Gifts Of Jewelry For Men? Yes, Men Like Jewelry Too!

Holidays this time of the year usually have gifts associated with them. They are special occasions where the tradition of giving and receiving are practiced. It can be challenging to find that special item for that special guy. For me, a tool for the car or house is usually welcomed, but not all men are like that. Times have changed though and many men are just as pleased to receive gifts of jewelry too.

So for the guy closes to your heart, gifts of jewelry may be the answer. Yes, even men like jewelry! History would make you think that shopping for jewelry for gifts is for the girlfriend or wife, the daughter or mom.

But what kinds of gifts of jewelry do men like, need, or want? We have created a short list of items that we have found to be appreciated and loved. Even as much as my husband would appreciate a huge toolbox full of every tool imaginable!

A Timepiece – The Gifts Of Jewelry That Keeps On Giving

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Even with clocks found everywhere today, in the car, on the cell phone, there is nothing more appreciated than a fashionable, sleek timepiece. They come in so many different colors and styles today. The basic gold or silver colors are always a good stand-by. But maybe your guy would like the one with a bit of luxurious color like the Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Collection Chronograph Watch.

Just like us women, men like jewelry that is colorful shines and sparkles too. A sexy looking watch that grabs the attention of those around him can be one in a classic design and style or unique. Something with a gold coin-edge bezel or a gold-tone textured crown would be stylish and useful.

A Prayer Box – Gifts Of Jewelry That Stays With Them

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A prayer box with garnets that have loving, warm energy would be a thoughtful gift this holiday season. Garnet is a perfect, wonderful stone when looking for gifts of jewelry to give a man. It is beautiful and when on a sterling silver prayer box, it is even more perfect. It can hold a special prayer you have for him, or even a love note, it will be a treasured keepsake.

Necklaces Aren’t Just For Women

Some of the best gifts of jewelry for men, even a down-to-earth kind of guy, like a necklace or pendant.  One with an Anchor, a Buddha, an Elephant, or Tiger’s Eye that makes a statement is perfect and will be cool enough for any guy to wear.

Or go with a wrap bracelet that he can wear every day to work or on special occasions too. They are a fashion accessory that every guy can appreciate. There are traditional designs and designs for the younger men – either way, shows their personal style. A leather wrap made from genuine cowhide is soft and won’t be scratchy on their skin but tough enough to take what they’re likely to put it through.

Are You The Yin To His Yang?

A pendant on a sterling silver chain with the ancient Chinese symbol will describe how opposite forces can be complementary and interconnected while still interdependent all at the same time. In the natural world, it is a symbol of how they give to each other and interrelate to each other. If this describes your relationship, then a pendant will affirm that you and he are the perfect pairs physically and spiritually.

For The Religious Or Spiritual Guy

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A gorgeous cross pendant is something that he can wear close to his heart. It cements your devotion and love for each other while uplifting his spiritual side too. One of stainless steel on a chain will be rough and rugged that he can wear it no matter what his job brings, and yet look stylish too. Or go with a trendy mixed metal for that timeless piece of jewelry.

Jewelry is an intimate choice when it comes to gifts of jewelry. It reflects his style and even enhances it. Give him a piece that brings back memories of your past adventures. Or choose a piece that will indicate your future adventures together. Either way, gifts of jewelry can be a signature piece that he can hand down to the next generation.

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