3 Pearl Jewelry Pieces to Harness the Radiance of June

June Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, fashion trends are always evolving, and it can be hard to stay up to date. One stone and one trend, however, that will never go out of style is the everclassic pearl.

Gemstone jewelry is beloved for its ability to not only add a unique touch of flair and color to your wardrobe, but also for its immense amount of benefits for the body, soul, and mind. Pearl is one such stone that holds a wide variety of powers to bring about positive change in one’s life.

Pearl, the birthstone of June, is one of the world's oldest, most coveted, and most stunning gemstones. Pearl, unlike other jewels, is an organic creation found in the sea - a natural phenomenon that occurs as part of a mollusk shell's protection system.

Pearl, which comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and hues, has proven to be very adaptable in jewelry design, and it has a fascinating and complex history that dates back thousands of years. Intrigued by pearls? Read on to find out all about this stone, as well as our top three pearl picks from Karma & Luck:

Luminous Love - Pearl Diamond Heart Charm Necklace
Luminous Love - Pearl Diamond Heart Charm Necklace
When your mind, body, and spirit are aligned in love, you radiate optimism and happiness. The "Luminous Love - Pearl Diamond Heart Charm ...
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The Elegant Pearl 

Pearl has long been regarded as the queen of gemstones. They are one of the most valuable jewels ever discovered and are said to have been adored and traded for over 6,000 years. Many people, including prominent gemologist George Frederick Kunz, believe that the first pearls to be handled by human hands were likely discovered on the shores of India while fish-eating inhabitants hunted for nourishment.

Pearls were offered as beautiful presents in Ancient China as early as 2,250 BC and have been used in jewelry as personal decoration since at least 450 BC.

Pearls were extremely valuable in Ancient Egypt, where the Mother-of-Pearl (the lining of the mollusk from which a Pearl is borne) had been utilized from at least 4,200 BC.

According to legend, Cleopatra used a pearl to win a bet while meeting with the Roman general Marc Antony, whom she eventually married. Her bet was that she could offer the costliest supper ever served. She removed one of her Pearl earrings, crushed it in her wine, and drank it down. When Antony was offered the other earring to do the same, he declined, forfeiting the bet. 

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There are numerous myths and stories surrounding pearls, and one of the most well-known is that "pearls bring tears". This saying dates back to ancient times when people believed that pearls were the tears of angels or the moon. Despite the widespread use of this statement, most cultures, including the Greeks, think the opposite.

Even today, the Greeks value pearls for their beauty and equate them with love and marriage. They believe Pearls enhance marital bliss and keep the bride from crying on her wedding day, which is where the practice of gifting pearls to a bride came from.

Pearls were acknowledged as a clear indication of wealth and social rank in Ancient Rome, and it was believed that they would promote a long and healthy life. During the Crusades, knights would wear them as a talisman, believing that they would protect them during battle.

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Throughout the Renaissance period, pearls were so highly valued that certain countries created laws restricting their use only for the nobility. Due to its beauty and history, it has also come to represent eternal life. Pearls were once thought to be delicate, but with proper care, they may last a lifetime.

Karma & Luck provides authentic gemstone jewelry, made with the highest quality stones and materials. Each product is made with the utmost care and an exceptional eye for detail, ensuring that our customers fall in love with their new jewelry.

Here are our top three picks for Pearl jewelry from our collection:


Karma & Luck’s Top 3 Pearl Picks

#1 Blissful Life – Pearl Aquamarine Labradorite Evil Eye Charm Bracelet 

    Retailing at just $99, the Blissful Life, handmade in Bali, consists of three dominant gemstones and one charm. It has a 6 mm evil eye charm, aquamarine faceted rondelle beads, labradorite faceted rondelle beads, and pearl faceted rondelle beads. It is crafted with all genuine gemstones, and 18K gold plated brass.

    The evil eye charm deflects bad energies, while aquamarine gemstones provide tranquility and labradorite provides illumination. The pearl beads are said to provide foresight. Karma & Luck offers efficient delivery services, ensuring this bracelet will be delivered safely and quickly to your doorstep! 

    Pearl Aquamarine Labradorite Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

    Innate Wisdom - Aquamarine Labradorite Hamsa Charm Bracelet
    Innate Wisdom - Aquamarine Labradorite Hamsa Charm Bracelet
    Your soul vibrates with truth and compassion; your wisdom will illuminate the world. The confidence that our "Innate Wisdom - Aquamarine ...
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    Symbolic Qualities of Each Charm

    Throughout history, there have been multiple instances of the evil eye. In fact, evil eyes have been around since the Paleolithic age. This figure can be found in Muslim, Jewish, and Christian cultures, as well as Buddhist and Hindu societies. The wicked gaze, the curse of Greek Matiasma, Mal de ojo Nazar Mauvais (all other names for evil eye), is said to be imposed by a malicious stare, generally on an innocent person.

    Some may refer to this nowadays as the “stink eye”. Many cultures believe that being cursed with evil eyes will bring misfortune, poor luck, or injury. Mal de ojo gemstones and talismans were designed to ward off evil glances and are also known as "evil eyes".

    The evil eye is one of the world's most powerful, metaphorical images, with only the Christian Cross being more well recognized. Regardless of how the evil eye differs in various cultures, the evil eye has roughly the same meaning no matter where the stories are told.

    Evil eyes are thought to be manifestations of harm, pain, or misfortune for those who are stared at and given the evil eye. This appears to be a clear indication that people are interested in doing something wrong for a targeted object, whether out of embarrassment or malevolent intent.

    The evil eye myth holds that a wicked glance is powerful enough to bring about an actual misfortune for the glare-hungry misfortunate one. According to history, the belief in the evil eye extends back to ancient Greece and Rome. The evil eye is seen to be the biggest threat to someone who is unduly praised or who obtains more acclaim or good fortune than they deserve.

    Aquamarine is a brave stone. Its relaxing qualities alleviate tension and help to clear the mind. Aquamarine attracts sensitive individuals. It can inspire others' tolerance and eliminate judgmentalism, providing encouragement to individuals who are overwhelmed by duty.

    Pearl Aquamarine Labradorite Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

    By clarifying perception, it sharpens the intellect and dispels ambiguity. This stone is useful for all levels of closure and encourages self-expression. Aquamarine reduces anxiety and boosts sensitivity, while sharpening intuition and opening the door to clairvoyance.

    It is beloved for enhancing meditation practices, as it has been said to protect the aura and align the chakras. It is also extremely protective during pregnancy, helping to protect both the mother and the fetus from injury, and also preventing miscarriage.

    Aquamarine is beneficial for sore throats, swollen glands, and thyroid issues. It controls hormones and growth, and boosts the immune system. It improves vision by compensating for short- or long-sightedness.

    As aquamarine is so often associated with the sea, the stone's spiritual meaning is one of cleansing. Aquamarine represents the purity of crystal blue waves, as well as the relaxation and sense of peace that the sea provides.

    Relaxing Lullaby - Aquamarine Feng Shui Tree
    Relaxing Lullaby - Aquamarine Feng Shui Tree
    Tranquility is a choice. So is anxiety. The entire world around us may be in turmoil but if we want to be peaceful within, we can be. Our...
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    Aquamarine is spiritually related to trust and letting go. The gemstone, aquamarine, was once considered to be the treasure of mermaids, and sailors used the stone as a charm to bring them good fortune on the high seas. The stone was also utilized as a symbol of protection and bravery.

    Nowadays, the aquamarine stone is thought to offer happiness and protection to those who travel near water, over water, or by water. It is also symbolic of direct communication from the heart. 

    Labradorite, a stone of metamorphosis, is a helpful companion through times of transition, bringing power and endurance to those who wear it. It regulates and protects the aura, as well as raises consciousness and grounds spiritual forces. This stone is excellent for developing psychic abilities and improving intuition.

    Womens Aquamarine Necklaces

    Labradorite is a powerful stone for revealing the truth behind illusions, banishing worries and uncertainties, and strengthening faith in oneself and trust in the universe. It stimulates the imagination and calms an overactive mind, fostering enthusiasm and the generation of new ideas.

    The way a pearl reflects light from both its surface and its many layers within is one of its most attractive characteristics. The term "luster" refers to a pearl's light-reflecting characteristics as well as its deep-seated brilliance. The best pearls have numerous layers of mineral deposits that give them the most shine. A low-luster pearl may appear milky, whereas a high-luster pearl catches your eye with iridescent, mirror-like reflections. 

    The most unusual and costly pearl shape is a completely round pearl. The shape is influenced in part by the type of mollusk that generates the pearl, but it is also impacted by the variety of nature. Some pearls are disc-shaped, curled, or created in unusual ways. The term "baroque" refers to pearls with unusual shapes.

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    Mystical Properties of This Bracelet 

    For centuries and throughout cultures, the evil eye has been said to offer protection to those who wear it. It is known as a feng shui amulet for evil eye protection, as well as a gorgeous combination of blue tones that contribute to the natural beauty of Greece's blue and white historical architecture. According to folklore, an adversary's or foe's evil eye gaze might be fatal or cause much grief and sadness, but the evil eye symbol will quickly defend and repel any negative energies.

    The Feng Shui evil eye is a powerful Feng Shui defensive technique against negative energy. A classic symbol of this protection is an iridescent blue glass crystal with teardrop-shaped circles forming an eye-like design. The amulets or artifacts are frequently colored or manufactured in blue. In Greece and the Aegean countries, 'blue-eyed' people are thought to mistakenly or purposely confer the curse.

    As a result, the evil eye talisman is typically composed of blue materials to represent the eye color it is combating. The Evil Eye is a sign of protection from evil and is employed in Feng Shui for a number of reasons, including the following:

    Copper Bonsai Trees Aquamarine Collections

    Soothing Rhythm - Aquamarine March Birthstone Evil Eye Bracelet
    Soothing Rhythm - Aquamarine March Birthstone Evil Eye Bracelet
    Your soul is a suitcase that carries your life’s deepest secrets and is the ultimate powerhouse. To feel that power, you need a catalyst....
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    • The Chinese evil eye charm, like the Ba Gua Mirror, is intended to defend against negative energy and deflect any Sha Qi that may be present outside the home. It is also said to fend off evil forces. Therefore the feng shui evil eye can be put near the building's main entrance. Keep an Evil Eye amulet on your office desk to protect yourself against antagonistic friends, bosses, and competitors that wish to pull you down. It can be used to protect you against people who do not have your best interests in mind. Many people believe that evil eye protection charm symbols are a good luck omen. To receive good fortune, they wear it as a jewelry accessory, such as a necklace or bracelet, or carry it in their pocket or handbag.
    • You can also utilize the evil eye to protect your personal possessions from others who are exceedingly jealous or desire to ruin your things through impure thoughts, such as a new car, home, mobile gadget, or whatever else. Evil eye protection can even be hung in cars to protect against negative energy and increase luck while traveling.
    • Blue is the primary color of the evil eye, and it is thought to produce positive energy and pure happiness. The tint of blue within the evil eye amulet also mirrors the sky, which represents truth, and is said to be a protective mechanism against the evil eye. If the true evil eye befalls you, it is claimed to produce anxiety, tiredness, depression, and sickness, among other symptoms. Wearing an evil eye protection charm is thought to keep you safe and happy.
    • Wearing an evil eye charm or decorating with one is thought to give best wishes, wellness, and joy to the wearer.

    Aquamarine Collections

    Aquamarine, also known as the Pisces Birthstone, is a highly useful stone to wear in order to profit from the energies vested in it. This semi-precious gemstone's qualities influence the wearer's financial status, relationships, and overall conduct.

    Aquamarine has the power to balance, regulate, and control the mental, emotional, and physical qualities of its user. It meets the wearer's material requirements and worries, while also easing mental tension. Aquamarine can help you become more grounded, loving, and altruistic.

    This enticing gemstone, blessed by the powers of the Planet Neptune, can bless a relationship with loyalty, faithfulness, and eternal love between couples. This semi-precious gemstone allows those who have difficulty connecting with others due to introversion, shyness, or a lack of confidence to convey their thoughts and feelings.

    Aquamarine Collections

    Love Generator - Triple Heart Moonstone Pink Opal Pearl Bracelet Stack
    Love Generator - Triple Heart Moonstone Pink Opal Pearl Bracelet Stack
    When we reach our peace of self-acceptance, we connect to the love within us and in all others, which is our true essence. Through learni...
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    Aquamarine boosts self-esteem and makes the user more eloquent. When rapid and positive replies are required, the aquamarine gemstone aids in providing the owner with a clear perspective and allowing him or her to make the best decision. As a result, the wearer becomes wise, quick to make decisions, and an excellent judge of character.

    The aquamarine stone's therapeutic properties are utilized to reduce sadness and pain caused by past events. Aquamarine energies can also be employed to dispel negative emotional and karmic energies. 

    Labradorite helps to repair eye and brain illnesses, increases mental sharpness, and relieves worry and tension. It regulates metabolism, balances hormones, and relieves menstruation discomfort. Labradorite is used to cure colds, gout, and arthritis, as well as to lower blood pressure and help with digestion.

    Pearl has various benefits that are not limited to astrological benefits but also have many medical benefits. The following are some examples of both benefits:

    Womens Necklaces Aquamarine Collections

    • Pearl brings good fortune and counteracts the negative effects of the planets on humans. 
    • It brings emotional equilibrium to the life of a stressed human being by providing power and calmness to the mind, as well as minimizing the negative impacts of the moon.
    • It is beneficial in treating high blood pressure and bladder disease, as well as balancing and maintaining our physiological fluids. Other medical advantages include sleeplessness, mental issues, TB, constipation, and cardiac difficulties, among others. 
    • It has been said to be useful in improving a person's facial attractiveness and bodily beauty. 
    • People with terrible tempers and rage disorders should wear pearl because it has a calming effect.
    • It aids in the treatment of depression and mental disorders, improves memory, and boosts peoples’ intelligence.
    • Pearl gives the wearer self-confidence. Counselors, public speakers, and psychologists can all benefit from it. 
    • Pearls are thought to be the bearers of fame and prosperity, and they give the wearer a lavish and affluent lifestyle. 
    • The Pearl provides prosperity to individuals working in travel and tourism, as well as the dairy industries. 
    • Pearl aids in the enhancement of employment options, as well as the improvement of academic results and concentration in students.

    Womens Birthstone Collection

    Cheerful Outlook - Multi Color Enamel Mother of Pearl Bracelet
    Cheerful Outlook - Multi Color Enamel Mother of Pearl Bracelet
    Know what sparks the light in you so that you, in your own way, can illuminate the world Our lovely "Cheerful Outlook - Multi Color Ename...
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    Wearing this Bracelet for Maximum Effect

    Wear this evil eye bracelet on your left hand if you wish to feel more comfortable about your feelings or private life, such as your relationships, thoughts, or other elements of your life. The left side of our body contains the heart, thus connecting us more strongly with our feelings and emotions. 

    Wear the pearl evil eye bracelet on your right hand if you desire assistance in matters such as your job, profession, money, and endeavors. The right side of our body is related to the brain, relating to our logical side, success, business, jobs, and goals, among other things.

    Mens Bracelet Best Seller Collections

    #2 Gentle Guardian – Pearl Small Pet Collar

      The Gentle Guardian - Pearl Small Pet Collar retails at only $24. Made with authentic gemstones, 8 mm pearly stones with a lobster clasp, and 18K gold plated brass, this piece for pets cannot be passed up!

      Symbolic Qualities of The Gentle Guardian Bracelet 

      For centuries, pearls have been prized by people all across the world. They exude a timeless aura that has captivated people since antiquity. Despite being categorized as a jewel, pearls are the product of a living creature known as a 'mollusc'. Pearl is a well-known gemstone found on ocean beds.

      It is used as jewelry as well as an astrological stone. A genuine pearl stone is immaculate, smooth, and spherical. It has a gentle charm and appeal that makes it highly alluring. It represents the nurturing zodiac sign of Cancer and is related to the moon.

      Gentle Guardian - Pearl Small Pet Collar

      Mystical Properties of This Pearl Piece 

      The nicest thing about a Pearl is that it has no negative effects on the person who wears it. The moon is a symbol of the ‘mother' in Astrology and is highly compassionate, nurturing, and affectionate in character. Anyone can wear a pearl gemstone and benefit from its healing properties, including your pets.

      Astrological Benefits of Pearls

      Pearls increase the power of the moon, which represents tenderness, charm, love, family life, a steady mind, and many other positive qualities. A person with a tense mind, indecisiveness, sadness or instability in life should wear a pearl stone.

      White pearls, in particular, are excellent for persons who easily become irritated and lose their temper. It counteracts the moon's negative effects, strengthens the mind, and restores emotional balance in the life of a stressed individual.

      It alleviates sleeping discomfort and cures insomnia. Aside from the astrological benefits, pearls are said to improve women's facial shine and beauty. The individual who wears pearls is said to gain renown, respect, money, and kingly comforts. It also offers a wealthy and affluent way of life.

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      Pearl is also thought to bring good fortune and aid in the development of peace between husband and wife. Counselors, public speakers, and psychologists will all greatly benefit from pearl. Black Pearl, one of the rarest forms of pearl, protects people from sudden death, accidents, and mishaps. People who have suffered a financial loss can also wear black or Tahitian Pearl.

      Pearl also aids in the treatment of depression and mental problems, as well as increasing memory and intelligence. Pearl is beneficial in treating high blood pressure and bladder problems, as well as harmonizing and maintaining our internal fluids.

      This shining gem can be worn in conjunction with other stones to treat a variety of health issues. The troubled moon causes throat, eye, and gastrointestinal problems. Wearing a Pearl stone can help to alleviate these issues.

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      Wear This Piece For Maximum Tranquility

      Placing this collar on your pet will ensure maximum healing effects to unfold. Our pets are our best friends, and as such, we always wish to care for them and protect them. This collar will do just that by immersing them in positive and loving energy. This collar works to purify all energies surrounding your pet, allowing them to stay calm and content. 

      Wearing a pearl stone has no negative effects. Therefore everyone, especially ascendants of Sagittarius, Pisces, and Leo, can wear one. Pearl is said to bestow Moon abilities on its user, bringing them peace, confidence, courage, and calmness. Let your pet know you love them with this deeply nurturing collar! 

      #3 Enlightened Mind - Hamsa Pearl Stone Chakra Bracelet

        The Enlightened Mind is a three-tiered bracelet. Retailing at $129 and made with authentic gemstones, this particular pearl bracelet has a hamsa symbol, pearl stones, and a macramé design.

        Macramé bracelets are created with intricate patterns and a range of materials and knots to produce one-of-a-kind jewelry. The most basic macramé bracelet is made of a few knotted threads, but beads are frequently strung along the bracelet to create a focal point and ornamental detail.

        Enlightened Mind - Hamsa Pearl Stone Chakra Bracelet

        Symbolic Qualities of the Hamsa Pearl Stone Chakra Bracelet 

        You have certainly noticed someone wearing an unusual, palm-shaped pendant, jewelry, tattoo, or t-shirts and maybe wondered what it was. The "hamsa hand" is a timeless emblem of protection that spans across the Middle East.

        Other names for the hamsa hand include the Hand of Fatima, the Hand of Miriam, the Hand of Mary, and the Goddess's Hand. In various civilizations and religions, this enigmatic sign has diverse values and meanings. 

        The hamsa hand protects the user from the evil eye and any negativity in the environment. The amulet protects you from negative energies and purifies your auras. Its origins can be traced back to ancient Mesopotamia when it was employed as an amulet for protection from the evil eye.

        In every faith, the hamsa is known as a protective amulet that brings good luck, health, and happiness. Though hamsa is associated with every religion, the meanings vary.

        Radiance of June

        This iconic sign predates the majority of the world's religions, when there were symbols before alphabets, languages, or religion. The emblem has a primordial origin and is shared by the world's major religions.

        The hamsa hand is thought to have been worn and used by the people of Carthage (Tunisia) around 800 BC. The element of surprise, however, comes from recent archaeological investigations that date the use of the hamsa hand back to 1500 BC in Mesopotamia.

        In ancient Carthage, the hamsa hand symbolizes Tanit, the mother goddess of fertility and life, while in Mesopotamia, the hamsa represented the goddess Ishtar, or the queen of heaven, who bestowed love, sex, beauty, power, and justice. The depiction of a huge hand atop Alhambra's Gate of Judgment (Puerta Judiciaria) is its most prominent early apparition to the globe.

        The word "hamesh" or "hamsa" means "five", with the number five representing the fingers on the hamsa hand. However, it also has mystical significance, particularly in Islam and Judaism. It depicts the five pillars of Islam in Islamic culture.

        Some associate it with Ahl Al-Kisa or the People of the Cloak. The universal protection amulet represents several beliefs in Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Judaism. In many faiths, however, it has a deep relationship with a female frame to protect from evil and disaster. For Jews, Hamesh represents the five books of the Torah. Another myth associated with the sign is that the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, "Heh", represents one of God's holy names.

        Zodiac Jewelry Symbol Collections

        Luster is the most essential of the five features of pearls, possibly because it is the trait that is most obvious from a distance. The luster is the beauty that draws someone's attention to the stone. It also demonstrates nature's beauty and depth. The higher the brilliance, the deeper the strata. When looking for pearls, it is best to turn your back on the light. A fine pearl, like a mirror, will reflect your picture.

        Pearls come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including round, baroque, oval, button, teardrop, and rice. Round, however, is the most popular and valuable. Before cultured pearls, it may take years to create a matching necklace.

        Matching necklaces are easy to make now that there are more options. It is usually assumed that only saltwater pearls can be spherical, although this is not the case. Freshwater ones can be pretty spherical as well.

        Some names for strange-shaped pearls include baroque, irregular, and potato-shaped. Shapes range from nearly spherical to quite irregular. Although odd in shape, they can be just as beautiful and just as shiny as spherical variations.

        Zodiac Jewelry Symbol Collections

        The best part about this form is the price, as they tend to be less costly. Buying baroque shapes is a good place to start, unless you want to save up and buy one spherical, perfectly-shaped pearl necklace.

        The baroque shape is becoming one of the most popular features of pearls. Oval is simply that, oval in shape, like an egg. They look great strung together. Buttons are circular, but somewhat flat, and they, like round, can be strung into attractive necklaces.

        Mabe pearls have a spherical top and a flat side, making them ideal for earrings and pins. Teardrop forms are ideal for drop necklaces and dangling earrings, while rice resembles rice crispies and is typically used in large quantities on twisted strands or with other stones.

        The size of pearls is measured in millimeters, and the most common size is 7mm-7 1/2 mm. Generally, the larger the size, the higher the price. However, this is not always the case, depending on other factors. Freshwater colors include peach, black, purple, white, and pink.

        Due to the qualities of pearls and the varying colors, colored earrings and bracelets should be purchased at the same time as a necklace if you want a full matching set. It can be tough to match a color without seeing it first. Pink, for example, comes in an unlimited number of hues.

        Chakra Jewelry Symbol Collections

        Mystical Properties & Benefits

        It is believed that wearing a white pearl can help to soothe resentment. Some believe it has the ability to improve memory and mental health. It is also believed that wearing a pearl helps counteract the negative effects of the moon on romantic relationships.

        Nonetheless, consider who should wear it prophetically. If the birth diagram is determined deductively, it provides enormous benefits to the wearer. 

        The pearl provides a wealth of health benefits, both mental and physical. The therapeutic properties of pearl gemstone are complicated, making it an important tool for combatting a wide range of medical disorders caused by a poorly placed Moon in the local's horoscope.

        A pearl can strengthen the moon and provide relief from a variety of ailments and conditions, both physical and emotional. It can alleviate ailments of the eyes, throat, digestive organs, and stomach, as well as promote mental harmony and stability.

        Womens Bracelet Red String Collections

        The pearl's wearer can feel pleasant energies being produced within the body, bolstering their mental well-being, providing peaceful sleep, and relieving them of mental tension. It also helps to balance emotions, particularly wrath.

        This gemstone is particularly beneficial to women, as it can help them deal with feminine concerns while also increasing their wealth, excellence, and appeal. As a result, you can benefit from the calming effects of pearls to heal your body and mind.

        Pearl represents harmony and tranquility and is commonly used to transmit mental harmony and prosperity to the user. It has no negative effects on the wearer and can be worn by anyone. Pearl strengthens a weak moon and brings peace to its wearer.

        Accompanying harmony, it also brings tranquility and fortitude and is worn notably by persons born under the signs of Pisces, Gemini, Leo, and Sagittarius. It is commonly used by those who often erupt with anger and have no control over their fury. It is supposed to calm the individual and lessen their resentment levels.

        Womens Bracelet Aquamarine Collections

        Wearing This Piece for Maximum Potential 

        The hamsa hand is a cross-cultural symbol, meaning that anyone, regardless of faith or creed, can wear it. However, you may notice that some people choose to wear their hand facing upwards, while others face their downwards.

        Is there truly a distinction between the two? Should the hand point upwards or downwards? Let’s go deeper to understand everything there is to know about both interpretations. 

        A hamsa hand looking downwards is worn to attract abundance and luck. This position welcomes good fortune, health, financial growth, and happiness into one's life. The hamsa palm's closed fingers are thought to attract good luck. Furthermore, the hand facing downwards represents a true connection with mother nature.

        When the hamsa hand points upwards, on the other hand, it protects the user in the same way as a shield does. When negative energy comes into contact with the hamsa, the negativity and ill energies seem to fade. Furthermore, this charm aids the wearer in overcoming bad emotions such as jealousy, insecurity, fury, hatred, and greed. The symbol's outwardly facing fingers resist evil, creating a protective atmosphere.

        The hamsa hand has become a must-have in the fashion and therapeutic worlds, embellished with fascinating ornate patterns or studded with gems. However you choose to wear your hamsa, rest assured that it is hard at work protecting you and filling your life with prosperity. 

        Pieces to Harness the Radiance of June

        The Gem of Queens

        It has been said that “the pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens”. Adored for centuries by nobility and people around the world, the pearl exudes class and elegance. With its outward shine and beautiful luster, it subtly calls attention to those who wear it.

        Not only does this natural stone add a touch of enchanting beauty to any look, but it also provides a wealth of benefits for the body, mind, and soul. Said to cure depression, aid in memory loss, and enhance intuition and intelligence, the pearl is far more than just a pretty face.

        Real, genuine pearl gemstones can be difficult to find, and one must be sure to check the authenticity of their stones. There are numerous medical benefits associated with wearing these magnificent pearl gemstones, given that the stone is of high quality. 

        Special Products Gift Card

        Different from other mineral-based gemstones such as sapphire, diamond, and emerald, pearl is a natural creation enclosed in the depths of the ocean. Connected with the deepest depths of the ocean to the highest views of the moon, the pearl will guide its wearer towards their full potential.

        While white pearls are the most common, they can also be found in pink, blue, yellow, silver, and surprisingly dark colors. This smooth, white-ish gemstone is created artificially from calcium carbonate, which is stored in concentric layers inside the mantle of a living mollusk to form this amazing and rare gemstone known as a pearl.

        Are you interested in purchasing your own piece of pearl jewelry? Visit our website today and shop our full collection of beautiful pearl pieces!

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