What Jewelry Pieces Are Men Wearing Today?

Traditionally, men have never been one to wear much jewelry. And when they did, it was their class ring, a watch, and/or their wedding band, perhaps cuff links on special occasions. The rebellious teen or young adult would have one ear pierced. And then the music industry made wearing gold chains the thing to do, was the mobsters?

Anyway, men appreciate jewelry as much as a woman. They’re wearing bracelets, pendants, and rings in addition to the basic pieces they’ve always worn. No longer is jewelry reserved for rock stars. Men from all generations and walks of life wear jewelry today.

With men adorning jewelry today, are they doing so to make a fashion statement? Do they have different looks for different occasions?  With the various man-baubles that are on the market today, which ones are the trends today?  Let’s take a look!


At one time, when a man wore an earring, depending on which ear, it would tell the world his sexual preference (the right ear). Today though, men are wearing pierced earrings in both ears and while diamond studs are still the popular choice, we are seeing more of them with larger stones.

They wear silver, stainless steel or titanium studs as well and hoops are popular among men’s fashion too. They are usually small and fit snug to the earlobes unless of course, they want to go with the pirate look! And earrings of bright colors made from titanium are a stand-in men’s fashion as well.

And of course, we can’t forget the style of punk rockers for both men and women both – the gauged earrings. The process of wearing gauges can be tedious as it takes time to go from a small earring to a bigger hole by way of cylindrical earrings that stretch the pierced opening. You’ll find gauge earrings in bone, glass, semi-precious stones, or stainless steel which is the most popular.


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Pendant style necklaces are popular in men’s fashion today. Something like a hemp rope or leather that has a stone, giving an earthy style is popular among the younger. And older generations may go with gold or platinum chain while the urban man will wear a pendant such as an anchor, a Buddha, a cross or a skull.

Of course, stainless steel or titanium dog tags are still a popular choice. As is black or brown leather with a bold and chunky silver pendant, which gives an artistic or contemporary look. The skull and crossbones fade is fading and to replace that “biker” appearance, silver jewelry with amber, onyx, and/or turquoise stones are taking on a masculine appearance that isn’t as obnoxious as the skull.


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Men use to wear only a class rings or a wedding ring, but today, they want to accessorize more than just their ring finger. Men should avoid wearing pinky rings and multiple rings. There is something not right when a man goes with that style.

Simplicity is with a single key piece on a middle finger is plenty of jewelry for a man. It may be a thick band with etchings or one with a stone that may or may not have a significant meaning, and it can be something other than a diamond.

An attractive ring for a man may be a black Onyx with a cross or a ring with an amber stone and a symbol of an organization or religious belief.  Steel and titanium are both popular materials for a man’s ring, giving it a twist while keeping it classic.


Bracelets are becoming popular in the world of men’s fashion accessories. They have gone beyond having standard gold chain link style and ventured off into other metals and even adding a stone to them.

The bracelets men are wearing today are fabricated from leather, rope, silver, steel, and titanium. A leather band is handsome, manly, and rugged but a braided rope bracelet decorated with various stones or wooden beads lend to the artistic man. And just as necklaces and rings with a significance meaning, so do bracelets, such as a Buddha or a skull and crossbones.

And men are layering their bracelets just as women are today. It is fashionable to mix similar materials but with various weights and width. Another modern style today in a man’s bracelets is links that are made from stainless steel and titanium, or gemstones or leather. Copper and magnetic bracelets have become popular for easing aches and pain such as arthritis, but they are now worn as a fashion adornment.


The watch is no longer a practical and simple device for keeping track of time. Today, a watch is a man’s centerpiece accessory. They are no longer the standard name brand, but there are designer labels now and come in diamond-studded fashion. Whichever style you choose, be it a designer style or a sporty style, the watch face should be a reflection of the man’s personality.

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