18 Unique Necklaces, Bracelets & More New Arrivals You Won’t Want to Miss

Unique Necklaces

After so much time staying very close to home, this year has brought some shifts that have gotten us out and about again. Now it’s time to shine our light and strut our style with some awesome Jewelry Trends sure to give enlightened inspiration.

As we d   d  reconnect to the activities and people we have missed, let’s express ourselves and make bold, spiritual statements by finding the unique necklaces, accessories, and styles that resonate most with our inner purpose.

Jewelry Trends & New Arrivals

Styles may shift each season, but our spiritual intention remains timeless. Learn about the inspired new trends we’ve noticed this year and explore our new collections to find unique necklaces for women and men, as well as other stunning jewelry to amplify your energy.

Moon & Star Unique Necklaces

Our unique necklaces with meaning rely on spiritual symbols and ancient traditions to shine authenticity and intention into our aura. 

Certain symbols resonate on deep levels when it seems like the world needs a clear sign or message. Perhaps that’s why the moon and stars have grown as a jewelry trend. Following a span of uncertainty and fear, they tell us we can emerge as strong and steady as before.

The moon gives off balancing vibes, embodied in the Guided Energies Necklace, to remind us that life’s struggles will wax and wane. If we trust in our core purpose and intuition, we will endure like the moon’s constant twilight presence.

Guided by the moonlight, we can tap into divine wisdom written by the old souls of the stars. The sophisticated Celestial Impression Necklace perfectly encapsulates the mighty energy and prosperity that we can reach for and attain in the night sky.

Spirit Animal Bracelets

Spirit Animal Bracelets

Budding Protection - Lotus Evil Eye Necklace
Budding Protection - Lotus Evil Eye Necklace
The Universe calls upon the heavens to bless you with protection and guidance. Our lovely "Budding Protection -  Lotus Evil Eye Necklace"...
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During the chaos of the past year, nature became more than just a beautiful landscape for many people. According to a survey by Natural England, time in nature amidst wildlife became a crucial element of wellbeing and mental health during pandemic lockdowns.

From time immemorial, animals have served as talismans to humans. We can cherish their healing wisdom and power through the jewelry trend of spirit animal bracelets. The owl, turtle, and elephant particularly resonate for us, and you’re sure to find the creature that sparks meaning in your spirit within our new arrivals.

Combined with radiant Lapis Lazuli stones, the Wise Purpose Owl Charm Bracelet helps release doubts so that your intuitive wisdom can carry you forward with divine purpose, able to navigate nimbly even during dark times with the honed vision of the owl.

The Spiritual Wisdom - Ruby Turtle Charm Bracelet teams the precious gemstone and ancient animal symbol to offer you the stamina and perseverance of the turtle to seek passion, love, and nourishment in your spiritual connections and intentions.

Stay grounded and thoughtful in the Mind Nourisher - Labradorite Elephant Charm Bracelet, charged to keep your mind focused and sharp so you can think critically and clearly about what will best fulfill your purpose.

Unique necklaces

Zodiac Anklets

Another perennial symbol that sends truly unique messages to every individual comes from the Zodiac. If jewelry trends indicate anything, it’s that we’ve grown to rely more and more on the mystical directions and guidance of zodiac signs.

We carry an entire collection of zodiac jewelry – including unique necklaces and dazzling bracelets – but the style radar this year buzzes for delicate zodiac anklets! 

You can access your cosmic nature when you opt for an anklet replete with your zodiac birth sign energy. But don’t limit yourself to a birth sign – wear zodiac anklets that correspond with the particular celestial season to experience new connections with the cosmos. 

Earthy Passion - Taurus Zodiac Anklet

Infinite Peace - Gold Plated Hamsa Pendant Necklace
Infinite Peace - Gold Plated Hamsa Pendant Necklace
The Universe serves as your guardian; may you walk your path in protection and peace. Within you, the power to heal resides. The "Infinit...
Regular price $189
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Delicate Protection Earrings

We may have conquered the year thus far with inner strength and ferocity, but it doesn’t hurt to have some delicate protection on our side. Another beautiful jewelry trend, our delicate protection earrings makes sure to surround your aura with tranquil vibrations to keep you balanced, optimistic, and energized.

Remember, it’s okay to acknowledge the pain and struggle. The Peace & Love - Pearl Evil Eye Earrings relies on the mighty Evil Eye symbol to pinpoint any throbbing, threatening negativity and transform it into positivity and joy. Pearls motivate with love and understanding to get us to move forward with intention.

Fierce independence can be a beautiful quality, and the Spiritual Light - Citrine Evil Eye Drop Earrings remind us of how much wisdom and intuition truly rests inside to protect us on our spiritual journey.

unique necklaces with meaning

Evil Eye Pointer Jewelry

As we venture on our intentional path, we grow more aware of the energy we need and how to use it. Evil Eye pointer jewelry includes unique necklaces for her and sturdy bracelets for him to direct the flow of energy and purpose in the areas of life we most need it.

The Serene Tranquility - Amethyst Evil Eye Pointer Necklace is a unique necklace with meaning. It deflects negativity and inspires the mind, body, and soul, shining a light within so that we are led to enlightenment and abundance.

A real treasure of the collection, the Soulful Sound - Clear Quartz Blue Topaz Evil Eye Pointer Earrings uses amplifying Quartz in concert with Blue Topaz’s immense wisdom and creativity to chart your path ahead, protect you from the dangers of uncertainty and doubt, and allow you to proceed without hesitation as you enter new realms of possibility.

Another great option for trendy jewelry is the Abundant Energy - Citrine Evil Eye Pointer Bracelet. Arm yourself with the uplifting hues of Citrine to keep your focus on happiness and optimism for the remainder of.

 Infinite Peace - Gold Plated Hamsa Pendant Necklace

Spiritual Symbol Jewelry

A Jewelry Trend we’ve already been rocking for, well, ages, incorporates myriad spiritual symbols. We’ve already mentioned some pretty incredible Evil Eye options in our new arrivals of unique necklaces for women, but we don’t want to miss mentioning the stunning Spiritual Light - Ethiopian Opal Evil Eye Necklace

If you seek enchanted beauty rooted deep in your spiritual beliefs, then the spiritual symbol of the Lotus will activate your aura to lead you through new realms. Try a unique necklace like our Quiet Confidence - Larimar Lotus Charm Necklace. 

The powerful Hamsa Hand, found in the Divine Creativity - Ruby July Birthstone Hamsa Charm Bracelet, grasps at your incredible creative intuition to pursue a life of passion, intention, and purpose.

Carry forth your highest truth when you wear the Sacred Truth - OM Double Chain Bracelet. This delicate and stunning piece uses the spiritual symbol of OM to infuse universal energy and wisdom around you everywhere you go. 


Red String New Arrivals

Our Red String collection continues on the list of jewelry trends because, frankly, doing something amazing for others should always be in style! Every Red String Protection piece purchased ensures that a family in need will receive three meals.

With a generous spirit, we must remember to give back to ourselves too, as with the Balanced Understanding - Enamel Chakra Bar Red String Bracelet. Keeping our chakras in tune will help us spread harmony and peace through our own aura and beyond.

The subtlety of the Uplifting Protection - Red String Bracelets will constantly imbue your essence with optimism and security to tread new paths forward, and its stunning simplicity makes it a stylish option for every outfit you try for the rest! 

You can even partner it with the Watchful Gaze - Evil Eye Red String Anklet to dispel doubt and negativity and amplify your dreams.

Final Thoughts

From unique necklaces, powerful pointers, delicate bracelets, and other stellar jewelry trends, we have stocked our collection with intentional, spiritual style to help you find enlightened inspiration, not just in but for years to come. 

Unique necklaces

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