on a post it note or piece of paper and place it by your cash and water. Recite the mantra 3 times, with a deep breath in between.

The next day, throw away the previous mantra and replace it with the new one and repeat the mantra affirmations. 

Let the Universe know you mean business. Let’s make that 75% work for us. 

manifesting money mantra

30 Day Money Mantra Manifestation


Money is an unlimited resource and it is always flowing my way.


I am a money magnet.


I enjoy making money and getting paid.


My passion can make me rich.


I am open and ready to receive money now.


I am vibrationally aligned with prosperity.


Manifesting more money comes naturally to me.


I am open and ready to receive money now.


Every dollar I spent comes back to me multiplied.

DAY 10

I fully release my money blocks.

DAY 11

I am open to receiving abundance.

DAY 12

Abundance is my right and I deserve it.

DAY 13

My money-making opportunities are limitless.

DAY 14

I have put channels in place to receive money.

DAY 15

Something wonderful is about to happen to me, I am open.

DAY 16

I am a powerfully charged money magnet.

DAY 17

My positive feelings about money is attracting it to me every day.

DAY 18

I am worthy of positive cash flow.

DAY 19

I have abundant joy and love in my life and calling in financial abundance as well.

DAY 20

I notice and am open to new money sources.

DAY 21

I release all resistance to attracting money.

DAY 22

I live each day appreciating my worth.

DAY 23

There’s more than enough for everyone.

DAY 24

I receive money from all sources that are for my highest good and greatest joy.

DAY 25

I see myself living a life with financial freedom.

DAY 26

I live confidently knowing I am worthy of prosperity.

DAY 27

There’s more than enough for everyone.

DAY 28

I honor the money I have and will endeavor to save what I can while calling in more.

DAY 29

I enjoy making money and getting paid.

DAY 30

I naturally attract money every day.

(Let's keep this up for at least another 30 days :)

money mantra manifestation

Never Forget About Money Manifestations

You deserve to be happy and prosper. Keep you money and abundance energy flowing every day with our Luck & Success money manifestation crystals

Much love from your Karma and Luck family.

Written by: Nadine Christine Hamdan

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